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(10) The Tenth Millett Generation

(10-1) Gregg Fay Millett (1907-) and Kathleen Norton Jowith Millett (XX)

Gregg was born April 19, 1907, xxx and Kathleen xxx

Kathleen Norton daughter of William Norton Jowith and Ethel Adelle Moses of Sidney, Austrialia. Gregg and Kathleen married on May 11, 1939.


Gregg entered active duty, WWII, on November 5, 1943 as Lt. In United States Navy, supply officer, Russell Islands and New Zealand. Relaeased from active duty May 1946. Graduate of University of Oregon, 1930, BSC.

Steven Norton: Born October 20, 1944

Kathleen Adelle: Born November 30, 1946

(10-2) Clinton Charles Millett (1910-1964) and Martha Helen Stericker Millett (1908-1986)

Clinton was born January 16, 1910 at Moorefield, Nebraska.  Married December 22, 1934  in Omaha. Married December 22, 1934  in Omaha. 

(from three hand written pages by Clinton) Moved to Bridgeport, Nebraska, 1912. Grade school in Bridgeport. High school in Bridgeport, Eugene Oregon and Bayard, Nebraska. Attended Univ. of Oregon 1 year. Worked in drugstore in Maywood, Nebr. 9 months then entered U. Of Nebr. Graduated U of N College of Medicine, June 1936. Internship at Douglas County Hospital, Omaha, June 1936 to Nov. 1938. Surgical resident at Este? Hospital, Minneapolis, Minn., Nov. 1938 to Jan. 1939. Entered private practice, Omaha, NB, Sept. 1 1938 with Leo Hughes as partner. Joined National Guard, June 1936 and resigned August, 1940, Capt. M.C. Entered active duty as Capt. MC U.S. Army, Sept., 1941. 2 years duty at Camp Barkeley, Texas, then as Mg.” M.C. joined the 172nd General Hospital as Executive officer. Moved to Brigham City Utah, Sept 1943 and shipped overseas by rail to Miami and by air to Karachi, India, Dec. 1944. Two months, Karachi, India, then to Calcutta for one week. Upon return, moved to Ledo and was there approx. 4 months. During time in Ledo went over Ledo Burma road as Convoy surgeon 1st Chinese convoy flew back but while in Kunming wrote the Medical plan for invasion of coast of China for the theatre surgeon, Geo Armstrong, who later became the surgeon General, U.S. Army. Upon return went to New Deli for one week, temp. duty, then moved Hospital (less nurses) to Kunming, China via the Ledo road. Set up 1st convalescent hospital 25 miles south of Kunming, then moved hospital into eceting? Station hospital and expanded to 10,000 beds. We operated in Kunming until war ended and then moved the hospital to Shanghai. I left China by air on Tuesday, October 5, 1945 and made stops at Manilla, Guam, Kawagalein, Johnston, Hawaii, San Francisco, Los Angles and arrived home Sunday, October 10th. Was promoted to Lt. Colonel, August, 1945 and awarded Bronze Star. On release from services, reentered private practice with Leo V. Hughes. This partnership became the Physicians Clinic and built its own bldg. At 3610 Dodge St. in 1952. Organized the Nebraska Medical Education Fund, February, 1959. Was awarded K.C.C.H. Scottish Rite, November 1961.

Martha was born July 10, 1908 in Omaha, Nebraska and died on September 5, 1986 in Omaha after getting off a bus from a U of Nebraska football game. She was a graduate of the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, BSC, 1932. Her father was Earl Stericker, born May 20, 1886 in Omaha. He died in 1938. Her mother was Molly Helen Baldwin, born February 17, 1884 in Elkhorn, Nebraska. She died in 1938. Earl’s parents were Ed Stericker born in Cherry Valley, New York and Martha Holman bon in Deerfield, Wisconsin. Earl was a Colonel in the WWI and led an all black unit. In Omaha he owned the Electrified Pure Water Co. and the Pullman Hotel.  Molly Helen’s parents were Beecher Benjamin Baldwin and Mary Ann Chambers (both possibly from Batavia, New York). Molly’s sister was Desdamona Baldwin Chapin. Desdamona had 4 children: Ralph, Pat, Mary Des and Beecher. Ralph (and wife Sana) had three children, Cherry, Ralph Jr. and Andres. Pat (Condon) had three children, Gregg, Alison and Jeff.                                       

 Martie Ann: Born September 14, 1936 in Omaha, Nebraska

Gregg Baldwin: Born September 6, 1938 in Omaha, Nebraska

Mollie Helen: Born June 2, 1942 in Omaha, Nebraska

Gary Clinton: Born March 6, 1944 in Abilene, Texas

 (10-3) Eleanor Louise Millett Musick (1911-1962) and Max Dalton Musick (1908-1986)

Parents of Max Dalton are Oscar Raymond Musick and Edmee Dalton.

Max entered active duty on April 20, 1942 as 1st Lt., service on Queen Mary as troop transport and hospital ship. Later in Manilla and Santo Tomas. Released from active duty, March 1946. Graduate of University of Nebraska, BSC & DDS, 1935.

Craig Dalton: Born July 12, 1939, Middletown, Connecticut

Pamella: Born June 27, 1944, Omaha, Nebraska         

(10-4) George James Millett (1913-) and Catherine Estelle Turner (xxx) Millett

George was born July 10, 1949 at xxx. Catherine was born xxx

(notes from Clinton) George is a graduate of  the University of Wyoming College of Law, 1937. Entered active duty (WWII) on May 26, 1942. O.C.S. Ft. Benning, Georgia. Commissioned 2nd Lt. Served in U.S. Released from active duty July 16, 1946, Captain, J.A.G.D.

Parents of Catherine Estelle are Clifton B. Turner and Arletia Mine

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