Huaxia (China) 1944-45, Colorful Kunming Exhibition

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In 1944-45 Dr. Clinton C. Millett, surgeon and executive officer with the 172nd General Hospital of the U.S. Army, was stationed in Kunming, China. Dr. Millett led the convoy, which took the hospital from Ledo, India to Kunming, China across the Ledo-Burma Road. He wrote home daily about his perceptions of the lands and peoples he was experiencing and he also took numerous photopraphs of his journey.

In May, 2004 an exhibition of Dr. Millett's Kunming photographs and excerpts from his letters was presented at the Yunnan Provincial Museum in Kunming. More than 500,000 people attended this exhibition and Dr. Millett's son, Gregg Millett, and his great granddaughter, Krystal Garrison, were in Kunming to welcome the crowd and to individually chat with many of the participants.

Description from one of Dr. Millett's letters: It's now the rainy season and in one area on the other side of town, where it is quite low, there was about a mile under water last night. The water covered several small villages and it was really sad to see all the people with all of their worldly possessions sitting along the road.

Dr. Millett's letters and photographs will become a permanent part of the Old Kunming City project at the Yunnan Nationality Village in Kunming scheduled to open in May, 2005.

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