Westside High School Class of '57 -- Omaha, Nebraska --Memories and Life Stories

We can count our class of '57 as having 96 classmates (89 are pictured in the '57 yearbook and 7 others were in the clsss but moved and graduated from other highschools). As of September 2007, sixteen of our classmates have passed away and thirteen can not be located.Of the remaining sixty-seven classmates, sixty five of our "stories" are below.

From Al Nielsen
Hi fellow classmates

I want to start with thanking Gregg Millett and the group of classmates he put together to make this all happen.

I was raised in my early years at 90th and Maple Street on my Grandfather’s Dairy Farm (Underwood Dairy). In the late 40’s Roberts Dairy decided they wanted it more than we did.

After it was sold we moved to the Benson area and I attended my first to years of high school at Benson High. I started my junior year at Westside. It was a great school with a super staff of teachers.

After college, I went to work for Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. I was with Firestone for 35 years and had a great career. I started in Grand Island, Ne, transferred to Lincoln and then back to Omaha. During this time my first wife, Linda, and I became avid trap shooters. Linda became one of the top trap shooters in Nebraska.

I was then transferred to Milwaukee, where I ran a retail store and later a large all commercial store (the first for Firestone), We wrote most of the policies and procedures for this type store during this time (since it was something new) that are still in place today.

I was then promoted to Manager of Commercial Products for the state of Wisconsin. During this time my wife Linda and I kept on trapshooting.

This was a job I truly loved, but as big companies go they never leave you alone.

The company had a group of stores in upstate NY that had never made money. The president of Firestone personally picked me to try and straighten the mess out. Off I went. Approximately three years later I had them making money. I went to New York with the good old Midwestern work ethic which those boys had a hard time understanding, but I finally got through to them. During this time my wife Linda and I took up sailing, which I truly love. I would rather sail than eat. We started out with a 27ft Catalina and moved up to a 30ft C&C Redline—which was one of the finest sailboats made. I did not want to go larger because a 30ft is about as big as you can go and still single hand it—I used to like to sail by myself once in awhile.

After New York, I was in the fast lane with Firestone and was promoted to manager of the New Store Opening Division in Akron, Ohio. From there I was promoted to Manager of Commercial Products. In reorganization I was promoted to manager of Sales for Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Louis. At this time I had the boat in Cleveland on Lake Erie. When we were transferred I had a chance to sell it and did.

I was in Chicago for 10 years. During this time Bridgestone Brought Firestone and that ended my fast lane to the top. We loved Chicago and had a great time. We purchased an Art Gallery and had a lot of fun with it. We specialized in wildlife and western art. I still have about 300 Robert Bateman and 100 Bev Doolittle limited edition prints left after we closed it down

The Firestone line of tractor tires were always produced in Des Moines, Iowa and in 1992 Bridgestone decide to make this a separate company. So I was transferred to Des Moines to set up the sales and marketing office world wide for this new company. In 1997 my job was done and I negotiated an early retirement. In 1998 we moved to Scottsdale, AZ, stayed 9 months and moved back to DesMoines. We just liked the Midwest. In 1999 Linda, my first wife of 35 years died from cancer. This was a real had time in my life. My wife and I were best buddies and did everything together. We were fortunate to have been able to travel and see the world together. With the help of a great group of friends I got through it. But it was tough.

In the spring of 2003 I met Helen and we got married in December of that year. We felt we were destined to get married so why wait. We have been married for almost 4 years and have had a ball. It’s like we were meant for each other

Since our marriage we sold two homes, built a new one and have taken two great trips. Last year we took an Alaskan cruise with an extended 10 day land excursion. This year we went to Scandinavia and Russia.

I started about a year ago collecting Classic Cars. We now have a 1955 Thunderbird and a 1971 Mach 1. These cars have had a complete body off frame restoration. The house we built has a five car heated garage. At the time we built it, I was not into the cars, but now we need the space.

Well guys you can tell I’ve had a great life with a lot of great experiences and memories.

See you all next week.

From Bernie Grabow (Passed away April 9, 2011)
Hello all my classmates--

After graduation in 1957, I made a living grading homes and spent it all showing cutting and reigning horses. In the fall of 1962 Uncle Sam said "Hang up your spurs, Bern. You're in the army now"!

Jim Monroe and I headed for fort Leonardwood, MO. Jim and I were good boys during Basic Training and then I was on to Fort Gordon, GA for Signal Training. From there I spent just shy of a year in Korea. Fortunately, I never saw combat, just played a lot of war games.

Just before Christmas, 1964, I was discharged from the Army, headed for Omaha and resumed my old life of grading homes and my love of showing horses. In 1968, at the Quarter Horse Congress, I met a pretty lady named Patty from Illinois, a contestant for the Queen Contest. A year later we were married and she moved to Omaha. Less than a year after that we were blessed with our only daughter, Gigi.

Through the years I worked in sales - cars and grain bins. I also was involved in the building and operation of a local driving range and The Tennis Club off of 120th St. In the mid 1980's grading pulled me back in. I started Grabow Grading and sub contracted with many of the most prominent golf course builders in the country. I have built championship courses all over the country but primarily in the South East. Many of the courses were ranked by the pro golf magazines as top 10 courses in the US. Uwharrie Point Country Club in Badden Lake, NC was designated the #2 Country Club by Golf Course News Magazine, Caves Valley Country Club in Owings Mills, MD was designated the #1 Country Club by Golf Digest.

In 1998 my daughter married a wonderful guy named David Jensen. David and Gigi have 2 beautiful daughters, Kaylin 6 and Kalli 4. In the Summer of 2004 I decided it was time to come off the road. It was killing me not to be able to spend more time with my 2 wonderful pride and joys. After coming off of the road I built a clientele of homebuilders and was grading homes again. After a couple of years I decided to retire and hang up my grading tractor. For about a year I just hung out with Kaylin and Kalli and did honey-doos. In order to maintain my sanity and the sanity of my family I needed a little something else. Now I wear my ballcap and blue Dickies and deliver parts for Napa Auto Care.

I am looking forward to catching up with everyone again after 50 years!

From Bev Marvin Havlu
Four wonderful high school years and seeing all the names has brought back so many memories. I graduated from the University of Omaha, worked two years for Northern Natural Gas Company as a Home Economist.

I met Don Havlu at the University and we were married in 1963 and from that time on, our travels began as he was in the Army. Our first stop was Ft. Riley, Kansas where we lived for two years. During that time, we had twin daughters, Elizabeth and Laurie born in June of 1964. Ft. Riley was a good assignment as it was close to Omaha. In June of 1965, we went to Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey for 6 months, and then to Stuttgart, Germany for 2 ½ years. Don had to miss his graduation from the Signal School at Ft. Monmouth, as they offered us transport to Germany on the SS United States. We couldn’t pass that up, and boarded the ship in New York City with a large suitcase full of diapers (before Pampers).

We traveled to Bremerhaven and from there to Stuttgart by train. What an experience with 2 ½ year old twins. It was a wonderful time, only to be cut short by 6 months when Don received orders to Viet Nam. So, back to Omaha in December of 1967, where we bought a house on 104th and Valley. It was comforting being back with family and friends during this time.

Don returned from Viet Nam to Travis Air Force Base, California in January of 1969 and I flew out to meet him there with our now 3 ½ year old twin daughters. We flew to Los Angeles to visit his grandmother, and back to Omaha to pack up for his new assignment at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia. Janet Voss Golden was living in Northern Virginia, and we got together frequently and she and Bill were the Godparents to our son Bob, born in 1970.

In December of 1970, we moved to New Jersey for the C.E. Systems Engineer Course at Ft. Monmouth. The following December, we again traveled to Germany where we spent 3 years in Heidelberg. Fortunately, Pampers had came on the scene which made traveling a little easier, even to changing a diaper in a Gondola on a visit to Venice, Italy. While in Germany, we lived on the economy so as to gain the most from our tour there. Liz and Laurie went to an American School in Heidelberg, made many German friends and learned to speak German fluently.

In December of 1973, Don received orders to Ft. Huachuca, Arizona. From Heidelberg to the desert and we wondered what in the world were we getting into. We spent Christmas with our family and friends in Omaha and then made the long drive to Ft. Huachuca. Three kids, and also a dog. No SUV’s or Vans at that time. The closer we got to Arizona, the browner the terrain was and the towns were few and far between. We saw more tumbleweeds than people. But, as my Dad always said, everything works out for the best.

We spent seven years at Ft. Huachuca/Sierra Vista. Don left active duty in December 1976 and became a Department of Defense Civilian Employee.

In December of 1979, Don was assigned to the Defense Communication Agency in Arlington, Virginia, so we packed up three kids, and now two dogs (a Poodle and Golden Retriever), and two cars and drove back to Virginia.

I have always done needlework, and took up quilting while in Virginia. I’ve designed a dozen or so patterns which have been published in various quilting magazines.

Don retired from the Pentagon in 1994. When he retired, Laurie was working and living in New York City, Liz was married and not planning on staying in Northern Virginia, and Bob had just completed one year at Virginia Tech and wasn’t sure what he was going to do, or where he’d be. So, we made the decision to move back to Arizona. We’re now living in Sun City Vistoso in Oro Valley which is just northwest of Tucson. We square dance, bowl and enjoy all of the activities here.

Now, all three of our children are married, we have 6 grandchildren and, guess what ---- they are all living in Northern Virginia. As long as they keep coming west for their vacations, we shall remain here. In fact, Laurie came out in July with our four 7 year old grandchildren. She has twins – boy and girl, Liz youngest of 3 boys is 7, and Bob’s daughter. We drive back to Northern Virginia at least twice a year and when needed, always going through Omaha until this time as my mother passed away a year ago at 97 years old. Our trip for this fall is planned for the month of September and many things have been scheduled for us to do, so I regret to say we won’t be at the reunion. I wish to say hello to everyone on the list.

Gregg, I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you about the activities and hopefully some pictures. Thank you for organizing this and my best wishes to everyone.

From Bud Walling
It just happens to be the time in my life when I am in the process of handing my business over to my employees, so I will only be able to attend our the Thursday Gathering of our 50th reunion. Since I left WHS my sophomore year, I only know a few of the you, but it has been great catching up. I remember riding my horse to school the first year it was open and leaving him tied up at the farm across the street where Larry Myers built the shopping center the next year. I was at NU with Dave Humphrey and send a hello to him, as well as all of you who were at WHS the first year.

I spend the winter in Scottsdale and would love to visit with any of the class who are in Arizona. I attended WHS the first two years it was open and then went to Military school for two years and played football and kinda went to class. I went to Troy High School in Troy, NY for my senior year and again played football and flunked Chemistry. They graduated me so they wouldn’t have to deal with me another year and my parents said they would pay for NU if I didn’t play sports and studied. I didn’t play sports and kinda studied. After 4 years I was prepared to be drafted which I was and had two years in the Army and a great time. Hurt my back jumping and, after two years working for Uncle Sam, I decided to go back to school. Medicine sounded good so I took all the classes necessary but had failed to realize that four years of having fun at NU would not compete with really good students. I then went to Grad school. One day I went to the Dean's office to see if they had any jobs posted. The Dean’s secretary told me her husband was the superintendent in Waterloo and needed a teacher …..what else a Chemistry teacher. That was a fun year (7 of my 11 students majored in Chemistry) and then I decided I needed a job (I had taught on an emergency certificate) so I went to work for a large Chemical Company. I did that for a couple of years and started my own Chemical Company (www.wallingwater.com) which I have run since March 1969. We sell products to treat water where water is used as a heat exchange medium.

Over the years I have enjoyed motorcycling. I just rode out to the Sturgis Rally for the 37th year and hope to make 40. I started flying when I was young and used that mode of travel to cover the fourteen states in which we operate. I raised two step children, one of whom fly’s jets for Warren Buffet's company. I live in AZ in the winter and my annual New Year's resolution is to play golf, but I have never been good at resolutions. Since the early 80’s I have spent time each summer in Door County, WI. I have enjoyed living in South Dakota the last 40 years.

Looking forward to seeing the "Omaha Gang," the golfers, and any other early arrivals.. My best wishes to all.

2010 Update

I am going to be having dinner with my 104yr old step mom Thurs and will be in Omaha Fri and can set up another lunch as I said latter the the next week and certainly anyone who would like to come would be welcome. The 4 of us had met last year and with the 53rd looming I thought it might be a time for a repeat. I get to the Omaha area to monthly to work and to visit my Mom so can set it around a specific date if I have lead time. For a group of 8+- or less the Pasta Amori is great but for a larger group I could set up a special lunch at the regency Motor Inn. It is centrally located as well and would be great for 8+ folks.

I will be heading for Scottsdale mid October and then on to Sarasota for most of the winter in case any folks want to get together. I guess we are all getting older and health is beginning to take its toll. I have the normal problems a 70+ year old has but was still able to ride my motorcycle to the 70th annual Sturgis Rally for the 40th consecutive year.

Looking forward to talking and or seeing anyone…………God Bless……Bud

From Carol Eaton Johnston
Wow! 50 years since our days at Westside...hard to believe. I started at Westside in the 8th grade and have many memories of fun times and good friends over the next 5 years. After graduation I attended Grinnell College for two years (rooming with Kay Rydberg my freshman year). After two years, in a bit of rebellion, I left Grinnell and worked at Mutual of Omaha for a year before deciding to return to school. Went to Univ. Ne in Omaha for a year before another not so good decision. Had a brief marriage/divorce and lived in California for 3 years working in a CPA office and taking some accounting courses. I returned to Omaha in 1965, got a Real Estate and an Insurance license, but decided I didn't really like sales. Returned to doing accounting and worked at that from then on.

Dale Johnston and I were married in 1967. He came complete with three children, and we never had any of our own. We owned a bar and grill in South Omaha for several years, which Dale managed, and obtained several rental properties. At one time we had 19 houses and a six unit building in Ralston, so the rental properties became Dale's full time job. After a battle with cancer, Dale passed away in 1989. I returned to work full time in 1990 and have been at my current job at a brokerage firm for the past seven years. I really enjoy my work and have no plans to stop working anytime soon.

I try to do some traveling when I can, but mostly go back and forth to Colorado where my sister and her family live. No family left here in Omaha. I am looking forward to the reunion and the chance to catch up with old friends. Sounds like there will be a pretty good turnout. See you all soon!

From Carolyn Evans Kalinski
I came to Westside in September of 1954 from Benson High. To be honest it was a difficult transition. I had left all my friends I had know since kindergarten. However, I soon made a new group of friends, some of who I have kept in contact with after all these years. We had many slumber parties, went ice skating, roller skating and cruised around in my Dad's 1954 yellow Buick convertible. It was always very special for me to go to Julia Harvey's Christmas teas. I feel blessed to have been a teen in the 50s. It was the best of times.

I got married soon after highschool and had all 3 of my children by the time I was 23! I will be married to the same husband for fifty years in April, 2008. Each of our children are well-educated, independent, intelligent and healthy (2 sons and 1 daughter). Wehave 3 beautiful grandsons and 3 beautiful grandaughters, ranging from 3 years to 15 years. I took early retirement from NWB/U S West/ Qwest in 1995 after 26 years.

At this point in my life, I couldn't be happier. We moved from Omaha 7 years ago and now live in a resort style retirement community in Surprise, Az. I am truly enjoying my "golden years". There is so much here to help keep me young and healthy.

I can't believe 50 years have gone by. Looking forward to seeing you all. Wishing you all health and happiness.

2010 Update

It is always good to see how everyone is doing and really hope there will be a 55th reunion.
Life is good for me.  Just getting older with more aches and pains as age creeps up.  Went to Omaha for the past Christmas and, of course, there was the blizzard of  the century.  Have been cured of  ever going there again in the winter.  I really prefer sunshine, thank you.  We were in Omaha again in May for our oldest granddaughters' graduation from Millard North.  April is now a freshman at UNL.  Then back again in September for my aunt's 90th birthday.   Seems like there is never enough time while I am there to see everyone.  Hope to be there sometime when you all get together like you did last year.
My best to you all and prayers go out to all who are facing challenges in their lives at this time.  Who knew getting old would be like this!!!!  I sure didn't.

Carolyn Evans Kalinski


2011 Update -- Carolyn Evans Kelinski

Hello Classmates. 

Hope this year finds all well with you and yours. 

My year has been pretty uneventful.  The highlight of the year was a curise around the Hawaiian Islands in December.  In May we went to Colorado for our second granddaughter, Shelby's, graduation from Highlands Ranch.  It was held at Red Rocks with temps in the 40s and raining.  Needless to say, this cold blooded transplant Arizonian froze!!!  Shelby is a freshman at University of Idaho.  Our oldest granddaughter, April, is in her second year at Nebraska.  The next, Kelsey, will be graduating from Millard North in May and we will be coming to Omaha for that, for sure.  Planning on going to Orlando for the youngest 2 grandson's gymnastics meet in February.  Will be having knee replacement surgery, soon.

I keep busy playing Bunco, Mexican Train Dominos and Hand and Foot (typical retirement community activities).  I also volunteer at my church and a local hospital. 

If anyone is on Facebook, look me up.  Have spoken to Margy, Thulin, and Jeanne this past year.

Wishing you all the very best. Hoping for a 55 or 60 year reunion.  Looking forward to seeing all your updates.  Thanks, Jo Ellen, for getting this ball rolling. 

Carolyn Evans Kelinski 


From Charlotte Schroeder Zampese
Hi Class of '57!

A bio of 50 years. Attended N.U. and O.U..Trained and worked as a dental assistant with Dr. Schmitman in Omaha. Bob and I married in 59. We became parents to a wonderful son, Todd. Lived in the Mildred area until 1970. Moved to Dallas, Lubbock and San Antonio. Bob has been in the orthopedic business since our move from Omaha. I was a stay at home mom involved in scouts, little league and most activities associate with all levels sports and school .

I received my degree in Interior Design and worked in the field for 15 years. We retired in 1997 and have since enjoyed the fruits of our labor.(play golf, do volunteer work, and travel in our R.V.) Todd and his family live within a few blocks. We have enjoyed the grandchildren,total of three. Beth, is the oldest; she is a junior at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Brett, a senior at Boerne High and Michael a sophomore.

