Closing Day at the Exhibition

by Mr. Jin Fei Bao (China Adventure Travel)

Dear Gregg:

This morning (June 9, 2004), we had the closing ceremony which is very moving.

Mr. Liang, the banker, gave a formal closing speech, then about 20 viewers' representatives, all of them old men and old women, gave their separate speeches one by one, all of them thanked Dr. Clinton Millett and you.

We have been deeply moved by the affection of old Kunming people showed to the US people who came to help us during World War II, so we printed another brochure, which named Moved Kunming, and gave it to all the old people who came to the closing ceremony. We will also send this new brochure to you by air mail later.

Up to now, conservatively speaking, there surely have been more than 300,000 people visited our exhibition in the museum, and more than 5 million Yunnan people have seen or heard it from TVs, magazines, newspapers, radios, etc. Even now, the exhibition is still a hot topic for street talks.

So, this is the happy end of our first culture-exchange project, which is actually very successful, and it has made your family (the Millett family) the most well-known and the most respected US family in Kunming.

Now, we are starting to plan our November project, for which, we need more pictures and more financial supporters and the permit from local government. We understant that it is really not easy, but we love the challenge. You know that we are in the adventure tour business.

Wish you have a good dream tonight!

June 9/2004