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Nathan Millett(1683-1724) and Sarah Babson Millett (1688-?

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(2) The Second Millett Generation

Nathaniel (1647-1719) and Ann Lester (1650-1718)

Nathaniel Millett was born in December 1647 at Dorchester, Massachusetts. Nathaniel, age 22 married Ann Lester, age 19 (daughter of Andrew Lester and Barbara – last name unknown) on May 3, 1670 at Gloucester, Massachusetts; Samuel Symonds performed the ceremony. Nathaniel died on November 7, 1719 at Kettle Cove/ Gloucester, Massachusetts, at age 71. Ann died on March 9, 1718 at age 68.

He lived circa 1670 at what is known as the West Parish in the immediate vicinity of Walker's Creek and Little river, mainly engaged in farming. From Jeff Martin: Nathaniel lived on the west side of the Annisquam River where the family had received grants of land before finally settling at Kettle Cove where in 1700 he and his son held land on the provision that it was not to be alienated from the family as long as any of them survived..

The eleven children of Nathaniel and Ann Lester, all born at Gloucester, Massachusetts between 1671 and 1694 (23 years) were as follows:

Mary: Born June 29, 1671. Died January 2, 1681 at age 10.

Daniel: Born July 1673. Died in infancy.

Thomas: Born January 9, 1675. Died in Gloucester

Nathaniel: Born January 9, 1675. Died January 25, 1682 at age 4.

Abigail: Born October 12, 1679. Died November 20, 1723 at age 44. Married John Ring December 24, 1722.

Andrew: Born July 6, 1681. Died at age 37.

Nathan: Born January 11, 1683. Died at age 40.

Nathaniel: born July 11, 1685.

Mary: Born March 26, 1687. Died January 12, 1692 at age 4.

Elizabeth: Born September 23, 1690

Hannah: Born November 2, 1694. Married Wm. Rawlins, January 22, 1719.

Note to later generations: you come from the 7th child of Nathaniel and Ann. Lucky that Nathaniel and Ann weren’t with the family over in Brookfield! Also, imagine the grief associated with losing so many children.

“Millett Island is on the map of Gloucester in the book of the History of Gloucester – by Babson. This Island is in the Annisquam River. There is also a ledge of rocks off Pigeon Cove, Cape Ann which is called “Millett Ledge.”

Gloucester, 1700: XXX


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Nathan Millett(1683-1724) and Sarah Babson Millett (1688-?)

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