After a busy summer , time doesn't allow another vacation. Sorry we will miss the reunionI send my best to all and if you come to the city of the "SPURS" let us hear you cheer GO SPURS GO!!!

From Dale Slunicko

I came to Oakdale School in the 8th grade from St. Margaret Mary’s. At the time my family home was on south 105th and it was too far for me to travel, and I was too young to drive. Mike Williams picked me up in his jeep many mornings so that I could attend Westside beginning my freshman year. During high school I attended 1 year at Wentworth Military Academy, but did complete my senior year and graduate from Westside. After graduation, I went back to Wentworth and received my junior college degree and then on to UNO.

My career started when I decided to go into business with my mother, who was a land developer. I ran her construction company for many years. This was a fabulous time to be in the real estate business in Omaha. The interstate was being constructed through Nebraska, and Western Electric was building a plant at 120th and L. Throughout most of my career we continued developing and building (8 sub-divisions). During those busy years I did meet and date my companion, Kathleen Stinson, a former Benson Bunny. In the mid-sixties we went our separate ways, but always stayed in touch. Fourteen years ago she moved back to Omaha, went to work for one of my companies, and the rest, as they say, is history.

When my mother died in 1976, I decided that I had about 20 years of land ahead to develop, then to semi-retire and manage Bel Air Plaza, the last piece of property that I still own.

Today, Kathy and I keep busy in the office, but do devote time for travel. We are veterans of cruising, both large and small vessels. Also, we enjoy exploring the world on land.

I am on my third term on the Board of Trustees at Wentworth, plus secy/treas of the Wentworth Foundation. Having served on many boards over the years, I find that these two are all that I want to do.

Look forward to seeing everyone later this month.

From Darla Bennett-Schwarzenbach
I came to Westside in my sophomore year, transferring from North High School. It was hard for me but in time I found some good friends and remember many good times with them. While in school I worked at Shada's Drive In and later at the Sky View Drive In Theatre. I loved Peony Park dances and rides down Dodge St. looking for the cute guys. In my senior year, our class mate Rod Ross and I became good friends. He would pick me up in his hot-rod and we would head to Tiner's. I loved to sing and as you all know, he did too. After we graduated we kept in touch for a while. How sad it was when I heard of his untimely death.

After graduating, I went on to business college and did some modeling. I was trying out for Miss Auto Show in 1958 and ended up being Miss Cadillac. I made no money but remember the sore feet as I stood for hours. I then worked at the corporate offices of Omar Baking Co. and later at Provident Loan Co. (Remember their ad on the radio?..."We're the Provident Loan Arrangers George and Chet.")

I married my dear husband Carl in 1959. Janice Oliphant, one of my dear friends and our classmate, who was to be a bridesmaid in my wedding was tragically killed in an automobile accident just 4 days before our wedding. What a blow that was to both her family and mine.

The first 3 years of our marriage I helped put Carl thru college. Though he majored in business, he loved music. Before our marriage he played in the Marine Corps Band. After his discharge in 1958, he joined the Omaha Symphony Orchestra. He was in the percussion section for 17 years along with the Omaha Opera Orchestra for 8 years. However, his full time job required a move to the Chicago area in 1975. We later moved back to Omaha as I missed my large family of 4 brothers and 3 sisters and wanted our children to be closer to their aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc. Their grandmother, my mother, is 90 years old and thankfully still pretty active.

I feel very blessed to have been able to be a "Stay at home Mom" for our 3 children. I have never looked back and wished I had done it any other way. Nothing could be more rewarding than to know we raised our children to be caring, giving and God fearing adults as they are today. I have also been blessed to help with our six grandchildren after they were born.
Carl retired 5 1/2 years ago and he would like to be in a warmer climate. But being the dear man that he is, he knew how I would miss my family if we did move so we're still dealing with the colder winters. We do like to travel and we try to spend a portion of each winter in Arizona. But for know, our home is in Omaha which is really an easy city to live in. We have many dear friends here and we also put in a lot of time as active members in our religion, helping others learn about the Bible and our wonderful Creator. We're thankful for our good health and looking forward to seeing all of you at our 50th reunion.

From Dave Humphry

I am among the group of classmates that arrived at Westside in the eighth grade, the year it opened, coming “up the grades” from Loveland and then Underwood schools. After really enjoying my years at Westside, and graduating, I attended Grinnell College, a good smaller liberal arts college (I had no idea of my career plans at that time) where I would be able to participate in sports. It was an excellent educational experience and I did play baseball, but after two years, I transferred to the University of Nebraska, from which I graduated in January 1962. At NU, I affiliated with Beta Theta Pi social fraternity. Upon graduation, I taught mathematics for two years at Bellevue High School (Bellevue, our old rival -- Can you believe that?) I had an offer from Westside Schools, but, as much as I “loved” Westside, I wanted to experience a different school system. While teaching at Bellevue, I heard about a “new” thing called “computer programming” and, while looking for part-time summer work, received offers to work full-time in the “new” world of computers. NCR Corp. offered me a job teaching computer programming that involved some travel. I liked teaching, programming looked interesting, and being young and single, the travel sounded good. So, in 1963, I left public school teaching, joined NCR Corporation and spent more than 25 years with that company, starting out in Omaha, then moving to Dayton, Ohio in 1966, Hartford, Connecticut, in 1967, Columbia, Maryland, in 1970, Atlanta, Georgia, in 1972, and Dallas, Texas, in 1979. During that career, I managed Education and Training Centers, and taught a variety of computer and business-related courses to NCR and customer personnel. I traveled quite a bit inside and outside the U.S., which provided variety and was interesting and educational.

In 1993, I took early retirement from NCR, returned to school to complete a master’s degree program (University of Texas at Arlington), and looked for another career. I found it in the financial services industry, joining Northwestern Mutual in 1994 as a financial representative, training consultant, and, later and at present, a compliance supervisor (Registered Principal). For the past 13 years, I have been associated with The Texas Financial Group, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, Dallas.

I met wife Jan while living in Hartford and married in 1970. Our son, Will, was born in Atlanta. We have lived in the Dallas area since 1979 and currently live in Cedar Hill (suburban Dallas), in a lakeside setting at Lake Joe Pool. Jan has been a paralegal with a Dallas law firm for many years. Our son lives in Dallas.

We are active members of First Presbyterian Church of Dallas. I am a Church Elder, and frequently teach adult Sunday school. Hobbies include reading, both fiction and nonfiction; compiling and maintaining several family histories; interest in sports, participating throughout high school and college in baseball, and in later years slow-pitch softball and tennis. Currently, Jan and I enjoy using our tandem kayak on the lake right beside our home, giving us exercise, relaxation, and terrific views of wildlife. We enjoy regular dinner outings with friends; and a few years ago, got “hooked” on cruises, and have greatly enjoyed the several we have taken, and plan to take more of them.

I plan to join the ranks, in a year or two, of being semi-retired, as many of you are. That will be great. Many thanks to Gregg and many others of you, who are making possible what will be, I am sure, a fun reunion. I look forward to seeing all of you in September!

2010 Update

Jan and I are in the middle of a two week vacation with brother Jim and his wife, at Jan's family cottage in Connecticut -- situated about halfway between Hartford and New London.  However, at the moment, we are staying for a couple nights with Bob Kvaal & his wife at their summer home on Martha's Vineyard.  Bob was three years behind us at Westside (classmate of Jim's) and also a fraternity brother of Jim & me. As Buzz knows, we talked about the possibility of hooking up with you also on this trip, but it just didn't work.  Buzz, I hope we can connect in a year or so, as we plan to visit Connecticut on a more frequent basis in the future. 

2011 Update

Gregg and Classmates,

Thanks Gregg for keeping our class connected.  It's appreciated.

I have finally retired.  In October 2008 I retired from full time work with Northwestern Mutual, but for the next two years I maintained my licenses and registration and continued working on a part time basis in financial services.  But March 1 of this year, I terminated my licenses, having finally felt I could give it all up and am now enjoying full retirement.  I am involved with about five on-going volunteer activities which keep me "engaged," but also, leave me with enough time to just be retired!!

In January, Jan and I enjoyed a 10-day cruise with my brother and his wife, out of Ft. Lauderdale to the Panama Canal, with stops at Aruba, Curacao, and Puerto Limon. We recently returned home from a two weeks' vacation in Connecticut, where we caught the force of Hurricane Irene.  It did no damage to our lakeside cottage, but we had to adjust to having no power for 6 days.  The weather was sunny with mild temperatures after Irene went through, and we were able to do most of the things we had planned, including several days of paddling our tandem kayak around the lake – much fun!  We spent our evenings playing gin rummy (something I hadn't done in years) by candlelight!  Of course, the entire Atlantic seaboard from North Carolina to Canada was hit hard by this hurricane, but we were affected far less than many.

The highlight of the year for us was the June wedding of our son, Will, to Charlotte.  The wedding was in the New Orleans area and was just a wonderful occasion in every respect!  Will & Charlotte will be living in Dallas, where they each have been working and living.

Some of you know my mother, Carrie, now 98.  Last November she finally gave up her home of 62 years on Hickory Street and moved to Maple Ridge, a "Resort Lifestyle Community," just off 167th street in Omaha.  She is healthy, gets around OK, and very much enjoys her new friends, food, and activities of her new home.  My brother Jim lives just a few miles away.

If we have a 55th reunion I'll certainly try to be there.

Take care.


From David Bronn
At Westside I hung out with Jim Shelly and Ron Mertens and I had several friends in the class of ’56. I enjoyed football (played guard) and music (played the sousaphone, base). Coach Hugger and Band Director Snyder fought over me because I couldn’t wear two uniforms in one night. So during my sophomore year I reluctantly wore the band uniform, but for the junior and senior years, I switched to the shoulder pads.

I remember when C. L. Retelsdorf kicked somebody off the cast of a play and pulled me in – with only one week to go! I don’t remember how it went; I just know how hard I worked to learn all those lines.

In general I wish I had studied a bit less and paid more attention to all of the wonderful girls in our class!

After Westside I went to Iowa State majoring in physics. After a year I transferred to San Jose State and majored in geology and then switched to police school and finally graduated in ’62 in political science.

After college I joined the Air Force and was first assigned to the Lincoln Combat Defense Squadron as a flight commander and operations officer. Next stop was France as an air police operations officer were we built up a reconnaissance wing. But de Gaulle ordered us out and we had to disassemble the efforts of our hard work. Still being single, I was selected to stay behind until we drove the last truck off the base and on to the UK. In England I was a base commander at an old airbase and lived with an RAF unit. After that I spent a year in Vietnam at a nice quiet base, at least up until the time I arrived. During my year here we had 28 attacks.

I was a bit shell-shocked after Vietnam and got married. My wife Patty was an American who was teaching in various European countries and I met her while in England.

After our marriage I was transferred to Malstrom AFB in Great Falls, Montana where I was a minuteman launch crew commander. While in Great Falls we had our son, Justin.

After my Air Force duty was completed, we looked around for the best place to live and picked Bellingham, Washington. Where I got a job with the US Post Office.

I took early retirement in ’92 and have been enjoying life immensely since then.

We still live in Bellingham; Patty is still my wife; and our son, Justin, just got married this year.

Sorry we cannot attend the reunion but I send my best wishes to all. I hope to get a report on the reunion and to hear from some of my classmates.

From Deanna Eurich Fergusen
I was at Underwood for two years and then to Westside HS. The games and their activities are very memorable to me and especially the Debate Team and our contest in Minnesota. Little did I know then that I would be living in that area every summer of my life. Besides Debate, I remember all the activities with the snow, ice skating and my church that was right across the street from school.

After graduating from Westside, I attended William Woods College in Fulton, Missouri, where I met David Kennedy. A year later, we were married. After two years of college we moved back to his home town of Oklahoma City and had three children.

I eventually finished college with a business degree and was a secretary at different public schools, real estate offices and finally at a Methodist Church. David's family had always had a lakeside, summer home in Alexandria, Minnesota so we always vacationed there. In 1995 he decided to take early retirement from the family lumber business. We decided to spend six months a year in Minnesota, at which time we got a new home, with good heat, in Ottertail, Minnesota. David and I had 41 wonderful years together before he succumbed to leukemia.

Since then, I met John Ferguson and we've had three great years together. John and his first wife, Peggy, had three sons. He worked at Tinker Air Force Base before he retired and then had odd, interesting jobs. Peggy passed away from breast cancer. Several years later, John became a Methodist Minister, at which time, I entered his life. Since we've been married, we've moved five times. We spent a year in Kansas City where he attended St. Paul Methodist Seminary. While there, John came down with lung cancer so we moved back to Oklahoma and have kept very busy with church work and adult classes at local colleges. John's cancer is now in remission and this past summer we had a wonderful ten weeks at our lake home in Minnesota.

God has been very good to my families and to me. John and I have five children, all are married, 12 grandchildren, three of whom are married and 6 great-grandchildren. John and I are looking forward to seeing all of the Westside Graduates + others and getting reacquainted.

2010 Update

Dear Classmates,
Dee Eurich Ferguson asked me to send her news to everyone.  She enjoyed reading news of the class members but her computer is refusing to SEND emails right now!!  Dee has spent many summers in Ottertail, MN in her home on the lake.  (We had great fun visiting her there this summer.)  The rest of the year she lives in Midwest City, OK (near OK City) with her kids/grandkids living nearby.  Sadly, her husband John passed away in January following a bout with cancer.  She keeps busy with church activities, sewing, & amusing her 2 cute dogs.
JoEllen Conley Elliott for Dee Eurich Ferguson


From Deana Grimm Jones
Dear Classmates -- I cannot wait to see everyone. We will be arriving Friday, just in time for the cocktail party.

I have not been back to Omaha to speak of since right after our first child was born almost 40 years ago. My parents left Omaha and moved to Boise, Idaho so all our family trips were to Boise. I used to drive up there in our motor home nearly every summer. One summer we went to Omaha enroute home to Pensacola but I did not connect with anyone except a former neighbor. Of course, I am the worst letter writer. I think of past friends however and hope I'll recognize every one.

My family moved to Omaha the summer before my senior year of highschool. It was good to make friends there since I then had friends when I came back during vacations. It was a sweet-sad time since I had grown up in a town in Oklahoma and missed my childhood friends. I came to realize that I had the best of both worlds. I loved Westside and had a connection there. I've been looking for our highschool yearbook, to no avail. Of course we have all changed so much it probably wouldn't make much difference.

Everyone was so welcoming in Omaha. I learned to drive in snow that first winter. I'm surprised I didn't have a wreck. Still, at 17years you think you are invincible. My dad had an engineering background and insisted I take 4 years of Math. The benefit was that there were only 2 girls in the College Algebra and Trig class. That was hog heaven.

I've reconnected with Janet Voss Golden. Our oldest daughter and her family live in Vienna,
Virginia so Janet and I have gotten together when I get back to see Susannah et all. That's always fun.

Like Nancy Trestor, I was part of the toilet papering crew.We decorated lots of houses during our reign of "terror". Even my mother and some of her friends, including Helen Reichstadt, did some of their friends homes.

It was such fun getting to know Suanne Reichstadt, Julia Harvey, Terry Ross, Ann Harding, just to name a few. One funny story I remember when Kathy Murray was trying to get her car out of the garage when her parent's car was behind hers and she got stuck sideways in the garage just about the time her folks came home.

There are so many little memories of those years. We have lived in Pensacola, FL since 1972. We love it here but can do without the intense heat of the summers (humidity) as well as the hurricanes. From October through May the weather is glorious.

We have 4 children. Two were born in Boston when Jim was a resident at Children's Hospital . Susannah is an attorney with the American College of OB-GYN in D.C Our next child was born in Vietnam and is a family practice doctor in the Orlando area. Meredith was born in Boston Michael was born in Pensacola. We have 4 granddaughters. Meredith is director of Development at the Pensacola Junior College. Michael is not married and teaches history in the International Baccalauriat(I can't spell it and am too lazy to find the dictionary)program at a local high school.

Jim is a pediatric surgeon and was in the active Naval Reserve when he as recalled to active duty during the first Gulf War. He was sent to Okinawa, Japan and we lived there for 5 and a half years. What fun!! We did a lot of travelling in the far east and made a lot of new friends.We both were active in the Japanese community teaching English etc.Jim, of course, was busy working and I played The kids all came over for visits and travel. I could write more but I'm too lazy.

We've been married 42 years. Hard to believe. See you soon.

2010 Update

Thinking  of you and will keep your of you in our prayers. It's so worrisome when our kids are in harms way. Thinking of you and your St. Barnard too. Thanks to you Greg for keeping us posted. Deana Grimm jones.I always was a lousey typist.I need to get on this computer more. This has been a health proble year.I'vd had breast cancer but the prognosis is good. It is ama zing the number of women who have it. I consider myself lucky that I had no nodes involved. I elected to have a bilateral mastectomy more as a precaution. The surgery was somewhat offputting but my peace of mind was good.  Enough of the health news. Just get your regular mamograms and do monthly breast checks.Deana.
Suanne and Gary. I was so sorry to read about your house. You're right it's the small things and memories that you miss. I've been thinking of you and remembering you in my prayers.Love Deana


From Ed Zschau
Dear Westside High School Classmates,

I want to thank Gregg and the whole 50th WHS Reunion team for organizing this opportunity for recollections, reflections, and reuniting a great group of people who shared common experiences 50+ years ago and, since then, have gone on different paths to do important and interesting things. Reading the stories and thoughts of our classmates, I have been impressed, touched, and immensely proud of all that each of you has done, accomplished, and contributed. What a class class!

