SOS 30th Anniversary Year -- Looking Back
by Gregg Millett
I estimate that over the past 30 years Singles Outreach has hosted over 40,000 activities with more than 2,000 different activity leaders. Easily there have been several million people-to-people interactions and thousands of new relationships. And you only have to look carefully at this month's calendar to see that these numbers continue to grow! And it's not the numbers that really count; it's the "social capital" that is being created, or put another way, the "happiness index" that is going up. So these reflections are prompting me to take a look back through the SOS monthly newsletters and list some of the activities and leaders. I'm sorry that I will miss about 39,950 activities and most of the great activity leaders.
November 21, 1983: Structured Sharing Group -- Gregg Millett
First SOS Event
October 29, 1984: Discussion -- Feminism -- Lois Haignere
December 4, 1984: Discussion -- Sex Drives in Men and Women; Are They really Different?  -- Bob Niles & Joan Roe
December 5, 1984, Support Group at the home of Diane Watts
December 11, 1984: Prosperity Circles -- Randy Fasnacht
December 21, 1984: Social Gathering at the Turf Inn on Wolf Road
January 26, 1985: Dance at the Western Turn Pike Country Club -- Mary Ellen Fullum
1st SOS Dance -- over 300 people attended!
April 23, 1985: Workshop, Expressing Feelings Through Writing -- Robbie Rockenstyre
December 5, 1985: Developing Constructive Relationships -- Cal Regula
March 15, 1986: Showcase 1500 -- Hazel Moore
April 15, 1986: Discussion -- Love and Addiction -- Debra Gugig
May 1986: Book Review -- The Joy of Being Single: Stop Putting Your Life on Hold and Start Living -- Cheryl Rodney
July 3, 1986: Speakeasy: Getting Control of your Time and Life -- Larry Klepper
July 4, 1986: Picnic at Glass Lake -- Gordon French
March 10, 1987: Discussion -- Humor in Relationships -- Marty Bryer, Ann Paasch, Joe Bonacci & Mabel Maguire
March 25, 1987: Singles On Stage present "Skits-O-Phrenia" with Keith Eagle, Cheryl Rodney, Lucy Moore, Jacques deLorimier, Dave Oles, Mabel Maguire, Lois Mignano, P. Adam Thomas, Donna Lins, Dianna Miller, Joe Bonacci, Janith Watson, Rick Sawyer, Janet Nicolella, Lois Johnson, Bill Stone, Jerry Montanye, Bill Courtwright, Tom Di Gesare, Gerry Giglio, Pat Ahearn Ann Paasch, John Larson II, Larry Nadler and Bill Fagan.
May 4, 1987: New Member Orientation -- Susan Johnson
August 4, 1987: Discussion -- Why Men are the Way They Are -- Stephanie Carhart & Jan Magin
January 15, 1988: Ballroom Dance Class for Beginners -- Lorraine Michaels
January 19, 1988: Divorce Workshop -- Richard Antokol
September 24, 1988: Contra Dance with Paul Rosenberg
October 11, 1988: Introduction to Bird Watching -- Rich Guthrie
November 19, 1988: Enhancing Sexuality -- Elizabeth Reid
November 29, 1988: Psychic Readings -- Thomas Kearns
February 7, 1989: Dealing with Clutter -- Helen Volk
March 21, 1989: Investment Strategies -- Claire Racicot
September 26, 1989: Blueprints From the Past -- Norman Goldman
October 8, 1989: Speakers Series -- Holly Nolan