SOS 30th Anniversary Year -- Looking Back
by Gregg Millett
I estimate that over the past 30 years Singles Outreach has hosted over 40,000 activities with more than 2,000 different activity leaders. Easily there have been several million people-to-people interactions and thousands of new relationships. And you only have to look carefully at this month's calendar to see that these numbers continue to grow! And it's not the numbers that really count; it's the "social capital" that is being created, or put another way, the "happiness index" that is going up. So these reflections are prompting me to take a look back through the SOS monthly newsletters and list some of the activities and leaders. I'm sorry that I will miss about 39,950 activities and most of the great activity leaders.
In the September Newsletter I listed about thirty events and at least forty leaders and I ended with, October 8, 1989: Speakers Series -- Holly Nolan. Here is my activities/leaders "Looking Back" for this month:
November 22, 1989: Endings and Beginnings -- Burr Deitz
December, 1989: Sunday Volleyball -- Glenn Jarrett
December 10, 1989: Speakers Series -- Alan Chartock
October 8, 1989: Speakers Series -- Holly Nolan
October 17, 1989: Newsletter Party -- Florence Polaski
February 10, 1990: Movie Moments -- Producers, Pat Ahearn & Jerri Montanye
March 8, 1990: Conflict, Friend or Foe? -- Geri de Seve
March 1990: Bands at the Friday Dance -- 5 Caret Gold, Nite Fire, Impulse, Misty Blue and Grand Central Station, and in April, T.S. Ensemble and Cap Capello
March 24, 1990: Contra Dance -- caller Paul Rosenberg
April 10, 1990: Addiction & Co-dependency -- Lynn Miller
May 15, 1990: Camping Survival -- Joan Slingerland
May 22, 1990: Everything You Want to Know About the "Personals" -- Ann Parillo, editor of "The SOS Messenger"
June 30, 1990: Psychic Readings -- Thomas Kearns
July 24, 1990: Clutter II, The Paper Chase -- Helen Volk
July 31, 1990: Exploring Personality -- Randy Fasnacht
August 1990: Water Skiing -- Bob Dressel
October 13, 1990: Ghost Hunt -- Gerald Boileau
November 1990: Country & Western Two-Step Lessons -- Marlin Pierce
December 5, 1990: Sci-Fi Movies-- Dottie Descoteau
February 1991: What's Your Personality Type?-- Susan Johnson
March 26, 1991: Guidance on Love and Sex-- Elizabeth Reid and Hypnosis with John Kamaris
October 15, 1991: Gender Issues -- Susan Johnson, Dan Roberts and Cindy Craig
November 9, 1991: Winter Sports Planning at Glass Lake -- Gordon French
November 1991: Ski Trip Planning -- Faye Nadler, Chuck Wager, John Osterhout and Bonnie McCormick
November 12, 1991: Acting Workshop-- Don Bessett
January 7, 1992: On Grieving -- Pat Herman
February 6, 1992: Music Makers -- Gary Hewitt & Sherri Belluci
March 1992: Swing Dance Classes -- Pat Ramore
April 15, 1992: Classical Music Lovers -- Burr Deitz
May 1992: The Divorce Resources Guide -- Holly Nolan, Richard Antokol, Lawrence Klepper, Richard Antokol, Gregg Millett, Peg Alheim, Geri de Seve, Peter Sokaris, Susan Johnson & Pat Stephenson