Over the years, as decisions, actions, and events have taken me in a pretty wide variety of directions, I find myself reflecting back often on growing up in Omaha, my Loveland, Underwood, and Westside education, and sharing experiences and friendships with all of you when we were at Westside together. The common theme of my life during those years and later is that I was (and continue to be) just plain lucky. I grew up at a special time in a special place with loving parents who were dedicated to me and my sister and with friends, parents of friends, and teachers who nurtured me. Just one of many examples of my good luck is Mrs. Dinsmore, who taught the first and second grade in one room at Loveland School. One day, during the 1946-47 school year, she moved my desk from the first grade side of the room to the second grade side of the room. That's
how I became a member of the WHS Class of 1957 rather than continuing in what would become the Class of 1958 with my good friends Larry Myers and Steve Dickinson, with whom I had been in kindergarten, having Mrs. Cozette as our teacher.

We at Westside were blessed to have such dedicated teachers, coaches, (and Alice) to instruct us, to help shape our values through their examples, and to inspire our individual spirits. Just one of many examples: Ken Christianson, our Physics teacher, worked with me during many after school hours to build a Tesla coil for creating high frequency, high voltage waves that could produce long lightening bolt style sparks. He is pictured with it in the 1956 Shield faculty photos. You can imagine the thrill I had when, after he moved from Omaha to Sunnyvale, California, he showed up at some of my constituent Town Hall Meetings that I held while representing the Silicon Valley area in the US Congress.

The teacher who had the greatest impact on me was C.L. Retelsdorf...and I know that he had a significant impact on several
of you as well.. My first experience with Mr. Retelsdorf was playing a role in our Junior Class play, "The Seven Sisters", which he directed. I don't remember much about the play except I had the chance to kiss Marny Meyer on stage (It was just a peck on the check, but it was the highlight of my Junior year.), and somehow my costuming evolved over the course of the production from the uniform of a Hungarian Army officer to the outfit of a court jester in green tights (photos in the 1956 Shield document all this). The Omaha World Herald review of the play was very complimentary about the whole cast, and it singled out Terry Kiser for playing his "comic opera role with the skill of a much more experienced performer". That reporter hadn't seen nothing yet! Wait 'til Terry played the dead guy! (I was having dinner this evening with some current Princeton undergraduates, and they all said how much they enjoyed the "Weekend with Bernie" movies. Terry, Bernie is a character that will never really die.)

I have said in the past, when thinking about what Mr. Retelsdorf meant to me, "He created me from dust". His debate course in my senior year and the countless after school hours that year when he worked with me on extemporaneous speaking gave me, a kid who couldn't give any kind of coherent oral presentation for more than a couple of minutes, an ability to communicate extensively and effectively throughout my life...from four years on the Princeton University debate team (for two great years, Larry Myers was my partner, and he excelled in all of the tournaments) to today... back at Princeton as a professor. I shall always be grateful for the gift Mr. Retelsdorf gave to me through his personal effort and inspiration.

After graduating from Princeton in June, 1961, with a degree in philosophy (bridged with physics), I spent the summer at home in Omaha working at the Continental Can factory while waiting to enlist in the US Navy. I had been accepted to the Officer's Candidate School in Newport Rhode Island for a ninety day officer's training program beginning in September followed by a three year service commitment. When I went out to Fort Omaha to be inducted in August, 1961, they asked if anything had changed in my health since my physical exam earlier that year. I told them that I'd broken my leg in a Rugby game at Princeton in the spring but it had healed. Well,it wasn't yet up to Navy standards, so they told me that I'd have to
wait for another three months and maybe more. Rather than waiting, I informed Stanford University, to which I had been accepted for the MBA program in the Graduate School of Business, that I would be enrolling after all. That lucky "break" changed my life.

While completing my MBA degree at Stanford, I became intrigued with the field of mathematics applied to business...called "operations research" or "management science". In 1963, I decided to continue my education in that field at Stanford seeking a Ph.D. with an MS along the way. That same year, Jo Wiedmann, whom I had met while she was the assistant to a Stanford professor, and I were married.. A year later, our son, Ed Jr. was born, and I was teaching a second year MBA course at Stanford at age 24. I got my Ph.D. and continued teaching at Stanford through 1969, spending one year at the Harvard Business School as a visiting professor in 1967-68. During part of my Stanford years, I was often with Gregg Millett and with Fred and Barbie Day Sample, who were at Stanford as well. Also, during that period, our two daughters, Liz and Cameron, were born. In 1969, I left Stanford to be the CEO of a computer products company, System Industries, which I had started in Silicon Valley. I served as the CEO of the company through 1981...about one year after it became a public company.

During the 1970s, Jo and I devoted our energies to our children. She was a super mom, and it paid off. Our kids are wonderful people, and they are themselves great parents and community leaders.. They have solid values and they care about others. We're proud of them. I recall those years during which they were growing up as giving me a "second childhood". I coached 13 youth soccer teams (Jo was the regional head of the youth soccer league responsible for more than 1,000 young players), and I was a Cub Master and Boy Scout leader. Ed Jr. is an Eagle Scout. One of his most memorable experiences as a kid was meeting Pat Fischer when the Redskins were in California to play San Francisco. Also, during the 1970s, while I was building my company, I began to become involved in public policy issues and had a role, as a private citizen, in getting the Federal
capital gains tax rate reduced in 1978 from nearly 50% to 28%. That experience got me thinking about public service.

When I last saw several of you at our 25th Westside Reunion in 1982, I was in the midst of my first Congressional campaign. I went on win that election and to serve for two terms in the US Congress. I was a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and Chair of the Republican Task Force on High Technology Initiatives. It was a great experience to meet and learn from many people...my constituents, my House colleagues, and experts with whom I had the privilege of working during those years. As an example, Condi Rice, now Secretary of State, advised me on foreign policy issues when she was a young professor at Stanford. I felt that I made a difference on certain issues before the House. However, I thought that I could make a greater difference as a US Senator from California, so in June, 1985, I announced that I would be a candidate for the Republican nomination in the 1986 US Senate election. When the Republican primary campaign began, I was just an asterisk in the polls, but by June, 1986, I had closed the gap in a 13 candidate field, and I came from behind in the last week to win the Republican primary election.

The general election campaign was a different story. I got beat up pretty badly all summer by the three-term incumbent, Alan
Cranston. At one point, I was 16 points behind. However, my supporters...people like Ted Hicks (we had done puppet shows together when we were in grade school)... never gave up, and by the last week before the election, the race was a dead heat. It looked on election day like I might pull off another upset...but God had other plans for me.

On November, 4 1986, I lost that US Senate race in California to Senator Cranston by the narrowest of margins. The outcome was too close to call until the following morning. As you can well understand, I was touched beyond words, when, in the group of people gathered to hear my concession speech the morning after the election, I saw my dearest childhood friend and classmate, Judy Youngman Wigton. She had come from Omaha just to be with me at that important moment in my life. Of course, we were both anticipating that there would be a victory celebration, but that wasn't in the cards.

There are two lessons from that experience for me: (1) Friends are more important than victories, and (2) Blessings sometimes come in thick disguises. Looking back, I now believe that I "dodged a bullet". I was lucky again. I've had a great ride over the past twenty years. I've run another high tech company in Silicon Valley, I served as the General Manager of the $6.5 billion IBM Storage Systems Division during the difficult turn around years in the early 1990s, and, for the past eleven years I have taught at Harvard Business School (1996-2000) and at Princeton in the Engineering School (1997-present), while starting and building a bunch of high tech companies (some have even survived). I have also served on several NYSE company boards such as the Reader's Digest (I'm currently Chairman of StarTek, Inc. in Denver, CO). Among the companies that I've started are www.princetonpower.com and www.polyera.com, both being run by my former Princeton students. I have also been involved in the start up and building of www.illumen.org and www.nimbusdata.com This summer, I've been starting a new company, NanoNuvo Corporation, based in New Jersey, which is applying nanofabrication technology to optical components
used in telecommunications, sophisticated manufacturing, medical diagnostics, and defense applications. I continue to try to
contribute to certain public policy issues...currently working to get the SEC to change its rule for the accounting for employee stock options (not very sexy, but important). My wife, Jo, and I live on Nantucket Island, MA during the school year (where I have seen Sherry Johnson Lourie a few times) in an antique house (built in 1761) which we restored over the past 25 years and put in an Historic Preservation Trust. Jo is an active volunteer for good causes such as Nantucket Hospice, and she weaves Nantucket lightship baskets and does needlepoint. I commute to Princeton on Monday's and return on Fridays. In the summers, we return to our home in Los Altos, CA to get away from the Nantucket summer crowds and to be with our kids and
their families, including eight grand kids who all live within a ten mile bike ride from our house.

I been extremely lucky with what life has given me. I attribute much of my good fortune to growing up in Omaha when we did. Oh sure, I'm a little creaky these days...all that competitive figure skating when I was young and nine marathons and 1,000 miles of training per year for several years when I was older took their toll on my knees...but over all I feel good. Best of all, I am able to do everything I like to do and nothing that I don't like to do. Who knows what my life would have been like if Mrs. Dinsmore hadn't moved my desk, if there had been no Mr. Retelsdorf, if I'd gone to Cal Tech or one of the other colleges to which I was accepted rather than Princeton, if I hadn't broken my leg, or if I had won that close Senate race? It would
certainly have been different, but I can't imagine that it could have been better. I've had an exciting, enjoyable, productive, and satisfying set of varied experiences...and I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up.

I look forward to being with many of you at the Reunion and to staying in touch with all of you. Please let me know when you are near Los Altos, Nantucket, or Princeton.

With every good wish to you and your families, Buzzy

PS: I shall miss Nancy Fraser Coffey, who was in that part of the classroom where Mrs. Dinsmore moved my desk, and our other classmates who have left us.

2011 Update

Dear Gregg and WHS '57 Classmates,
> It doesn't seem possible that it has already been nearly four years
> since we celebrated our 50th WHS Reunion.  It was a memorable weekend
> and such a treat for me to be again with all those who
> attended.  Gregg, we are all grateful to you for your thoughtful and
> persistent efforts to keep us connected and to up to date on each
> other...at least as much as we are each willing to share.
> I did review what I wrote four years ago, and I was struck by how
> little has really changed in my life and activities since then.  It
> must mean that I like what I'm doing, I'm fortunate enough to be able
> to keep doing it, and I'll keep doing it until I get it right.  I'll
> provide some examples of what's the same and what's different.
> 1.  I continue to teach in the Engineering School at Princeton
> University a course called High Tech Entrepreneurship.  It's about
> how to start and build high tech companies.  When classes at
> Princeton resumed two weeks ago, I kicked off my course for the 28th
> semester.  I have had the privilege of working inside and outside the
> classroom with about 1,400 Princeton students (mostly seniors with a
> few juniors and grad students) over the past 14 years. I estimate
> that about 300-400 of my students have become engaged in starting and
> building companies, and I'm proud to count many of them as good
> friends. Among those, one has become a best selling author,
> www.fourhourworkweek.com
> and another is a professional cyclist whose start up company produces
> high performance bicycles with frames made of bamboo,
> www.boobicycles.com .   There are many more of my former students
> doing great things.  It makes me so proud and happy that I may have
> touched them in a positive way.
> 2.  My wife, Jo, and I live on Nantucket Island, MA, about 30 miles
> off the coast of Cape Cod in a house that is celebrating its 250th
> birthday this year.  She volunteers, plays bridge several times a
> week, does needlepoint, and in the past years wove about 100
> Nantucket lightship baskets.  See
> www.nantucketlightshipbasketmuseum.org for examples of what these
> beautiful baskets look like.  In recent years, she has had two hip
> replacements using the anterior method of surgery which is minimally
> invasive and requires no rehabilitation. (If you need a new hip, look
> into this procedure.)  For her second one in June, 2010, I took her
> into the hospital on a Thursday morning, and we went out to dinner in
> our little town of Los Altos, CA (that's where we are in the summers)
> on Saturday evening with no walker, crutches, or cane.  During the
> academic year, I fly to Hyannis from Nantucket (about 20 minutes in
> the air) on Monday mornings and drive to Princeton (about 300
> miles).  I teach on Tuesday and Thursday, and make the return trip to
> Nantucket on Friday.  Sherry Johnson Lourie has a home about eight
> miles from ours on the Island, and her stays here overlap in the
> early fall with our being here. Last fall, Judy Youngman Wigton
> visited Sherry, and they stopped by our house.  Attached is a photo
> of the us three WHS '57 "kids" in the "keeping room" (where the
> cooking was done in a big fireplace) of our 18th century house.
> 3.  Summers are great fun since our three children and eight
> grandchildren (I think we added one since our 50th Reunion) are all
> within ten miles of each other and us when we are in Los Altos during
> the summers (in the house that we bought in 1968 and where our
> children grew up).  For the past three summers, we have driven across
> the country to CA in late May or early June and driven back in late
> August...taking different routes when we can.  We have stopped in
> Omaha a couple of times.  My sister, Cynthia, and I were so lucky to
> be born and raised there in Omaha.  (Cynthia attended Loveland and
> Underwood schools, but went to Central High School in the Class of
> 1955 and later to University of Nebraska.  She and her husband, Dick
> Cottrell live in the town of Indian Wells near Palm Springs, CA) Our
> cross country drives are truly inspiring.  What a great country in
> which we are blessed to live!
> 4.  I continue to work to build the companies that I have helped to
> start and have led over the past decade.  Among them are
> www.princetonpower.com, www.polyera.com, and www.nimbusdata.com.  I
> also chair the Board of Directors of one New York Stock Exchange
> listed company, www.startek.com  I'm proud of the companies that I
> helped to start because they have technologies and products that are
> unique in the world and have the potential to make significant
> contributions to the industries in which they are involved for the
> benefit of many people touched by those industries.
> 5.  I mentioned earlier my close and ongoing relationships with my
> former students.  In that regard, some really nice stuff happened
> over the past couple of years:  One of my students from the Class of
> 1968 at the Stanford Graduate School of Business endowed a
> professorship there in my name..."The Class of 1968/Ed Zschau
> Professorship".  In addition, the Princeton Class of 2011, at the
> time of their graduation last June, invited me to become an honorary
> member of the Class of 2011, and they named me as one of their six
> most favorite professors and named my course as one of their six most
> favorite courses in the University.
> 6.  Fourteen years ago, I came to Princeton to create from scratch a
> vibrant program in entrepreneurship.  A lot has happened and taken
> shape and life in that regard since September 1997.  The Dean of the
> Engineering School at that time, James Wei, gave me the encouragement
> and help to do what I set out to do.  Accordingly, I and a group of
> other alumni endowed the James Wei Visiting Professorship of
> Entrepreneurship.  At the time of its announcement a couple of years
> ago, an eight minute video was made to describe some of what has been
> created for student entrepreneurs here at Princeton over the past
> fourteen years.  Here is a link: http://vimeo.com/10952256 .
> Let me end this (too lengthy) update by expressing my gratitude for
> the opportunity to have known all of you and to have shared
> experiences with you at Westside High School and, with many of you,
> at Loveland and Underwood in the years before Westside was built.  I
> feel that much of who I have become and been able to contribute to
> others came as a result of our shared experiences.  As I have written
> before, I feel that I have been really lucky in life.  Growing up in
> what was in the 1950s West Omaha, attending schools with you in
> District 66, and having the nurturing and caring teachers that we
> were so fortunate to have in those pivotal years of our lives were
> special gifts from which we benefited enormously.
> I hope that we will have a 55th Reunion in Omaha and that I will be
> able to been with you again then.
> With every good wish to all of you and to all those whom you hold dear.
> Buzzy

From Gail Gray Anderson
Dear Classmates -- I send warm regards and heartfelt wishes for a wonderful reunion next month. I won't be able to be there but will be thinking of you all.

Not too many Omahans settle in the South, but my family and I have been in Knoxville, Tennessee, near the Smoky Mountains, for nearly 30 years. It's a beautiful area of the country. My husband and I have two fine sons, two delightful daughters-in-law, and three grandsons. We enjoy their company immensely. One family is in Knoxville; the other is in Atlanta. I get to Atlanta very frequently and am writing from there now.

In our era, it was rather unusual for a young woman to graduate from college without snaring a potential husband, but my single status inspired me to move to New York City (where I shared an apartment for a time with Sherry Johnson Lourie -- Judy Youngman Wigton had lived there previously). I later moved on to San Francisco, Paris, and eventually to Greece, where I stayed for two years teaching English to Greeks. That was a glorious adventure for me.

When I returned to the U.S. I started graduate school in San Francisco and soon married a young architect I'd met on a blind date set up by Judy Youngman Wigton. We just celebrated our 40th anniversary. We lived in Lincoln, Tampa, and Roanoke, Virginia, before coming to Knoxville where he taught at the School of Architecture at the University of Tennessee before retiring. Meanwhile I pursued high school and college English teaching and then branched into technical writing and editing.

I value the safe and solid background we experienced in Omaha in the 1950s. On the other hand, I've relished the diversity of the wider world. Jerry and I still travel a lot -- most recently a nostalgic return to Greece, which I love.

If your travels should lead you to the Southeastern U.S., I'd love to offer you warm hospitality -- maybe even some grits and moonshine. Have fun together!

2010 Update

Hello Classmates! The deadline spurred me on. Hearing from members of the class of '57 has been heartwarming even when the news is sad. It's good to keep in touch,
In hopes that a picture will be worth 1000 words I'm attaching a photo of our family taken at Hilton Head during the summer. You'll notice that Gail and Jerry are old, our sons and daughters-in-law are in their prime, and our four grandchildren are just as adorable and charming as the children in your families are.
I want to mention that I've gotten interested in genealogy and am doing some work on ancestry.com. Actually, my nephew (my brother Bruce's son) took the trouble to fly all the way from Petaluma, California, to Tennessee to get me going. I'm the oldest living "Gray" and thus have a lot of memories, photographs, and detailed information that should be recorded before I lose my marbles. The effort is fun, and ancestry.com is an amazing site.
You are invited to visit us in Knoxville if you travel in the southeastern U.S. Tennessee is verdant and mountainous -- very beautiful. Nancy Trester Hardman has been here a number of times, and we've had such fun. 

