Nicaragua Sojourn, 1971-1981
by Gregg Millett


The First Year (1971): A Homestead in the Mountains

Second Year (1972): The Dream is Shattered

Third Year (1973): January to May --Mateo is Born

Third Year (1973): May to December -- Settling In

Fourth Year (1974): Making a Living

Fifth Year (1975): Machua is Born

Sixth Year (1976): Farmers and Teachers Again

Seventh Year (1977): Sangarro, Managua and the USA

Eighth Year (1978): The Rio Grand Valley, Nicaragua and Monteverde, Costa Rica

Ninth Year (1979): January to July -- The Revolution Rages

Ninth Year (1979): After the Revolution -- A Month at Sangarro

1981: Return to Sangarro

Twenty Years Later (2001)

NOTE: Much of the material in this story is drawn from the letters written to my Mother, Martha Steriker Millett. The letters were discovered after her death in 1986. Her assessment of this adventure was, "All I can say is I love you."