Key Founding Dates of SOS

October 21, 1983 – DBA for Singles Outreach Support filed by Gregg Millett

November 11, 1983 – Invitation to a “structured sharing group” to members of Marcia Gordon’s Knowledge Network class on Singles.

April 1984 – Four Monday discussions for the Warm Fuzzy Singles: “Meeting New People in a Supportive Setting,” Dimensions of Intimacy,” Mystery of Attraction” and “Autonomy & Interdependence.”

September 27, 1984 – New Direction Sharing Group a project of Singles Outreach Support offered at Sleasman’s Restaurant.

October 1984 – First calendar of activities for Singles Outreach Support – four Monday discussions, four Wednesday support groups (at the home of Diane Watts), four Thursday special guest presentations and one pot-luck picnic at the Colonie Town Park.

Singles Outreach ends the year (1984) with a mailing list of 130 people.

January 1985 – Singles Outreach produces a full calendar of activities, with the help of Mary Ellen Fullum & many others, including the first SOS dance on January 26th at the Western Turnpike Country Club (300 people attended).

February 2, 1985 – Front Page of Times Union -- “Turf Feud Splints Singles Scene: Warm Fuzzies, SOS court Capitaland’s unattached” by Stephen Frank

May 1985 – Singles Outreach mailing list approaches 2,000. The newsletter announces a membership fee of $10 to continue to receive the newsletter.

May 1985 – SOS Newsletter announces an initial membership of 300 with efforts underway for the formation of a non-profit organization guided by Larry Klepper, Esq., Lois Haignere, Randy Fasnacht and Gregg Millett.

October 1985 – SOS Newsletter announces a membership of 736 in the newly incorporated non-profit organization and Lois Haignere, SOS president, welcomes members and announces the other founding members of the Board of Directors – Lowell Bauer, Randy Fasnacht, Sue Ferro, Larry Klepper and Joan Roe with Gregg Millett as the Executive Director.

December 1985 – SOS Newsletter announces the 1,000th member.

From the SOS Newsletter, October 1985

by Lois Haignere, First SOS President

You are part of an exciting happening for single people in the tri-city area. Until recently Singles Outreach Support (SOS), was a series of activities for singles spearheaded by the energies and commitment of Gregg Millett. Now we are an incorporated, non-profit organization run by a seven member Board of Directors with a membership already numbering over 700.
I have the honor of being Board President of SOS and as such I want to welcome all of you and briefly report on the activities of the Board to Date.
First, let me introduce you to the talented, energetic members of the Board. Briefly, they are Lowell Bauer (engineer with General Electric); Randy Fasnacht (treasurer of SOS, systems analyst with the State Department of Mental Health); Sue Ferro (C.CR.N. with St. Peters Hospital); Larry Klepper (vice-president of SOS, attorney, management consultant, teacher); Gregg Millett, Ph.D. (secretary and executive director of SOS, teacher and counselor); Joan Roe (health administrator with the State Department of Health).
The commitment of these people to creating an organization which will meet the many and diverse needs of all SOS members is truly inspiring. I am proud to have the opportunity to work with such a dedicated group.
Since June your SOS board has been meeting weekly to accomplish the following:

Our next order of business involves all of you. Success depends on the energies and input of our members. Over the next couple of months we will be designing a series of committees and appointing committee chairs and members. These people will be the hub of the organization. Although which specific committees are needed is still being decided, we are looking for people who can spearhead activities in the following areas:

Let us know if you can help out in these areas or any others. All Board members will be present to meet and greet members at the October 4th Social Gathering and the October 5th Dance. Please share your ideas and concerns with us. The potential for SOS is as limitless as the talents, commitments, and energies so evident among our members.
I look forward to meeting and talking with you.                             
Sincerely, Lois Haignere
SOS Board President, Research Associate with the
Center for the Study of Women in Government

Photo Below: October 2012 -- Lois Haignere, Gregg Millett, and Randy Fasnacht with 20th SOS President, Maria Immediato