2011 Update

Thanks to Gregg for shepherding folks through the e-uniting process and to all who have written. It's fun to think about Omaha and the days of youth. From here on in it's all about health, health, health and grandchildren, grandchildren, grandchildren for me!
Jerry and I continue to enjoy living in Knoxville, Tennessee, close to the Smoky Mountains. A green and beautiful area. One son and his family live fairly near us, and another son with his wife and two sons live in Atlanta -- where I'm visiting as I write this. We had a scintillating visit to the High Museum today and will watch several soccer games tomorrow. Now I'm being asked to accompany a 10-year-old to do some fishing at Piedmont Park -- hot dog chunks on a line.
I'm rather dreading knee replacement surgery in a month but have friends who have recuperated quickly. I need to get strong before a planned trip to Cabo San Lucas in January. I often think about Miss Joyce, our Spanish teacher. I got about a million dollars worth of benefit from those two years of Spanish; have been able to locate bathrooms all over Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, and South America.
All the best to each of you, and please contact me if you pass near the southeastern U.S. I'll cook up some grits for you!
Gail Anderson, 865-588-2235


From Gene Utterback
Really doesn’t seem like it has been 50 years since we graduated from Westside High School!!
I started grade school at Oakdale Elementary and then started Westside in 8th grade, the first year Westside was open.
After graduation, I decided to go to the University of Omaha, with the goal of a degree in engineering. But after two years there, I and two other graduates of the class of ‘57 (Stan Arp and Phil Hansen) decided to go to Florida and try to seek fame and fortune, by getting a job working in the newly emerging space exploration industry. But we soon realized that this was not to be our future, and we returned to Omaha.

So, in the fall of 1959, I entered an apprentice program at Western Electric to become a tool and die maker. I completed my training and enjoyed working at Western Electric/AT&T/Lucent for the next 30 years. However, five years before I retired from Lucent in 1989, we started an automotive parts store (Champion Auto) and then a few years later we became involved in a second Champion store. We found out that owning our own business meant putting in lots of hours, and not much time to do anything else. But I really liked working to help the customers, and we were involved with the stores for 15 years. In July of 2000, we finally decided we were ready to take it easy, so we sold both stores.

Arlene and I were married in 1962. We have three sons, and two grandsons. Our oldest grandson just returned the end of June from serving 15 months in Iraq. We also have three step-grandsons, and these three have made us step-great-grandparents of three boys and two girls.

Since retirement 7 years ago, we are enjoying playing golf and traveling. We enjoy getting away from Omaha for six weeks or more in the winter, but plan to keep spending most of the rest of the year here. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion - it should be a fun time!! See you soon.

From Glen Burbridge
For those of you who are having trouble remembering, I most likely have the distinction (?) of being at Westside for the shortest period of time and still claim to be a member of our class of '57. I attended Westside for just one semester, having transferred from Omaha Central midyear of our Senior year. I still feel very much a part of Westside and this great class.

A brief recap of events since 1957.
I went from Westside to the University of Nebraska where I went to undergraduate and law school graduating in 1963. During that time I met Mary Erickson. We were married in 1961. After graduation we stayed in Lincoln for one year while I served as law clerk for the Hon. Judge Van Pelt, the U.S. District Court Judge then serving in Lincoln. We then moved to Omaha where I practiced law until 1983. We then moved to Denver (our present home) where I continued the practice until January 1 of this year when I retired. I must say that I am still trying to adjust to my newly
found freedom. I can speak for Mary, that she is trying to get used to me being around every day as well.

We have three children and five grandchildren. We have just now arranged our schedules to be with you Thursday night and Friday. We have to leave Saturday morning to drive to Tulsa as our youngest granddaughter will be baptized Sunday morning. We just hope that we can see everyone before we have to leave and are very sorry that we will miss the Saturday events.

See you all in Oma

2011 Update

I have enjoyed the messages from our classmates.  It is great to stay connected.

Mary and I just returned from a 3 week trip to Turkey and Greece that we took to recognize our 50 years of marriage.  Our time together has been very special and the trip an appropriate way for us to celebrate the event.  It does make you appreciate how lucky we are to live in America.

Our lives are good, our heath is good, and we are thankful each day that we can say that.  I am not as busy as Buzzy, but I must be older than he is.  We have a special class with special relationships.  Can't wait for our next reunion.

Glen Burbridge

From Gregg Millett (Link to photos of four Millett Children at Underwood -- 1950)
Memories -- I remember
-- when Skip Blazak, Walter Rockwell, Danny Schneider and I were the only boys in the class and then the Loveland kids came to Underwood. Conrad Bastow said hello to me on the first day and we were close friends forever after that.
-- my first kiss, eyes closed, and got her right on the nose and, at a more advanced stage, when my arm went to sleep around a girl at the movies.
-- decking a kid at Peony Park protecting the honor of Sherrylrae Wicker.
-- on the way to a debate, when a little kid in the back seat by the name of George Allen, announced to C.L Retesldorf that "there was no God."
-- when Jerry Koch, in social studies class, said that kids who went to Ivy League schools would probably become Communists (and in my case he was more right than wrong).
-- when a kid caught a long pass on our10 yard line. I thought "damn," and then Pat Fischer appeared out of nowhere, grabbed the ball out of his hands, and ran 90 yards for a Westside touchdown!

Life Path -- I have been
2 years a junior high social studies teacher in Lincoln; 5 years an education professor at the University of Texas in Austin; 10 years a homesteader and teacher in Nicarauga/Costa Rica; 2 years an itinerate laborer; 20 years founder and director of Singles Outreach Services in Albany, New York and 4 years involved in a China Culture exchange project. I have 6 wonderful children and 9 grandchildren. For the past 20 years I have been with my companion Ann Parillo who has 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

I sent the above to Buzz Zschau and he said "write more." So here goes "more" and I can't wait to read what Professor Zschau writes. And I wish to thank everyone who has so far put a bit of their life on paper and I'm hoping we get to hear from every single classmate!

My head was mostly buried in the sand during WHS but I had a wonderful time with all of you but especially the guys I built forts, towers and rafts with. I'd do it all over again, except the second time around, I'd try to get all of the wonderful girls in our class to come along on our adventures, and if that didn't work, well, I'd build a few less rafts. Intellectually and socially Dartmouth College was difficult. I had the pleasure of watching John Thomas jump 7 feet, setting a world record in the high jump, on the day that I managed to clear 13' 3" in the pole vault. If I could do that all over again, I'd do less pull-ups and get a lot more involved in what a college has to offer. Upon graduating, I wanted to teach history and social studies in a diverse public school, and after getting an MA in teaching at the University of Nebraska, I got a job a Whittier Jr. High in Lincoln. Teaching, for me, turned out to be better as an idea then the reality of it (and I applaud all the great teachers in our class!). From the 8th grade to graduate students I was always bent on getting my students involved in "life-projects." Classroom management, per se, gave me ulcers. And my "life-projects" always got me into trouble. Eighth-grade, from the principal: "What do you think you're doing having these young people go house-to-house taking surveys?" Undergraduates UT-Austin, from the University President: "Are you really taking class time to have your students visit your free-school and your commune?" Graduate students, Universidad Centro Americana, Managua, Nicaragua, from the Dean: "Are you really taking your students into the gettos? Don't you know there's a revolution going on?"

In 1963, after my first year of teaching, I drove my VW bus to Yellow Knife in the Northwest Territories thinking I might teach there and build a fishing camp. Instead I went to graduate school at Stanford and then on to The University of Texas in Austin as an assistant-professor of social studies education. In 1970, after five years in Austin, I "burned-out" and headed South instead of North. The subsequent ten-years, homesteading in Nicaragua, expressed my adventure side to the max -- I'd do it all over again, only the second time, I'd probably be afraid! After Nicaragua, my twenty years founding and running Singles Outreach expressed my social side to the max -- I'm probably personally responsible for more than 1,000 marriages and many times more friendships. And through Singles Outreach I met my partner Ann, and she has been a true partner in work, adventure and love. Then, because of my Dad's wonderful old China photographs, taken during WWII, a whole new adventure is underway (and just yesterday I cast a line to Pakistan, which you can see on my website at: http://www.greggmillett.com/Karachi.htm).

This brings me to September 2006 when I was passing through Omaha and stopped by Westside to inquire about our 50th Reunion only to find out that nothing was happening. So, as you know, I took on the job of "WHS Class of '57 Networker." And I plan to keep the job after the reunion, so please keep in touch. And I wish to express special thanks to our classmates in Omaha (and Larry Myers, class of '58, and Larry's secretary Holli) for organizing the activities for our 50th Reunion.

I love hearing from each of you (and passing on the news) and look forward to our September gathering!

2010 Update

This morning I finished a "film" on the Miao People of Yunnan China. I think you'll be pretty amazed at this cultural holdout deep in the mountains of SW China:
http://www.greggmillett.com/Near_&_Far.htm (it's the first in this list of my video projects).
A highlight of every week is working with my companion Ann (as her technical director) on "The Schenectady Today Show." We just finished our 12th year of doing this -- that's 637 live one-hour shows). You can take a peek at: http://annparillo.com/ (we also just finished our 24th year of being "best buddies."
And another joy in my life is working on our backyard park. You can see what fun I have at: http://www.greggmillett.com/Pond_Diary.htm.
A sad piece of our lives is that my dear son-in-law, Robin, has been suffering for two-years from ALS. My daughter Kim is his full-time caregiver. You won't believe this but Robin, Kim and I are embarking on a caregivers video series. Robin can only communicate by blinking his eye, but with the assistance of modern technology, he can actually read and respond to e-mail as well as "talk" using a machine called ERICA. You can see a couple of our videos at: http://www.greggmillett.com/Everyday_Life_With_ALS.htm.

Much love to each and every classmate, Gregg

2011 Update

Dear WHS '57 classmates,
I hope each of you sends a message to the class. In addition to forwarding the messages, this year I will post them on http://www.greggmillett.com/WHS_Memories_and_Life.htm. You might check this page to see what you wrote four years ago.
Also, I have updated the information on our class contact list: http://www.greggmillett.com/Westside_Classmate_Contact_Info.htm. I hope you check the list and send me any corrections or additional information.
Since our 50th Reunion I have enjoyed a "phone-buddy" relationship with Nancy Hanks and a "Facebook" relationship with Carolyn Evans Kalinski. They have helped me keep up with some of the happenings of our class:
-- We have lost three of our dear classmates:
Jolene Smith Dunn, Bernie Grabow and Jerry Vaad (my sister Mollie is married to Jerry's brother Glenn).
-- Omaha has a new public park -- the "Lawrence Youngman Lake Park."  northwest of 192 Street and West Dodge Road.
From the Omaha World Herald: "The park is named after Lawrence Youngman, who died in 2003 at age 98. A former World-Herald reporter and World War II correspondent, he founded the travel company Travel and Transport. Youngman's daughter and son-in -law, Judy and Jim Wigton, provided nearly half of the funding for the development."
-- Pat Fischer was selected for induction into the Omaha Sports Hall of Fame.
-- Ed Zschau was made an honorary member of the Princeton class of 2011.
-- And, Dan Olson, WHS Class of '61, sent me a bit of a treasure -- The District 66 Yearbook "Lariat" from 1950. This yearbook includes photos of the 5th grade classes from Loveland, Oakdale and Underwood. I have posted these photos on the front page of our class web-link: http://www.greggmillett.com/Westside_High_School_Class_of_1957_Omaha.htm (what a precious bunch of kiddos!). What a day it was in my life when you kids from Loveland joined our little class at Underwood! And also on the personal side, this issue of the "Lariat" has photos from Underwood of my brother Gary in Kindergarten, sister Mollie in 2nd grade; me in 5th grade and sister Martie in 8th grade (Martie went on to Benson High).
And here's my personal update (please send yours!):
My weekly highlight is being the technical director of my companion, Ann Parillo's, weekly public access TV show, "Schenectady Today -- In and Around the Capital Region." This week we completed out 685th show and Ann has been named the "Woman of the Year" by our local business and professional women's association. Your can check Ann's website at: http://www.annparillo.com/. This TV connection has lured me into doing documentaries called "Near & Far." I have completed one show a week for the past 64 weeks. You can see some of my shows at: http://www.greggmillett.com/Near_&_Far.htm.
A difficult and sad part of our year has been my daughter Kim's dear husband Robin's third year of battling with ALS. He passed away a month ago and his passing was actually a celebration of life which was somewhat captured in a chance 2-minute video I shot of him a month before he died: http://blip.tv/greggmillett/robin-s-smile-5135836.
As you know, our part of the country was ravaged by Hurricane Irene. One of our family members was taken from their home in a boat and some of our small communities were devastated, however, most people, including us, were spared any major damage. And our family member is back home with minimal damage to her home.

From Hugh Morrison, Coach
I have been putting this off hoping things might change but it's time to let you know that I will not be able
to attend the reunion. I find my two boys can not take time off from their work and I just do not feel secure to travel by myself. Time catches up with old people and we find that we cannot do the things we used to. I will be with you in spirit and be thinking about all the things going on at that time. I will miss seeing everyone and I must tell you I have enjoyed reading about the lives of the students that have been sent out. I have printed the stories out and have taken time to look up who they were in the 1957 WHS Yearbook. Hello to everyone and if any of you get down this way please stop in and see me. To you folks that live in Surprise and other parts of Arizona, please give me a call and give me a report on the reunion. Gregg, It was great to get to see you when we were in Omaha. I must tell you I think you have done a super job in organizing this with all your helpers. Sorry I will not be with you. My love to everyone. You people gave me some happy memories and good years of my coaching career. Thanks for the memories. Enjoy the time with your friends; they are precious. Words of an old one that can say I have had a great life and Westside High School has been a big part of it. Thanks again and have a good time. I will be thinking of you all. WHS old coach of many years ago.

From Jackie Lippold Tillotson
Since I was just "found" by Bev & Don Havlu a day and a half before I was scheduled to leave on a two month trip, my life story of the past 50 years is going to be pretty brief. Knowing that this was a milestone year, I should have contacted the WHS office & made plans to join you all. My husband (Mitch) & I were driving to Wisconsin about 4 summers ago & toured Omaha. I was amazed at the WHS of today, downtown Omaha etc. I have lived in Arizona since 1958 & had not been back to NE. since my mother died in 1986. Where to begin?

I married Neil Coffey (class of 57) & moved to Phoenix. Two sons later (both still live in Phoenix), I was playing a lot of tennis, involved with a women’s volunteer organization & doing "stuff", but felt like I needed to do "something". Not knowing quite what that was, I decided it would be fulfilling to go to college, but still didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I ended up with a BA & a Masters from Arizona State University & went on to teach high school in Phoenix for 25 years. I taught at one school, Moon Valley High School, the entire time. I started my career as a Home Economics teacher & later went into the History Dept. I ended up teaching U.S. History & teamed with an English teacher who taught American Literature. Teaching was a good fit for me. Along the way, I earned a second Masters degree from Northern Arizona University. In counseling; just in case I might be bored in retirement I could work for some company in their human resource department.
A divorce had occurred & in 1979 I remarried. I met Mitch on a mountain top while hiking with a friend in preparation to backpack the Grand Canyon. He was a runner preparing for an upcoming race, & also a teacher / counselor in another district. I was also a beginning runner (only doing 3 miles a day at that point). but, he had a dirt bike, I had a dirt bike, I love to travel, he loved to travel. The rest is history. Teachers used to have a good-sized block of time off in the summer & we took advantage of every bit of it. The RV would be packed & we were ready to leave by noon Friday on the last day of the school year.

I retired in 1995. Mitch had retired in 1993, & in '93 we built a house in Tucson in an "active adult retirement area". It was perfect for us as we were RVing for six months each year after I retired. We have pretty well covered the U.S & Canada over the years. We lived in Tucson for 8 years, however decided that we preferred cooler weather & smaller towns. We also had a summer beach house in Washington during this time, which was fun, but too far away. Condensing a long story; we ended up moving to Flagstaff, Arizona, which is in the mountains at 7000 ft. elevation, small town, & loved it. You are probably wondering, "How then did you end up in Prescott, AZ. Another story, but this is probably the last AZ. move for us.
While living in Flagstaff we did a good amount of foreign \ travel, however we would both like to do South America / Antarctic, & I have Asia as a goal. We are currently back to the RV style of travel as we have a 14 year old black lab that needs to go with us. We are leaving for two months of travel in OR., WA. ID. & we will be jeeping in Utah with friends during the dates of the reunion.

I like variety, so I am pretty good at several hobbies & interests; but not great at anything. I enjoy photography; I paint & sew. On the more physical side I include Pilates, Tai Chi, Water Aerobics & work out with light weights. I like to walk / hike, but currently do more walking the old dog than anything. And, if you know what speed a 14 yr. Ol dog walks, you know it isn't aerobic.

I would love to see you all & could have been there with some advance planning.... You snooz, you loose as they say. I will be there for the next one!

From Janet Voss Golden
Oh it was soo much fun coming to Westside.. with my good friend and pal, Karen Nebergall. We did our share of 'splaining' to
Mary Hansen, Vice Principal... Pet Rocks and sailor hats with braids.. all leading to our being suspected of belonging to a "Secret Society".. loved it. Tee-Peeing our friends trees and learning how to 'inhale' without coughing! Westside gave to me the very best lifelong friends, many of whom continue to find their way into VA. into my home, and some fun adventures!

Family pressure was to 'finish college'... so I did it in 3.5 yrs... and whooped out the door to Minneapolis MN for 2 years and
into the business world, a brokerage firm. I had a great time there, joined the MPLS tennis club and played for 2 summers on clay courts, and living in a Girls' Club owned and run by the YWCA, making lifelong friends, and now enjoy fun reunions as often as possible. I moved to Wash D.C. where Terrill Ross was living, married to a great Metro TV announcer....and Mary Akin was living w/friends, and with whom we all three shared the tragic days of JFK's assassination. I met my future husband, Bill Golden. We settled in Arlington VA and within the first year had our wonderful son, Tim. Terrill agreed to be his Godmother, and we continue to celebrate his birthday(s) (27 Dec) having dinner and multiple toasts to his health at a favorite restaurant in Leesburg VA. Two tables of these lifelong friends came and danced at his wedding in 1998 as I have dance at their children's weddings..fun fun times. Tim and Margo have two children, Miss Carly (8 - going on 18) and Mr. Kyle (6- born to torment his sister and her friends). Both Carly and Kyle are good domino players, monoply players, Rummy Cubes is an all time favorite game, and Miss Carly has been taking Grammy to the cleaners playing Gin Rummy for years... !! Traditions abound, and Christmas Eve is ALWAYS at Grammy's with SNAPs, and the annual pictures with our paper hats. Carly & I get our nails done, often together.. girly-girl stuff!!

