The Linden Center -- Xizhou, Yunnan Province

On our November 2009 China Trip, through a lead by my friend Sherrie Lyons, I discovered "The Linden Center." It is a remarkable preservation/creation/museum effort by Brian and Jeanee Linden and includes a fascinating educational program. It is situated in the Yunnan town of Xizhou, just north of Dali (west of Kunming in Yunnan Province).

For an overview of their center check this website:
The Linden Center in Xizhou

And to view a beautiful documentary of the center, and the surrounding area, check this link (it's a 30-minute CCTV documentary in Chinese):
CCTV Documentary

The views in this video are very similar to ones around the town of Lijiang (north of Dali). On our November trip we flew from Kunming to Lijiang and then began the magnificent eight-hour drive north along the Yangtze River and into the Himalayas to our destination -- the little Mosuo town of Ligi on Lugu Lake.