Olympic Stamp Exhibiton Opening Day in Kunming
By Jin Fei Bao

Today is a special day, April 30th, which is 100 days to the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games. The opening of my stamp exhibition turned out very successful. With the attendance of thousands of people and the performances, it seemed that we were back to the old photo exhibition. We exhibited 15,183 pieces of stamps featuring from the Athens Olympics in 1896 to Beijing 2008 Olympics.

The weather forecast said it would rain today and we were worried, but it turned out to be very sunny and warm, even a little bit hot. This time the scale of the exibition is rather grand and official, because the hosts are China National Museum and People’s Government of Kunming City. My company, together with my sponsor, Jiangdong Group are just underwriters.

Standing on the stage, as the emcee, I introduced briefly this exhibition and VIPs attending this exhibition. VIPs include Mr. Zhang Zulin, mayor of Kunming City, Ms. Liao Xiaoshan, vice-mayor, Mr. Yan Kun, Mr. Luo Lihui, Vice Chairman of Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Mr. Ma Yingming, Vice Curator of China National Museum and other higher governmental offficers from the provincial and municipal government. Three of them, Mr. Zhang Zulin, Mr. Ma Yingming and Zhao Ming, Chairman of Board of Directors of Jiangdong Group gave speeches. All the medias in Kunming came to the exhibition and tonight and tomorrow, my exhibition will be reported on the front page.

I am happy that there are so many people coming to support me. I am very grateful for all who are supporting and caring. That’s why I would like to share with all of you my good news.

Some of the photos from Opening Day are below.