I did divorce Bill in 1984; in February 1992, Tim and I buried Bill in Arlington Cemetery. (I refer to myself as an "Ex-Widow".)

In about 1972, what was supposed to be a part-time job, I got involved in the negotiations with the labor unions to commence building the Washington D.C. Metro, and it was fascinating, exciting, and learned alot! I enjoy the construction world, and joined Women in Construction and represented that group on the Wash Building Congress Board of Directors for over a year, as the only woman on that board, not the first woman, but they could only manage to seat one woman at a time at the board table.... :-) I managed to flit in and out of other construction company(s) and learn more about that business. Finally, I got serious and went to work for a Govt Contractor and took contracting serious! I've worked both commercial and government contracts for over 30 yrs...and by moving about large telcon and IT companies built a toolbox that has depth and strength. Drained swamps, built way-stations, built towers and hung wave guide on towers and up inside buildings, contractually managed large email systems in its early infancy with Telenet later US Sprint, learned to work computer(s) (not my favorite thing); managed as both PM and contracting officer for govt contractors IT projects, and as a fluke, took a full scope poly (passed..amazed a few people) and have a coveted clearance status that has taken me all the way to the White House. In 11.5yrs with SRA (Industry thru Febr 2007), I was heavily involved in the renovation of the Pentagon, had two crews there on 9/11, and loss no one for which we have always been grateful! But 3 of my largest contracts were blown up! Before the end of that fateful day, the CO in Ft Monmuth NJ turned me on to start rebuilding, calling the project Phoenix Rising! PLUS, to build a telcon system in an empty office building in VA to house 3,000 Pentagon employees by the next Monday... we worked day and nite,and when those 3000 people went to their temporary office spaces, electronically and with secured-systems it was seamless to the outside world. yes, we received high praise from the Govt, but 'we' formed a bond as a team that will last a lifetime. I've worked with Kiewit out of Omaha on two large projects, and found them to be smart, midwest friendly, and very professional. Then, Fall of 2006, the CIA came calling, I had been working with them for over 6 yrs, and they needed experienced Contracting Officers. I interviewed with the opening line, "Do you know how
old I am?" They laughed and said 'we don't care about your age, we need you and your experience'. In four months they knew as much about me as my Mother had... may be even more... and 12 February 2007 I was sworn in as an Officer of the Intelligence Agency. I was hired to complete the competition on the second of 2 contracts, learn this program inside and out, all in 3 months and become the contracting officer and commit to 2 yrs on this program with this Team of people. I am very very lucky. This has been an incredible 7 months. Yes, tired, cranky, and stressed out at times, questioning my sanity, and some high blood pressure (that has come back to normal in the last month), and worked w/ some of the most highly skilled, talented, SMART, people in my life... hard charging and FUN!!! Yes, it has its rewards, This Team won the 2007 Director's Award and received the money and plague on 9/12/07.. my anniverary date.What a wonderful surprise. If I can stay healthy... no pills no meds, and continue to enjoy this run, the payoff is in 5 yrs I have health insurance for life that is reasonable
in price and comprehensive in coverage. Janet needs people, needs to have some place to wear her 10N Ferragamos&Brunos, and use her collection of handbags ... and have running around money!! I've planned to work until I'm 70, so what is 2.5 more years... if I'm having fun! The Agency wants me to think longer than 5 yrs... we'll see. I love to cook, and entertain and take cooking classes alot, Wms Sonoma thinks I own stock in the company w/all the stuff I own, and thought I would do that as a hobby w/their chefs in VA.

I paid $3K for a Leadership Coach to tell me what some folks had been saying for years: 'calling a Sr VP's Stooge a
worthless sack of 'manure' was very career limiting!!! But I did learn some very good discipline, how to express myself with grace and wit, and win over the tough Sr VPs. My career included several Midwesterners who as mentors, took none of my cheeky-sass, and taught me to work smart, at a very high level. I owe them alot. We midwesterners find each other, and do not have to explain where we are coming from... very refreshing overall.

It has been a full life, very happy and Blessed, with the joy of many friends, and of course my son and his family.. who live w/in 9 miles and add invaluble love, good times, the best hugs and total acceptance. I became an orphan in 1993, both parents died within 2 months of each other, and the metal was truly tested.

I am looking forward to this Reunion, to see Omaha and its incredible growth, not seen since 1992 - Reunion w/Julia, and we know this #50 is going to be really special!!! The letters and stories of all these classmates that Gregg and Julia, and others have been able to locate and share with all of us, is the best, the VERY BEST!!!!!! Thank you so much.

See you all in 2 weeks from tonight.... (this is a book.... stop when you get bored!!) Yes, I am bringing pictures.

From Jeanne Skeans Taylor
During my senior year at Westside, I met Bob Taylor from Plattsmouth. The following year we were married. Our first two sons, Scott and Mark, were born while we were living in Plattsmouthh. Both Bob and I started working at Western Electric. We later moved to Omaha and bought a house in the Millard area. Our third son, Kent, was born in '65. I can't tell you how busy the next few years were. There was Cub Scouts, Den Mother, Bob was a Webelo leader and coached Little League which all three boys played. It was no time and they were in High School. I decided to take a few classes at Metro Tech and received an Associate Degree in Computer Technology. The boys were off to school and careers. The are all married to wonderful girls and are doing just great. We have nine grandchildren, which includes two sets of twins, of course they are the greatest ever. We both retired from A.T.&T. (W.E.). Bob was a Layout Operator with 33 years of service. I was the Payroll Coordinator in the Data Center with 30 years of service. After visiting several places in the Southwest, we found a great place in New Mexico called Las Cruces. We love retirement and enjoy life, play lots of golf and have a great time.

It's been a good 50 years. Looking forward to the reunion. Can't wait to see and visit with everyone.

From Jerry Vaad (Passed away May 10, 2011)
It's Monday morning, and I'm about to saddle up and get behind the wheel of a 77 passenger school bus and round up 24 little Native American runners and head for White River, SD, to a cross-country meet. This is my 18th year as physical educator, coach, athletic director, bus driver and "grandpa" to 200 Native American children who call St. Joseph's Indian School "home" for ninemonths of the year.

After graduating from Westside, I spent 2 1/2 years at Omaha University before opting to work for General Dynamics at Mead. In 1962, I moved to South Dakota and married Loaun early in 1963. I enrolled at Black Hills
State College that fall and completed my BS degree. I took a teaching/coaching position at Moorcroft, Wyoming, and finished my MS degree during the summer sessions at Montana State University. That was really my "time of glory" as I started a wrestling program and helped produce 24 individual state champs, one state team championship and six consecutive team runners up, plus was Wyoming's wrestling coach of the year. In 1976, after eleven years in Moorcroft, we decided to take the opportunity to move back to central SD where I taught and coached on the Lower Brule Indian reservation for 2 1/2 years while starting a small ranching operation with some of the registered Hereford stock produced by my father-in-law. That
was a decision that has kept us "humbled" as cattle prices fell and droughts hit! We eventually did a sell down to a small herd, and I became employed at St. Joseph's. It continues to be a blessing to work with the Native American children, and I have mixed emotions when I think about retirement in the next few years.

We have two children, Tracy and Travis, who are married and currently living near by, and each has two small children. Tracy and Bill have two boys, River John and Canyon Ray. Bill works on a large ranch, and Tracy is now employed at St. Jo's. Travis and Jenna have Nissi Nevaeh and Judah Jeremiah. Jenna is a massage therapist, and Travis continues to write country and
Christian music and has his first CD coming out soon. He has a small landscaping business, is a professional guide at two hunting lodges and works with a number of Christian sportsman groups. They have started Strait Arrow Ministries and also the Tipi Coffee Co., which helps support their ministry. Loaun and I have not been able to travel but have traveled vicariously through our children as both Tracy and Travis traveled the world with the Up With People performing group. Tracy traveled primarily in Mexico and Australia. Travis turned 21 in Russia and within a few days went on to sing a freedom song during UWP's performance in Estonia on the day that country declared their independence. Several years later he returned to
Russia to do mission work at childrens orphanages. Loaun has been a custom picture framer since the late 1980's. Both she and Tracy have been on QVC; Tracy taking "Best of Show" with her pheasant décor, and Loaun with the cookbooks she has authored. They have been active in showing wholesale products at major gift shows, in addition to owning and operating a deli, gift shops and an ice cream factory. But with the appearance of children/grandchildren, they have scaled down to an approved kitchen called the Bent Spatula.

Just a note: My brother Glenn, class of 60, just happens to be married to Gregg's little sister, Molly. They reside in Colorado where Glenn is a member of the Colorado State Legislature. I look forward to the reunion and seeing my Westside classmates and also Coach Morrison and the other instructors who were such a tremendous positive influence on my life.

From Joan Stolley Stamer

It’s been a while! I was a serious and studious person, so I mostly did my work and didn’t participate too much – although I did play volleyball and sing in the chorus – and it was a good time. Alice Gallogly was especially nice to me and I remember her fondly.

After WHS I went to Hasting College in teacher education. I married and had two children and now have five grandchildren and I’m very happy with my life. My daughter lives nearby and my son lives in Rodeo, New Mexico.

I live on the family farm and grow beautiful flowers and garlic -- actually you name it, I grow it! My e-mail is “garlicandmore.” And I sell at the local farmer’s market, however this year’s crop was not too good – root rot! I still work and I’m the lunch lady at Northwest High and I’m glad I can still throw dishes around.

Best to all; see you soon.

From Joan Wolfgram Neubauer
After graduating from Westside I attended the University of Omaha for a year. In 1958 my mother and I moved back to Minneapolis. I went to work for Minnegasco, the local gas utility. When the man told me I was hired I asked what my salary would be and he told me that within six months I would make over $300 a month. Well, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Over the next 38 years I did get a few raises and promotions so it did work out ok. In 1977 I married Ed Neubauer. In 1996 I retired and we moved to our cottage on Lake Wisconsin which is near the town of Lodi, Wisconsin. Lake Wisconsin is part of the Wisconsin River. December of 1998 Ed passed away. Now I spend my summers on Lake Wisconsin and during the winter months I go back to my condo in Bloomington, Minnesota. I have done a little traveling. Been on two cruises, gone to Norway twice to visit relatives and tour and a few other adventures. For the last few years I have worked with the Town of West Point Historical Society. West Point is the town I live in but is not listed on many maps

2010 Update

One thing I found out about myself this summer is that as long as things go smoothly I'm fine.  Get a blip and I don't do well.   I needed to have a new water well drilled this summer at my home here in Wisconsin.  Anything that could go wrong did.  But now that I have Culligan the water is soft and free of iron.  Electricity is back in the garage and the basement is again dry and the leaks have been sealed.  I can't believe they didn't seal things up in the first place. 
Took a drive to Minneapolis to see friends I haven't seen since the move to Omaha three years ago.  Went on to Omaha for a week to visit my sister and her daughter and son and their families.  I haven't been to my apartment there in the summer and found the grounds to be maintained beautifully with flowers and the pond outside my apartment has a fountain in it.  Will be going back to Omaha mid November for the winter.  Hope we have a better winter than we did last year.  Couldn't believe how much snow we had. 
The Wisconsin River is in flood mode right now.  The area of Lake Wisconsin where my house is is very wide and the water has a huge area to spread out.   Up and down river are not so lucky.  Many homes have been flooded.  I can see by my jet ski lift that the water is higher.  My house is about 10 steps up from the water so I feel safe from flooding.  
My thoughts and prayers go to those of you who have had losses of your spouses.  Those who have had health problems.  And to those of you who have had other set backs and sadness. 

.2011 Update

I guess the most exciting thing I can talk about is the Nebraska-Wisconsin game to be played in Madison on Saturday.  On the news last night it was reported that 30,000 of the Nebraska fans who are here don't have tickets to the game.  The hotels all the way to the Dells are filling up.  The economy is really being helped by the wild anticipation of this game.  Don't even know where my loyalties lie.  All I can say is GO TEAM!

From JoEllen Conley Elliott
Since I have enjoyed reading updates from class members, I decided I should make my contribution also. So here goes!

I arrived at WHS as a sophmore transfer from Benson High. My first activity was playing in the Softones Jazz Band. I wonder how Connie Bastow's parents put up with our "music"! I remember the football games, sporting our HEAVY red pep club sweaters. My parents thought the sweaters were too expensive but bought me one anyway. Little did they or I know I would wear that until we moved "south" in 2000! Sure wish I had it to wear to the football game for our reunion! We took cow bells to ring at football games; we wore poodle skirts and dog collars (around our ankles). I, too, remember the annual Christmas party at Julia Harvey's home "way out in the country" which was the hightlight of the holiday season. So glad you are coming to the reunion, Julia!

After WHS, I went to Iowa State where I met my husband to be, Lonnie. We lived most of our married life in West Des Moines where we raised 2 sons & a daughter. We have 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. Since they are scattered (Atlanta, Kansas City, Ft. Collins) we chose to retire in Arkansas and get away from the cold and snow. We moved to Hot Springs Village in 2000 and are delighted with our choice! We have made many close friends through music, church, P.E.O., and square dancing activities. We are busier than when we were working --- and are having more fun too!

Thanks to those organizing the reunion! We plan to be there and look forward to seeing many of you there.

2010 Update

My heart goes out to those who have had big challenges recently & I appreciate reading all of the updates.
After Lonnie's health issues in '07-'08, we are perking along again!  Most of our travels center around visiting kids/grandkids in Atlanta, Kansas City & Ft. Collins.  A cruise out of Boston last fall up the east coast & into the St. Lawrence with stops several places in Canada was a highlight.  We have scheduled a trip to Hawaii in March with several friends.gre
This summer we enjoyed a delightful visit with Dee Eurich Ferguson at her lovely home on a lake in MN.  She spends summers there and winters in OK.
As to trivia............... My 3 nephews all graduated from Westside.  The facility certainly has changed since our days & the classes are huge by comparison!
Warm thoughts to all!

JoEllen Conley Elliott

2011 Update

Hi Gregg & Classmates,
So you don't feel your efforts are in vain Gregg, I'll send a brief update. 
Lonnie & I retired in 2000, moved to Hot Springs Village, AR & are still enjoying it here.  Lonnie received his second hip replacement June 27 so we are getting ready to take our "summer vacation" this fall.  We have planned stops in Branson, MO, KC, MO (daughter & family), Ft. Collins, CO (son) & southern Utah to visit the National Parks.  Our older son lives in Hilton Head, SC & we hope to visit him later in the fall.
Our highlight of the year was a nearly-3-week trip to Hawaii in March.  We had a fabulous time!  Yes, we were there during the tsunami which was exciting to say the least.  Our trip was not disrupted to any great degree but certainly got everyone's attention!
My brother still lives in Omaha & his 3 sons all graduated from Westside.  My, has that school changed since our days there!
Last summer we visited Dee Eurich Ferguson at her lovely summer home in MN.  She enjoys summers there & the rest of the year in OK.
Warm greetings to all,

JoEllen Conley Elliott


From Jolene Smith Dunn (Passed away March 1, 2011)

Hi fellow classmates

I came to WHS in my sophomore year from Irvington High School and soon made many friends and I’m looking forward to seeing them again. Some of us have been talking by phone already.

I met my husband Ron Dunn in that freshman year. We were married June 21, 1957, just a few weeks after graduation, and this year we celebrated our Golden wedding anniversary. We were very fortunate to have all of our original attendants plus all of our family at our party. Lots of great memories were shared.

During HS, I worked at Skyview Drive-In theater, where I sold admission tickets (and sometimes let my friends in free). Then I went to Bradeis store part-time and after graduation, I worked there full-time until our first child was born and I became a stay-at-home mom and had 3 more children. In 1973 we moved to Cedar Bluffs, Nebraska to an acreage where we lived for 12 years. We raised farm animals which our kids showed at the country fair every year. Cedar Bluffs was a small school and the kids were fortunate to be able to participate in a variety of activities and sports.

By now, I was working full-time for Valmont Ind., until I was hired by the U.S. Post Office in Omaha in 1984, where I worked until I retired in 1999. When I went to the P.O., we moved back to Omaha since we would both be working there. Ron retired in 1997 after 35 years of working in many jobs in the P.O. and ended as a Post Master.

We have traveled some (wish it was more) and actually wint to Hawaii a few years ago. I love it and would go again in a heart beat, but we usually travel to see family and don’t have any in Hawaii.

Now our family – Our eldest Mike is an over the road truck driver for Zeitner (Margie, maybe you know him?). He absolutely loves it. He lives in Omaha with his wife when he’s home. He has an adult daughter in Fremont and his son just got out of the military after 2 tours in Iraq. What a relief to have him home! Dan lives in Omaha with his significant other and he has an 8th grader who lives in Omaha with his mom. His other son is grown and lives in Fremont with his mom.

Daughter Kim lives in Wahoo with husband Gale and their 4 kids, all in school. Kim followed in the family footsteps and also works at the Post office in Wahoo. Must be something in the genes!

Our youngest, Tom lives in Blair with wife Patty and their 3 kids, all still in school Samantha is in track and anything musical at school. The 2 youngest play sports, anything with a ball.

In January we made plans to spend the first week of October at our Time Share in Branson and we leave that Saturday morning to drive down there for a week. But I’m anxious to see as many of you as I can. I wonder who will recognize who???

Bye for now.

