Looking Back
by Gregg Millett, SOS Founder
Seventeen years ago, in early February, 1996, Carla Page asked me if I'd like to be on her TV show. At the end of the show, about Singles Outreach, I asked her how this worked. She replied, "It's Public Access, anyone can do a show." Within a week, and on Valentine's Day, we produced our first "Singles Talk" TV show. The show hosts are Fran Gully, Ann Parillo and me and the featured guests are Jeff, Barbara, Habib, Freeda, Phil, Steve and Gina.

If you'd like to see this first show, click on this link: http://youtu.be/YdM3FzUc2aw and if you're in touch with any of the guests, please let them know about this video and also have them send me an e-mail -- gmillett@nycap.rr.com.

Every month, for years after this first show, we produced one or two shows a month, both as publicity for SOS, and as an SOS activity. The next nine shows were:
#2 (Part 1) and #3 (Part II): "Early Stages of Divorce" with Susan Johnson and Richard Antokol.
#4: If there was a show the tape is missing.
#5: "The Great Outdoors, Hot Air Balloon" with Ted O'Hara, Smitty Gayheart & Connie Dill.
#6: "Single Parenting" with Steve Carbone, Smitty Gayheart, Laura Debernardo & kids.
#7: "Single Parenting -- Do's & Don'ts" with Elizabeth Reid, Randy Cale & Mary Ann Eaton.
#8: "Singles Offering Services, Getting Involved" with Jack Steffek, Don Ardell & Bill Haefeli.
#9: "Singles Offering Services, Creating Services" with Freda Klebbe & Lorna Shultis.
#10: "Getting Out" with Carole, Don, Barbara, Peter, Maryann & Dale -- (http://youtu.be/MQyrloWOcJY).