2010 Update
from Carolyn Evans Kalinski  -- I called Jolene Smith Dunn.  She has been on dialysis for the past year and a half, 3 times a week  and is taking herself off of it this week.  She said she has had enough and just can't do it anymore.   Jolene wanted to  thank you for all  you have done with the reunion and keeping in touch with everyone.   She said she really appreciated it.  She wanted me to pass this on to everyone.

From Julia Harvey Appell
I came to Westside in the Fall of 1953 as a Freshman from a one room country school house out on 144th and Center. The school seemed so big and overwhelming and my goodness so many classmates. I had been the only one in my grade from 1st through 8th. I spent most of my freshman year watching all the activities and how everyone participated. The athletic events, the enthusiasm, and the cheerleaders caught my eye and I knew I wanted to be a BIG part of that scene. That spring I became a Cheerleader something that would define my High School experiences. I cannot think of all those activities without remembering my dad and the hours he spent driving me and my friends to football and basketball games throughout the next three years. He listened to our screams of joy when we won and tried to dry our tears went we lost. I think I remember every single member of our class and remarkably I liked everyone and had four of the best years of my life.

I went to college in California completing two years, married and during the next five years had four children. We were a happy suburban family of six living in Connecticut when in 1975 my first husband had a cerebral aneurysm. I was 35 at the time with four children and life changed dramatically for all of us. The children managed to grow up, get educations marry and have families of their own. I am blessed with six wonderful grandchildren who I spend as much time with as I can. My four children are all remarkable human beings with accomplishments that far outshine my own despite the adversity they encountered in their lives.

I have done Needlework all of my life and now teach various specialties for a shop in Glastonbury, CT. Along with that I have become a weaver and attend weaving seminars a couple of times a year. I am currently President of the CT chapter of the Embroiderer's Guild of American and also attend regional and national meeting of that organization.

I am most anxious to see each and everyone of you in Omaha the end of September. Please, please plan on attending as life gets away much to quickly and what we know today can be gone tomorrow.

See you all, love you!

2010 Update
My life has undergone many changes since our 50th. I am now divorced, have taken back the Harvey name officially, and am doing pretty well at reinventing my life. I am living in a lovely condo community of 1100 units, with a golf course, and a wonderful country club clubhouse with as many activities as each individual wants or needs to participate in. I have my little dog Lily (a 4 lb toy poodle who thinks she is charge of everything) a lot of wonderful friends I have known for 40 years, and a job I love and still do two days a week. All of my four children live in wonderful places to visit and I do see them at least once a year sometimes more often. I have six grandchildren ranging in age from 11 – 23, two boys and four girls who all have fast paced and interesting lives.

Janet Golden and Mary Hoeppner came for a four day visit last October, and I sometimes manage to see them in other areas as well. My sister Meroe comes regularly and I get out to Omaha at least once a year to spend time with her. In August Meroe and I went on a Holiday Vacations tour of the National Parks in the upper mid-west.

What a wonderful time we had visiting places we had been to 50 years ago with our parents. It was especially fun to spend two weeks in an area of the country that I love and often miss a great deal. 

I am grateful that my health is good and I am still able to do most things I want to do. A big thanks to you Gregg for keeping us all connected and in touch with one another. I have so enjoyed reading all the updates. If anyone is in New England please give me a call I have and extra bedroom and will meet you any where you land.

2011 Update

To Gregg and all my classmates from the class of "57,

I have enjoyed reading all of the e-letters so many of you have sent in to Gregg. I apologize for being so tardy in responding myself. My life may not be as interesting or exciting as many of yours have been but I am in good health, have been able to travel to visit my children and still manage to work two days a week at something I am passionate about. Life doesn't get better than that and I consider each day a gift that many of my class mates never received. We all were so fortunate to have grown up in Omaha and been a part of one of the early classes at the new and wonderful Westside Jr/Sr. High School. I truly believe the four years of experience at Westside has remained with all of us in a profound way for all these years.

I extend a challenge to all of my classmates who have received the same "gift" I have of many more days of great living to gather together in Omaha in 2012 for a 55th reunion of our class.
No big plans for activities or such just time to enjoy each other and exchange all those good memories we all have. If you can accept the challenge to put this occasion on your schedule respond to Julia at juliaharvey0158@att.net; or Gregg at gmillett@nycap.rr.com; to give us an idea of those we could count on to be there. Julia is #1, Gregg is #2, and we are waiting to fill in the list.

My best to each of you,

Julia Harvey

From Judy Kovar VanDeripe
Dear Class of '57 -- Karen Morgan stole my opening line--I have enjoyed all the bios so I
thought I'd put in my 2 cents worth.

After graduatioin I attended Duchesne College in Omaha and then finished at Nebraska. My parents thought I was too young to send away. As I recall, Julia and I were the youngest, but she got to go to California! I got a BS in Ed. and taught in Bellvue for one year and then two and a half in Dist. 66. I had an opportunity to go to England in the fall of '63, but by then I met the man I was to marry. We married in June of '64 and in March of the following year we began a long series of moves around the country. Some were transfers/promotions, some job changes. We lived in Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, back to Chicago, Philadelphia and ultimately, St.Louis.

Along the way, we adopted two daughters; one in Mpls. through Catholic Charities, and one in Omaha, a private adoption. They are the light of my life. While in Phila., it became apparent that my marriage was falling apart so I went back to school, got an Associate Degree in Medical Records tech. passed the certification exam in St.Louis and began working in a hospital. The hospital needed a tumor registry to participate in a NIH cancer study and my boss said, do a Cancer Registrty". More education ,another certification and I managed to get my hospital certified as a Community Clinical Oncology Treatment Center by the American College of Surgeons. I learned so much and loved my job. I was divorced in '91 and in '96 met a truly wonderful man. Happy at last! He also has two daughters and between us we have 8 grandchildren. They all live here, except for my older daughter who lives in Louisville. We are traveling there the weekend of the reunion to see baby #3, born July 2.

My husband Don is an avid golfer. If you can't fight 'em, join 'em. I love the game and now know why parents so wanted me to play golf. I garden, see the grandchildren and play golf! What a life!

It was hard for me to transfer to Westside in the middle of my junior year. I felt pretty lost. Marnie Meyer was a true friend and if it wasn't for Terry Bell, I would not have had a social life.

I have been most impressed by the accomplishements of the Class of '57. I am glad that so many of us are still around, saddened by the passing of those who have gone on.

Best wishes to all of you.

From Judy Youngman Wigton
Dear Classmates,

It has been wonderful reading what you all have written. It’s amazing to learn of the huge range of great experiences among the members of one not very large class.

Apart from four years at college in Virginia, living a few months with Sherry in New York, 10 weeks of “Bug Camp” at the UNL Biological Field Station near Ogallala, and quite a bit of travel, I have been in Omaha. I found life here to be far more interesting than I ever would have dreamed possible when at Westside.

In 1962 I came back to Omaha and decided to start a shop with merchandise like I had seen in other cities and countries when I had been working with my father conducting tours. A couple of weeks later I ran into someone whom I had only once met for a few minutes. He asked me what I had been doing, I told him and he said, “That sounds great. Let’s go into business together.” I agreed.

We started with an art gallery and a design store selling crystal, china, silver, furniture, and many other things. Before long we added the first gourmet cookware department in this part of the country. We met a lot of wonderful people through the store, which we called The Afternoon (since we planned to only be open in the afternoon). After a year or two my partner, Cedric Hartman, thought we would have more business if we were in an area of other shops. Down in the old fruit and vegetable market around 10th & Howard there were quite a few vacant buildings because the big chain grocery stores had taken over and they did not need these small independent wholesalers. People were afraid to go to the area. Almost always some drunks were lying on the sidewalks. But the cast iron storefronts were still there and the high-ceilinged spaces inside, lighted by the tall windows, were very beautiful—and to us they looked promising. A “For Rent” sign was on the building which in now Nouvelle Eve.

I wrote down the number and made a call to the Mercer Management Company. A Mrs. Illsley told me that the owner, Mr. Sam Mercer, who was a lawyer in Paris, would be coming to town in a couple of weeks and that he would be happy to show it to us then. He did, and thus began about three years of discussions and meetings about the possibility of trying to get something going. At first I think he thought it was a mad idea, but he had a number of empty buildings for which he needed tenants. Sam’s grandfather, who had been a surgeon in the Civil War, came to Omaha and acquired quite a lot of property. Sam conveniently had a membership at the old Omaha Club, which we used for luncheons to which we would invite newspaper columnists, people from the Chamber of Commerce, etc. Sam would come to town and charmingly tell them about the possibilities in that area. Even though many people thought the idea was crazy, those meetings were persuasive. Finally at a dinner party I found the first tenant, The British Import Shop. Then another came and then Sam and Cedric thought they should start a restaurant to anchor things. So Cedric designed The French Cafe and Sam had a wonderful place to eat and entertain.

There was a special free opening night dinner to which we invited the mayor, the city councilmen, the county commissioners and all kinds of people that we felt would become customers and spread the word. Robin Axtell’s mother (who later started M’s Pub) helped me make the calls. I think that was the fall of 1968. It became a huge success. I remember meeting Gail Gray for a lunch there that lasted until 1 AM. It was very open and loose in those days with people coming and going all during the afternoon. Friends kept walking in and sitting down for a while at our round table near what used to be the front door. It was a special time in the life of the Market.

In those days there was an area in Chicago which was called Old Towne. People had begun to refer to us that way and we didn’t want that. I thought we should call it exactly what it was, the Old Market. The following week a political friend was holding a press conference. He encouraged me to come along and tell the press what we wanted it to be called. I did and from then on everyone DID call it the Old Market. I’m still amazed at how simple it had been to change the name.

Not long after that I received a call from a tenant who had learned the city was planning to do us a “favor” by covering our brick streets later that day with modern pavement. I just barely got that stopped.

Another thing that got stopped was the tearing down of the building where the French Cafe is now, along with some other buildings. When we were first inside that building, there was an enormous orange and blue S U N K I S T sign, which covered the entire length of the west wall of the building (where the photographs are today). This warehouse had been owned by Solomon Gilinsky who was an important man in the market. In his building an area remained where there had been a number of telephones, apparently for making bids on things like trainloads of grain. This building was not the Mercers’, but Mr. Gilinsky’s, and in the 1960s it belonged to his widow and his daughter, “Peaches.” Sam and Ced learned that it was going to be torn down and on a Sunday afternoon they met with Peaches in the lobby of the Blackstone Hotel, where she and her mother lived. When she heard what we were trying to do she said, ”Mr. Mercer, it’s the eleventh hour and the 59th minute. They’re to start tomorrow morning at 7 o’clock and, if necessary, I will lie down in front of the bulldozer and you can give this project a try .” I think it was about that time when Sam acquired the building from her, which became the French Cafe.

I remember a day in the late sixties when Sam said, “Maybe someday we’ll even have parking meters on these streets.” Only the Mercer family could have made all of that happen. There were some years, before the zoo expanded, when it was the top tourism site in the state. Of course it’s played a role in establishing the park which goes from the library down toward the river. . . and more recently in the riverfront development.

I’m grateful to have had a happy, interesting and exciting time staying here in Omaha.

And I’m especially happy to have married Jim Wigton in 1973.

It will be wonderful to see so many of you this weekend!

2010 Update

I've been terribly saddened by all of the news of death, disease and destruction. In later messages it was nice to read of so much good news and happiness.

Earlier this month I spent a week at Sherry's wonderful house near the southeastern coast of Nantucket during Hurricane Earl, which was exciting, but turned out not to be so violent as expected.  One of the great experiences there was seeing Buzzy and Jo at their unbelievably historic house dating back to before the Revolutionary War.  Their house is where the famous whaler Joseph Starbuck was born.  It's an amazing place and of course it was great to see the Zschaus again.  And that was the second time I got to see them that week because on the previous Monday I had lunch with them and Larry Myers when they were driving back after spending the summer at their house in California.

My new is that in Omaha this month the city will be opening a new park with a lake at 192nd and Dodge which will be named for my father, Lawrence Youngman.  Yes, it's way, way out west, but there's even a big new hospital just across the street.  The growth into the country has been amazing here.  There will be an opening with Halloween events for children at the playground with hayrack rides down to the lake where they'll have equipment for a children's fishing derby.  I invite you Omahans with grandchildren here to bring them out on Saturday, October 23rd.  

All best wishes to everyone,

Judy Youngman Wigton

From Karen (Flavell) Neemann
Guess it's my turn. It's been really fun reading about all of the classmates.

I started WHS my freshman year transferring from Gretna. Enjoyed my four years with you all. I remember helping Pat Fisher with some studies in class. I doubt if Mr. Morrison remembers it, but one time I played an April Fool's joke on him, by asking him to go get a drink of water, and then coming back in and telling him someone was in the hall that wanted to talk to him. When he came back in, he politely told me to report to him after class for detention. I was upset all day as I rode the bus home and would miss my bus. When I showed up, he let me sit there for a few minutes and then said "April Fool's, you're excused!"

Jerry and I were married in '57. He worked for the Union Pacific RR and our first home was living in a box car, yep, I said a box car. If that wasn't interesting! Ha ha! Did that every summer and traveled wherever he was working on the tracks, until our children started school. We had three children, Tammy, Jerry Jr. and John. We lost our son, John in 1991; however, we have been blessed with four granddaughters and one grandson, plus four great grandsons and one great granddaughter, all of whom are a joy in our lives. Our Daughter, Tammy lives here and our son Jerry, lives in Ontario, California and works for the Cudl Credit services and travels all over the 50 states. We have lived in Nebraska mostly (Kearney, Omaha, North Loup and Ames, Neb.) We lived in Ames for 20 years as Jerry was Roadmaster at that time in Fremont. Jerry was run over by a 12-ton dump truck at a RR derailment in '75. He was off work for a few years and then went back to UPRR. He retired in l995 after 4l years of service.

We retired back here in North Loup. Jerry had a knee replacement in June of '06 and suffered a stroke. I brought him home and am taking care of him with the help of our daughter, as he is completely bedridden. Thus, my reason for not attending the reunion. However, I will be thinking of you all and know that you will all have lots of fun. All of you stay well and I wish God's blessings upon each of you.

Thanks Carolyn & Jolene for calling me. Have fun!

From Karen Nebergall Morgan
I have enjoyed reading the bios from classmates so much that I thought I would put in my two cents worth. I, too, was a transfer student from Benson, along with Janet Voss. We had a ball didn't we Janet? After graduating (and teepeeing the school) I went to KU and a girls school in Wash. DC where I met my dear husband. While he went to pilot training in the Air Force I flew for Braniff Airline. We married after his graduation and moved to Newport News, Va. Our first son was born there. Threats of a tour in Viet Nam sent us to Texas where our daughter was born. They finally caught up with him and off he went to Viet Nam for a year's tour. I gave birth to our third child(a son) while he was gone. Thank goodness for my mothers help. He was very fortunate to be able to resign his regular commission and in 67 he went to Portland, Ore. to work for IBM. What a wonderful company it was. Our fourth child (another boy) was born there and we all took up skiing and resumed our golf and tennis. We had a short stint in San Francisco and moved to Olympia, WA.. for 9 years. Loved living there but hated the rain. We have since moved to Raleigh, NC and plan to stay here forever. Since my husband retired we have played a bunch of golf, travel a lot and love to play duplicate bridge. Our children live in Philly area, Charleston, SC., St. Louis and Bend, Oregon. We love traveling to visit them and our ten grandchildren. We have family reunions pretty regularly...usually here at the North Carolina beach. January and February we go to Naples, Fla. to escape winter. I don't like cold weather....love the heat. I'm bringing pictures....hope you all are as well.

Over the years I have modeled, taught modeling and fashion show production and after moving here I went into tutoring English reading and math, mostly to under privileged children. Our faith has brought us through the recent news of my husband's diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma. It is considered "smoldering" so no treatment yet. Praise God!!!

Look forward to seeing all of you again.

2010 Update

My husband Dick just passed away yesterday from cancer.  It was a long hard battle but he is now in heaven.  My entire family is here....there are so many of us we are using the next door neighbor's home. We are celebrating his life, now. Karen Nebergall Morgan

Thanks- Kim

2011 Update

Loved hearing from Nancy.  I just returned from a mission trip to Haiti.  A very enlightening and fun, fun trip.Karen Nebergall Morgan
Thanks- Kim



From Kathy Murray Eccles
I transferred to Westside in May of my freshman year from Hinsdale, IL. I was happy to meet some people before the school year was out.

After graduating from Westside I headed to Lawrence College, a small liberal arts school in Wisconsin. That’s where I learned I should have been more focused on my studies in high school. My parents were transferred to Milwaukee that fall and consequently I did not return to Omaha. I transferred to the University of Wisconsin in Madison after 1 ½ years and got a degree in elementary education.

The lure of California took me, and a good friend, to Stockton, CA for my first teaching job. It was not the most desirable town, but the location was good and we saw a lot of Northern CA. After one year I returned to teach in Madison.

In 1964 I married Bill,an art teacher, and we had three children. We moved to a more rural location outside of Madison in 1973. For a city person it was indeed very dark at night and a new experience since occasionally neighbor’s cows encircled the house. I still live here and love it.

In 1972 a friend and I saw a small one bedroom home for sale and we wanted to buy it and fix it up. Since we were unemployed we had to have our husbands take out the mortgage which was not really the idea but the means to an end.

We worked daily for a month to get it fixed up with the idea of eventually trading it into larger units. We only got as far as trading into a new duplex and that duplex we sold last week. Lots of interesting people lived there in the 35 years. During that time I did get a real estate brokers license but that was not the field for me.

Then in 1982 I saw an ad in the paper by Mattel Toys. They hired me and I worked in the retail service division part time for ten years. Then I became a District Manager. I had my office in my home and I managed people in 13 states. I traveled to those states working with people at least twice a year, to the headquarters in Los Angeles twice a year and yearly to Toy Fair in New York. I spent ten years doing that.. It was an absolutely wonderful company to work for. However enough nights sleeping in the Chicago airport, late flights and lost luggage and I retired in 2002. It seems like just yesterday. I love retirement.

My husband died in 1995 of an asthma attack. My children all live in the Madison area with my 5 grandchildren. I see them just the right amount.

I am a Wisconsin Badger Fan and have season tickets for basketball and try my best to go to every game.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone and becoming reacquainted after these 50 years.

From Kathryn Rydberg Gaver
.After graduating from WHS I went to Grinnell College with Carol Eaton,and as she reported, we were roommates that first year. I was not a liberal arts student, and although my family has had a long history with Grinnell, I transferred to the Kansas City Art Institute, graduating in 1962 with a BFA in interior design. I came back to Omaha working at Orchard and Wilhelm doing the in store design.

The best part of this job experience was that I met John Gaver. I joined the design studio at J.L. Brandeis and was working there when John and I got married in 1965. John graduated from UNO with a civil engineering degree and was working for Gibbs ,Hill, Durham and Richardson and we intended to stay in Omaha forever but his draft board was closing in on him.

He joined the Air Force and after officers training we went to Japan for three years where our first son was born. After Japan, John had a year,s tour in Vietnam and I came back to Omaha. Our next move was to Scott AFB in Illinois. Our daughter was born in 1972 while we were at Scott. We liked the area and John decided to resign his commission and we moved to St. Louis. Our third child, a son, was born while we lived in St. Louis.

We loved St. Louis and John was working as a general contractor. My brother was in FL, and the construction business was booming in FL and he kept encouraging us to move. In 1983 we did move to Tampa and we're still living there. I've continued my interior design interests when my kids were in school, and off and on when opportunities came along, and I'm still doing a project. I've been a volunteer at The Tampa Museum of Art since we moved here and I'm in a group of women artists that raise money to give scholarships to women majoring in the arts. I'm busy with neighborhood clubs and play bridge when I can.

John's always been a Big Red fan and all our kids are Gators so on the occasions when they've met on the footbal field it's gotten ugly for a bit. Fortunately for us all of our children live in Jacksonville and we have five grandchildren which we get to see often. Great fun!

John's parents are still in Omaha and my brothers and I have farms in Iowa so se get to the mid-west fairly often. See you soon.

From Leon Engelbart (teacher)
I spent 20 years in Dist. 66 starting in l951 at Underwood High School.While at Westside I wore many hats, basketball coach, industrial artsteacher, counselor, department head and Director of vocational and adulteducation. My wife, Maurece, did susbstituting, tutoring, and taught math at Westbrook and Arbor Heights Junior High School. Later I was granted a
sabbatical leave to get my Doctorate and then remained two more years atWestside. In l97l I moved to Ottumwa, Iowa where I was campus director at Indian Hills Community College. In l976 I moved to Norfolk where I became Dean of Instruction at Northeast Community College. After retirement I remained in Norfolk where I am active in Rotary, Ambassadors of the Chamber of Commerce, Library Foundation, and City and County Planning Commissions. I headed a Habitat for Humanity house for our Church in 2002.

Our travels have taken us to all 50 states, all provinces of Canada and many foreign countries. In addition we have enjoyed going to 28 Elderhostels. Two years ago we went to Tanzania on a vision trip with our Nebraska Synod of the ELCA and this summer we spent 3 weeks in Spain. While there we visited our granddaughter who was teaching at a University in Cuenca.

We have three children, Kristy Damkroger is a kindergarten teacher at Swanson elementary in 66, Kelli Rolfsmeyer lives in Sioux Falls and is married to Rick, a surgeon there. Our son Kirk works for the Army Corps of Engineers and lives in Bellevue. We are presently enjoying watching his son Brett play football for Bellevue West HS.

We have seven grandchildren, one granddaughter in her third year of Dental School at U of Nebr. and recently married. Her sister is in her second year of medical school at Nebr. two grandchildren attend UNL, Alison who was teaching English in Spain and her brother who heads Werner Transportation's office at Sears corporate headquarters in Chicago. Maurece and I both grew up near Lincoln and have been going to Nebr. football games since elementary school. We recently celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary.

It has been interesting to read the bios of the Class of l957 and we are grateful to Gregg and his committee for the hard work that they are putting into this reunion. We will see you at the Market Basket at Countryside Village on Friday night and then skipping out to attend the Bellevue West football game and the UNL game in Lincoln the next day.

From Marny Meyer Yenzer
The first thing I remember about leaving home at 18 was "No parents". I had the freedom to do as I pleased which meant too many parties and not enough studying. In spite of myself I managed to graduate from Washburn University with a degree in Biology.

I met my husband, Dale, at college and we were married as soon as I graduated. For the first few years we moved around a lot, living in Kansas, Missouri, Florida, Texas, and we finally settled in Tennessee where we have lived for the last 35 years.

We have two children--Vicki, age 44, and David, age 42. We also have three grandchildren.

I taught school for 25 years and retired four years ago.

Even though I haven't been back to Omaha except to visit family, when Gregg asked me to write down what I remembered about Westside, tons of memories came flooding back like it was yesterday Here goes:


1. All of the horseback rides with Jerry Vaad. He had a palomino horse named Honey. He also took me to the prom one year. I wore a teal colored dress and I remember how handsome he looked in his tux.

2. Entering a dance contest with Terry Bell. I don't think we won.

3. Walking on the interstate with Gregg while it was under construction.

4. Roger, Gregg, Kathy Murray and I sneaked onto an estate and went ice skating on their lake. When the police found Roger's car along side the road, they called Roger's dad who in turn called the other parents. Needless to say, they were none to happy. It was New Years Eve and we were supposed to be safe at someone's house.

5. All of the trip's out to Julia's house which at the time was so far out.

6. I was in a play with Buzzy. The script called for him to kiss me and me to slap him. I really didn't want to slap him, because I was having too much fun.

7. Mr. Woods got mad and kicked me out of class one day, but it was because of him that I majored in Biology.

8. Mrs. Clark instilled in me a love for literature and also taught me how to think.

9. Mr. Rettlesdorf instilled in me a love for the arts and to this day going to plays is one of my favorite things.

Are you reading this parents? All of these teachers were tough!

I am sorry I won't be with you, but I will be anxious to read all of your stories.

2010 Update
From Marny Yenzer:   I love hearing from everyone.  I returned from a trip to Alaska a couple of weeks ago.  What a beautiful place!
To Deanna:  Congratulations on early detection.  That is the answer.
To  Karen:  Please accept my deepest sympathy on the loss of you husband.  I am so sorry.
To Nancy:  Your daughter will be in my thoughts and prayers.

From Margaret Steinbacher Long
Life Before, During and After WHS







2010 Update

Well here I am late again. Have not been able to check E mails for quite sometime(dah). Jim and I finally retired on May 18. We are really enjoying our time here in beautiful East Tx. The summer has been really hot in our area but now that its
 begining to cool down maybe we can get some much needed outside work done.
We were in Omaha for 10 days for my sister-in-laws funeral on Sept. 15. She was 102 yrs old.
We have had a busy summer with a grandsons graduation, a granddaughters wedding, 2 grandchildern being baptized, and 5 days vacation with the 2 youngest grandchildern(9 & 11). 
I am so sorry for the classmates that have had such sadness occur in their lives. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Hope that everyone will have a great fall and hope to hear from you again soon.
Gregg thanks so much keeping us all in touch. Hope that some how we can have a 55 class reunion. Jim and I had and great time and are still talking about it. I think that Jim had more fun then I did(thought he was in the class of 57). Margaret Steinbacher Long

2011 Update

Hello Greg and Fellow Classmates, As always it is so good to hear how everyone is doing. Sorry to hear about the ones we have lost this year. Not alot of news from East Tx. Several of you are having floods while we are having fires. We have had a couple fairly close to our home.  In the past year we have had two grandaughters graduate from highschool, one grandaughter get married, two new great grandchildern added to our family. In May of 2010 Jim and I retired and really enjoyed our time at home and  
grew some really beautiful big tomatoes in the small garden we had this summer. In August we decided to start on a new ADVENTURE. We bought a RV and new pickup and became security gate guards on a new oil/gas rig in South Central TX.  We have really learned alot about the new drilling process and have met alot of really interesting people. We are both in good health, just getting older and what goes with that. Jim had neck surgery in March and is doing great. Hope to hear that we are going to have a class reunion in the near future. We had such a great time at the last one. Greg,  like so many others I want to thank you for keeping us in touch with what is going on with everyone. Hope ya'll have great year!!!!!  Margy and Jim


From Mary Akin Hoeppner
My husband, Steve, and I have a yearly vacation in Maine at that particular time. This year we were unable to rearrange our dates so I am unable to join all of you. Have a great week-end.

After graduating from Westside, my family moved to the Minneapolis area where I attended and graduated from the University of Minnesota in dental hygiene and public health. I have since lived in VA, ILL, MI, and now Pittsford, NY (A suburb of Rochester). We are now enjoying retirement and our 6 grandchildren. Unfortunately they live in VA and NC so we do a lot of driving south to spend time with them. The good thing is I get to see Janet Voss Golden every year and share many good memories and laughs. Sorry to miss you all.

From Mike Eisenhart
Hello Warriors!

As it has been said, "I can't believe its been...". Anyway, because of a prior commitment to my son, I won't be able to be with you for the reunion. So, I will add a couple lines on how I spent the last few years.

After Westside, there was four years at UNL, graduating with a degree in business. With a military stint a sure thing, I decided to go ahead and apply and was accepted in the Air Force officer training program in Amarillo, Texas. Upon completion, I spent two years in Tacoma, Washington in military air transport. Then, I got lucky and received an assignment to England/Scotland in the security service -- which offered a great opportunity for several trips through Europe (mostly in my trusty Corvair).

After completing my military obligation, I returned to Omaha and joined my father in the insurance business. My forte was selling retirement plans and I eventually started a company to administer employee benefit plans. I greatly enjoyed my active career and devoting time to various boards and charitable activities. I also met my future wife when I returned to Omaha and we were married in 1967. We were later divorced.

We were blessed with one son, John. I take great pride in all his accomplishments (he is a fantastic chef) and I enjoy spending time with him at his home in Oregon as often as I can.

I took partial retirement (continued to maintain an office but didn't do all that much) in 2001 and finally decided to give up my office in 2005 and become totally retired. I spend my winters in Palm Springs, California and summers in Omaha. I recently acquired two pups -- a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a golden Lab -- currently, 17 pounds and 90 pounds respectively. They are wonderful animals and great buds. So, life is good and I hope to remain healthy and active.

Thanks to everyone who sent out their bios -- it was very interesting to read of your activities. Best wishes to all and many thanks to Gregg for his efforts and hard work.

From Mike Williams

Sorry dear classmates but I don’t remember much except those were good times with all of you. I did love the dances and the sports, especially Coach Hugger was an inspiration to me – he was tough, demanding but fair. A couple summers I worked at Happy Hollow Country club, sometimes I worked all night long watering the fairways and greens.

I do remember driving down Dodge Street with crazy Phil Brown in his big, old Chevy. He said, “Watch this Mike,” and stopped the car right in the middle of the road, blocking the traffic. He got out and put up the hood. Another driver came over to help and asked “What’s the matter young fellow?” And Phil said, “I’m having trouble with my Johnson rod!” The fellow looked puzzled. Then Phil said, “OK, I think I have it fixed” and we got back in and drove away.

After Westside I went one year to Lincoln and then several years to night school at UNO. Meanwhile, I went to work with the family business (steel fabricators for buildings and bridges) where I have worked my whole life.

I was married relatively late, at age 35, and my wife Betty and I had one son and just had our first grandchild, a boy named Brian.

We are lucky to have a home on the big Island of Hawaii where we spend the winters. And in my leisure time I enjoy golfing, hunting and fishing.

See you all in a few days.

From Mike Wolfe
Hello Warriors.

WOW! Has it been 50 years?

I began my time in District 66 at Loveland in 3rd grade as a transfer from Rosehill in Benson. Then on to Underwood for 6th & 7th grades and then to Westside for 8th grade. High School was full of great friends, activities and the mentoring of wonderful teachers and coaches. After graduation from Westside I attended Nebraska and Omaha U.

In 1962 I married Susie Heusner, the girl across the street. We have three daughters and 4 grandchildren. Shortly after we married, I went to work for Kellogg Company as a District Sales Manager in Omaha. Transfers then took us to Sioux Falls and Sioux City.

In 1971 Kellogg moved us to Battle Creek, MI were I was manager of sales promotion and package advertising. Over the next 10 years I held positions as product manager, administrative assistant to the president, manager corporate development, and vice president market development. In 1981 we moved to Pottstown, PA were I was EVP of Kellogg’s Frozen Foods Unit. Then in 1985, it was back to Battle Creek as President of Kellogg’s Yogurt subsidiary and then another stint in corporate development. After taking early retirement in 1992 I joined with a group of package goods guys in expanding a regional retail merchandising company into a national company. Headquartered in Chicago I had responsibility for 8 Midwest states. After the company went public in 2000, I decided it was time to make retirement a permanent thing.

Susie and I are enjoying retirement; traveling, golf and taking in all the sporting events of the grandchildren. We also are season ticket holders for Nebraska Football, so we travel to Lincoln from Chicago for football weekends. For the past six years I served on the Chicago Presbyteries Committee on Ministry as an elder representative. Beginning this year I have joined the Presbytery staff on a part-time basis as one of 3 Area Coordinators of the Presbyteries Committee on Ministry. It is challenging work but very rewarding.

It has been fun reading what everyone has been doing the past 50 years. Thanks to Gregg for all his work. I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

From Monty Andrews
With considerable verbal arm twisting from Gregg, I submit the following:

After reading the accomplishments of the Class of ‘57 I can’t help but think what an extraordinary group of achievers Westside turned out into the world. I am really proud to say I was a member of this class.

I transferred to Westside from North High midway through my sophomore year. It was quite an adjustment coming from a class of 500 to one of about 90, but I don’t regret a minute of it.

After graduation I spent a couple of years, one at UNL and one at UNO, trying to find some direction and purpose. It was at that time I decided to enlist in the Army and attend Officer Candidate School at Ft. Benning, Ga. After receiving my commission I was rewarded with such plush assignments as Ft. Wolters, Texas, Korea, and the pearl of the Midwest, Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. It’s funny how one’s attitude and priorities change. Upon my discharge I promptly reenrolled at UNO and received a degree in Business.

After a number of years in the food industry where I held various positions including industrial engineer, maintenance manager and project engineer, I retired from ConAgra in 1996. Jan, my wife of 46 years, and I moved to Venice, Florida to enjoy the surf and year around good weather.

I will admit I retired too early. After a few months I was climbing the walls. Volunteering and keeping busy with various projects satisfied my urge to get back in the game. A few of the projects I have gotten involved with is the construction of a 10 mile paved multi-purpose recreational trail, obtaining Master Gardener and Master Conservationist certifications, writing a weekly column about conservation in the local newspaper, currently serving a second term on the city parks and recreation board, and my favorite the construction of an arboretum in one of the city’s parks. Currently there are over sixty different palms and trees in place with accompanying informational signage. Presently I am working on obtaining Bicycle Friendly Community status for the city. One other fun activity was the formation of a local walking group which meets every Saturday morning. Thus far we have walked a cumulative total of over 5,500 miles.

Jan and I are blessed with two great sons, Lamont and Steve. Lamont lives with his wife here in Venice where he owns a computer consulting business. Steve resides in Kearney with his wife and three children where he owns a microfilm business. We are very proud of both families and their accomplishments.

Unfortunately Jan will not be able to accompany me to the reunion, but I look forward to seeing you all again. It should be great time, and we can all personally thank Gregg and his team for making it happen.

2010 Update
Since our reunion life has been quite a roller coaster ride.  Things were going along quite normally until I started receiving calls from friends of my mother who told me I needed to either return to Omaha and take care of her or move her south with me.  Physically she is still in marvelous condition, but mentally there are a few problems. 
     After evaluating the situation I decided her friends were right and I moved her to Venice.  For being 92 years old she is getting along fine. 
     However, the real blow came last January when Jan, my wife of nearly 49 years, passed away as a result of pancreas failure.  It had been a struggle for her for several years, and I was happy we were able to retire a bit early and have at least a few years of retirement time together.  Show more appreciation your mate because when they are gone you will wish you had. 
     I wish all of my classmates well, and look forward to getting together sometime in the future.
  Monty Andrews

From Nancy Hanks (passed away July 2012)

What I remember the most, what I had the most fun with, were the dances at Peony Park and the parties at people’s homes. I even think we got together at someone’s barn and had a party. I know NOTHING about any TP-ing trees or an outhouse that was placed next to the flag pole at the front entrance to WHS. I do know about the sailor hats that were turned inside out and the long braids running down from the hats. I remember going to south Omaha for Spanish food long before Taco Bell and Chinese food in downtown Omaha on a second floor where no one spoke English. We went there until one of us had a band-aid in their food and that ended that.

I remember co-ed golf lessons where we were goofing off. We drove our golf balls directly to the third tee and we just went on from there. In general there were so many fun times, which I remember more than the classes. I did faithfully take my books home every night, but I don’t remember ever opening them.

I had a beautiful pair of red Capizio shoes, which I sometimes wore to school. After school a bunch of often went over to the Westside Pharmacy for a soda or something, and this one particular day, it began pouring outside. The Sheriff came in and I said “I can’t get these pretty shoes wet; could you take me home?” and he did and saved my pretty shoes.

After WHS I graduated from Chamberlain College in Boston and audited economics classes at Harvard. I returned to Omaha because my mother was dieing of cancer and, after she passed away, I had many interesting jobs that included the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, State Government in Oklahoma and administrator for the affairs of three wealthy individuals.

I retired at fifty and helped manage my father’s farm in Iowa and, after he passed away, I decided to enjoy the rest of my life. I have been diabetic for 48 years.

I keep busy backing a lot of local charities including the Omaha Food Bank, the Nebraska Humane Society, Methodist Children’s Hospital, various Omaha churches, The Omaha Library and libraries in Logan and Missouri Valley, Iowa.

I’m addicted to counter-cross stitching and live with two beautiful kids -- one named Sky, a six pound Siamese, and Cuddles, a fifteen pound Himalayan.

If I can get my current bout with my diabetic medications under control, I’ll be at the reunion – really looking forward to seeing the many of you who are coming.

2010 Update

I have a new baby -- a blue spruce and he's the most beautiful tree in the world. I'm serious; he's so cute! And I planted two tomato plants -- that's it -- and they're gigantic -- 6 feet tall and they're staked up with shovels to prop them up. I have enough tomatoes to feed the whole class!
I've fought two cancers at once. I'm through with surgery. I'm through with radiation. I'm doing great but I lost too much weight that I'm trying to regain.
My phone buddy, Gregg, has kept me up to date on all of your precious e-mails. They've been such a comfort at this period of time when I might have been feeling sorry for myself. They are much appreciated.
I'm busy cross-stitching Christmas ornaments for an extra large tree that's I'm putting up this year. I bought a new laptop but I haven't found the on button to start using it. Ha!

Best to all; take care of each other, Nancy

2011 Update

Dear classmates:
Well today's my birthday so I'm not going back to the dentist until tomorrow to have two fillings in the two root canals that I had last week and two filling on the backsides (as in my mouth).
And tonight I'm going to share a bunch of white Russians with a friend (as in drinks).
PS: Dear God, if you're going to give me a fourth cancer please make it on the left side -- my right side can't take any more.

Love to you all, Nancy (isn't it great fun getting older!)


From Nancy Lucas Vogel

I remember writing my own excuses to get out of school (mostly to get out early) and I was really afraid, because my Aunt was a teacher there – the French teacher, Lois Lucas – but I never got caught!

I had fun hanging out with Carolyn Evans, Thulin Danielson and Jolene Smith. We really never caused any trouble; we were “good” girls and we a lot of fun together.

After WHS I went to work at the World Insurance Company. In 1958 I married Ron and we had five children and now have ten grandchildren and one great grandchild.

For several years we traveled all over the country because Ron was a midget racecar driver and also a pit crewmember for race cars. We also enjoyed camping.

We’re now retired and mainly enjoying family; it’s a great joy to us that all of our children, grandchildren and grandson live in Omaha.

See you all soon!

From Nancy Trester Hardman
Do not know whether I will be able to make it to reunion or not. Bud's health keeps us from making plans in advance. Have been entertaining my 6 year old grandson for the past 2 weeks. He is from Houston and is enjoying our cool weather here in Colorado. We live up in the mountains so we are able to hike, mountain climb, wade in creeks in the middle of nowhere and just enjoy the great outdoors.

Today is Sunday, July 15. While reading the Denver Post, I was very surprised to see an entire page in the travel section devoted to Omaha. It is in section T on page 5. It is very well done so take a peek. I have not been to Omaha for years, so was very interested in all the great information.

After Westside, I attended the Univ. of Nebr. and finally decided on majoring in Ed. which was the best decision I ever made. After graduation, I went to San Francisco and worked for a health insurance company traveling up and down the Calif. coast as a trouble shooter.
Wasn't ready to teach yet! Met my husband, who was from Texas. It was his accent that got me. We moved to Wyo. to manage my dad's ranch and then on to Texas where we raised our three children to become responsible human beings. They also gave us 7 wonderful grandchildren (one of the reasons you have children.

I received my master's in gifted education, started teaching when my children were 10 and older and found my nitch. I loved teaching, became a gifted facilitator with 17 schools, plus teaching gifted education, and presenting teacher in-services.

When I first came to Westside, I was very shy. I had come from a ranching background in Wyo. and attended a one-room school house that had a total of 5 to 8 students in grades 1-8. I can remember the trauma of entering such a HUGE school. We had to give a speech in Mr. Maxwell's English class and I just couldn't do it. I so admire him as a teacher as he tried to help me all year trying to get that speech done.

He set up a microphone in another room, but it just didn't work. So, I had to take speech the following year. I started out at the back of the room and no one in the class could turn around to look at me. I was never very good or confident at public speaking until my master's program which was mostly presenting projects.
This is confidential, but I also remember being part of the group that brought TPing to Omaha.

I am very sad to hear about Nancy Coffee as she was my best friend in high school. She readily accepted me and took me under her wing.

When I moved to Texas, Nancy and Don lived in Dallas, close to us for a while. Don was doing his internship at Parkland Hospital in Dallas. We even took a family trip to Wyo. together with our husbands and two young sons, Greg and Trip. I was able to talk with Nancy this winter and relive some of those good times.

Although retired, I am still actively involved in Destination Imagination and travel to Knoxville yearly for the Global Tournament. I also have the great pleasure to visit with Gail Anderson and her husband, Jerry.

This is way toooooo long, but once started.....

I hope I will see all of you for the reunion. I ended up loving Westside and have wonderful memories.

2010 Update
  I love hearing about everyone.  Good or bad it is wonderful to keep in touch.
We had a summer filled with grandkids coming to visit, one at a time. Grandkids are always the 'best of times'. There are so many outdoors things to do here.  Our youngest boy just found total pleasure in throwing rocks in a small creek.   I am still able to take them horseback riding, although the getting on and off are sometimes not a pretty sight.
I feel our life is always wonderful here in the mountains of Colorado.  Leaves are just changing now to their special golden color.  We had a white knuckle year as my husband, Bud, needed high risk neck surgery to repair a broken neck.  We traveled to San Francisco for an 8 hour surgery that was successful.  The recovery was 6 months and we are just at the end of that time period.  Bud now no longer has constant and severe pain and we are able to do more.  
Before surgery, we had a meaningful time in San Francisco.  That is where Bud and I met 49 years ago.  As our 3 kids came out for the surgery, we were able to show them all the special places where we used to live, etc. 
We are celebrating post-surgery by going on a cruise out of Boston this next week.  I know the hurricanes will let us slip through.  We are looking forward to seeing that part of the country.  We will be in Boston for 2 days before a week of cruising up north.
Our only stress is that our daughter is stationed in Kandahar.  We pray for her and all our troops.  They have almost daily rocket attacks which land in their base.  She is a single mom who left her 10 year old son with her brother and his family.  We got the Old English Sheepdog.  It's not what you think about the war......it's who is in it.
I hope this finds everyone as well as can be.  I give my sympathy and understanding for all the great messages that are coming through you, Greg. I thoroughly enjoyed the last reunion and would love another one.
Nancy Trester Hardman

2011 Update

Greg et all,

Again, Greg, we are indebted to you for all you do. I had such a wonderful time at our last reunion..will be awaiting news on the next one. It is grand to hear the news from fellow classmates, especially the ones I was able to reunite with at the last reunion. Sorry to hear about the losses of some.

Our life has changed for the better. My husband (survivor of 3 cancers) broke his neck 10 years ago and has suffered intense pain. Last year we were directed to a special surgeon in San Francisco who specializes in high risk surgery. Long story short..it worked and Bud is now without pain. We are able to travel, visit kids and grandkids, and just enjoy life again.

Our daughter has just returned from Afghanistan (where she received a bronze star medal) and promised her 11 yr. old son she would take him on a cruise. She invited us to tag along so we are going to the Caribbean on a Nickelodeon cruise and yes, I am having breakfast with Sponge Bob Square Pants. Can't get better than that!

Life is so beautiful in Colorado right now with the Aspens turning colors.

Best of all to everyone.

Nancy Trester Hardman

From Pat Fischer
The first person I remember at Westside is Alice Gallogly. My family lived across the Street from Larry Meyer’s shopping Center and I just walked across the street to begin my first day at Westside. Alice met me at the door and brought to my attention that you couldn’t wear trousers down around your butt and you also needed to wear a belt. So I went home and got a belt, and got into Westside on my second try.

The second day I forgot the belt and Alice sent me home again to get a belt.

The third day, really, I forgot the belt. This time Alice took me into her office, opened a drawer, took out a belt, and gave it to me. She said, “If you can’t remember a belt, just come and see me!” We were great friends after that.

I also remember Mrs. Joyce our Spanish teacher because it turned out that a few years later I married a Spanish teacher and I still can’t remember if I ever passed Spanish.

And where is Jim Shelly? I had a lot of fun with him, and his brother Gene, over at their house watching Gun Smoke. And Gene Bridgewater -- he had a car! And even if we went out in my Dad’s pickup truck, Gene would drive.

We had some great football seasons at Westside – all I can say, to have a winning team you have to have the right kind of coaching – and Hugger was the coach.

Basketball was great too. One day Coach Koch invited me over to his house. Turned out he just wanted to cut my hair, which he did. Then we both had crew cuts!

I figured I was a good enough football player to play at Nebraska but I figured that was about it. I was really happy to be picked in the 17th round of the professional football draft (there were only 18 rounds). I went to training camp with two ideas. One was just to enjoy being with some great football players; and second, I’d tackle the great all-pro running back John David Crow, and be able for tell about that tackle for the rest of my life.

My opportunity was near. I was playing corner back. John David Crow was coming at me. He was supposed to block me. Instead he threw a hard tackle on me. We got into a fight, which was quickly broken up. He had ruined my opportunity for me to complete my story.

But we went back through the rotation, again. My adrenalin was as high as a human’s could stand. John David Crow came out and I ran right over him. Now my story was complete. Now I could go back to Nebraska, finish my nine hours, and tell my great story!

But then at dinner, John David Crow came over and said, “Hey Pat Fischer, that’s quite a tackle you made on me.” Wow, he knew my name, and I guess my professional football career had begun.

And I had a wonderful career in the NFL. I’m well aware that there’s a lot of randomness in this – some people get injured; some don’t. People you never expect, give you some help. I had a couple of injuries late in my career, but it was in my 17th season, when the game was over and the pain in my back was intense, I thought, “If I can just make it off the field and to the locker room without someone having to help me, then my career is over. And I made it.

Along the way my wife and I were divorced but I have two great kids, a son, Martin, and a daughter, Allison and I am real lucky and happy that they live near me.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at our 50th reunion.

From Wikipedia (with Pat’s permission)

Patrick Fischer (born January 2, 1940 in St. Edward, Nebraska) is a former American football cornerback in the NFL for the St. Louis Cardinals from 1961 to 1967, and the Washington Redskins from 1968 to 1977.

Fischer attended Westside High School in Omaha and the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Fischer joined the NFL as the 17th-round draft choice of St. Louis in the 1961 NFL Draft. He then signed with Washington as a free agent in 1968. He was a 1969 Pro Bowler. Fischer then helped lead the Redskins to Super Bowl VII in 1972. He finished his 17-year career with 56 interceptions, and ranks seventh all-time in Redskins career interceptions with 27 and fourth all-time with 412 career interception return yards. At the time of his retirement Pat Fischer had played in 213 NFL games, then a record for a cornerback.

During his NFL career, Pat Fischer was well known to opposing teams as a vicious hitter and a tremendous competitor, despite his reputation as an affable person off the field.

In the late 1980s, NFL Films named Fischer as the Redskins All-Time Neutralizer sponsored by Tums. After retiring from the Redskins, Fischer worked as a stockbroker and owned a successful real estate business.

From Phil Hansen
First thing I remember at Underwood was that Gregg came up and said hello to me. After that we moved a chicken house, dug holes and tunnels, commandeered lumber, hunted frogs and rabbits (Gregg with a single shot and me with a semi automatic). Gregg usually got the rabbit with his one shot but I sure had fun with that semi-automatic.

I remember when the guys started dating and left me to defend the shack (that old chicken house). I remember Conrad Bastow made a go cart and so did I. I drove all over the countryside to Waterloo, Elkhorn and Papillion. Sometimes I’d go up at night and help Mike Williams water the golf course. I remember being in the "telephone both" at Gregg's house, when he got me to call a girl! Then there was my ’51 Chevy convertible. What I remember most about that – well, I’m not gonna tell.

During highschool I worked at Tasty Treat and drove a truck for Jone’s Automotive and cut a bunch of firewood. When we couldn’t split the logs with an axe I tried black powder. The lady at the house up the street wasn't too happy about the log that landed on her roof.

Then for six years I was out on the road selling for the family company – Dultmeier Sales. We’ve come a long way. Check out www.dultmeier.com. We’ve expanded from a farm equipment disribution company to a multi-faceted manufacturing and distribution company. We sell "stuff" all over the world – most recently eight of our customized industrial pumps to Antartica.

I got married in 1962 and I must admit that life got so hectic it became a blurr. But I remember I got a pilot’s licence, bought a plane and flew all over the place and met up with Susanne Reichstadt Townsend and Gary Townsend in an Omaha flying club.

In 1986 I bought a place on the Platte River and since then I’ve built a home there, a couple of airboats, garages, sheds -- never a lack of work to be done out at the river, not to mention the peace and pleasure of that ever changing landscape.

In 1994 I got really lucky when I met Barbie Zach and, after she learned to put up with me, she became my wife.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion. If you show up at the Thursday Gathering at the Marriott, I'll buy you a drink.

2010 Update
It's been a hectic year, with our Platte River home flooding twice, but Barbie and I are still kick'n. If you're in Omaha please give us a call to join up for coffee or happy hour. Best wishes to all.

2011 Update

I'm working hard and our business is expanding. If you want to see what we sell go to www.dultmeier.com.
I have a new e-mail address: phansen@dultmeier.com
Barbie and I still have our three little puppies and are enjoying life (except for the pain in my back!)
Well wishes to all, Phil
PS: the flooding has been really tough on some of our farmers and farmland.

From Rex E. Rehnquist
1957 to 2007: FIFTY YEARS -- WHAT A TRIP!!!

It doesn’t seem that long ago. As the years go by they become compressed….perhaps a blessing. September 1957 I started at NU Lincoln College of Architecture. After almost two years of partying and low grades my parents yanked me back home and with the rest of my college fund bought themselves a new car.

October, 1959…I was in TODD’s Drive In talking to Todd’s niece who was working the counter. She said “Boy have I got just the girl for you” and that is how I met Carol Haub, a ’57 North High graduate. We were married August 20, 1960. I was working in a local architect’s office and we decided that I would return to school in Feb, 1961. I graduated in May 1964. We decided to not have children until I finished school. Carol could not go to my graduation as she was in the hospital having our third child. Our 4th was five years later.

June, 1964…I went to work for Leo A. Daly Co. and in 1968, after a four year apprenticeship, passed the exams and was licensed as an architect and a structural engineer.

Fall, 1969…We moved to Orange County, California for more opportunity and no snow.

In Omaha we had a “garage under” and there were times when you could not tell that we had a garage, as the snow was up to the windows above.

By 1971 it became apparent that contractors were doing better than architects & engineers, so I took the general contractors exam and started a business doing the wood framing, exterior siding & trim on small office buildings, restaurants, shopping centers, churches, etc. When our children were old enough, summers & weekends were an opportunity for them to earn money and learn about the business by cleaning up the job sites. In 1976 we began framing Carl Jr’s Restaurants. We completed 108 of them in California, Arizona, and Nevada.

In 1983 Carl’s announced that they would build 400 restaurants in Texas. This was an opportunity for us to get away from California. We started to work in Texas and in 1985 we moved to Burleson, Texas on the south edge of Fort Worth. We moved everyone in the family, my father, brother Jeri, 3 nephews, the two of us and our four children, our son-in-law, and some of our employees that wanted to travel. After 25 restaurants, Carl’s decided that Texas was not their market and left. The Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex is a huge area so it wasn’t long before we had plenty of work. The framing business grew (at one time over 150 employees) and our son-in-law started a drywall business (metal stud, drywall, insulation, & acoustic ceilings) and also building office buildings and warehouses to lease out.

It has been 22 years since moving to Texas, our businesses have flourished and life is good. Carol and I have been married 47 years. We lost our first-born son to a brain aneurysm in 1990 at a family reunion. We moved to Arlington (between Dallas & Ft Worth) and our children and ten grandchildren live within five minutes. We are expecting our second great grand child in February. I keep busy doing the estimating for the boy’s wood framing & drywall projects. We also spend a lot of time with our Sunday school group playing bridge, dominos, and going to dinner. Our youngest son is a computer whiz with American Airlines so we are able to travel to any place that American flies.

The last fifty years have been great and we are looking forward to seeing ya’ll at the reunion.

PS: For those of you that knew Carol’s cousins: Ron, Donna, & David Barnhart: Ron died in a freak accident in March of 2001. Donna just passed away on August 16th after a five year battle with cancer.

2010 Update

Greetings from Texas!!
Sorry I'm so slow getting this done.  I never get tired reading all your messages. With the years flying by so fast, I hope we can make plans for another reunion in 2012.
Haven't completely retired yet because I love what I do.  Our son, Todd, runs our construction company and our son-in-law, Jim Tally, has a commercial drywall company.  I do estimating for both of them.  Interesting how things have changed.  I haven't touched a set of paper plans in a couple of years.  Almost all estimating is done on screen.  Our son, Eric, is a computer whiz at American Airlines which allows us to travel and lets me yell for help when I screw something up on my computer.
We spend much of our time with our family in that our children (the Big kids now) and the eleven grandchildren, three of them now married, and three great-grandchildren, all live within about twenty minutes of each other.  We all shared in our 50th wedding anniversary this August at our favorite Mexican Restaurant with everyone including my brother, Jeri and his wife and Carol's brother and his wife which gave us a total of thirty. 
 Jeri, by the way, just got back from Omaha as his Westside class (1960) just had their 50th reunion.  He said there were about 103 attending (several siblings of our classmates).
We had an enjoyable trip in May.  Went to Bella Vista, Arkansas and spent time with friends at Branson, Missouri then on to Omaha for a few days visiting friends and relatives.  Left there and went to Rockford, Il to visit Carol's aunt who will be 100 yrs old in November.  The highlight of our trip was spending time in Memphis at the Heartbreak Hotel, the tours of Graceland, Elvis Presley's home, the museums and so many memories of the music and  memorabilia of that time.  The antique car show on the grounds was something new this year.  Sure takes you back to the "good ol' days".  If you haven't visited there - -  it's a fun time.  And guess what?  most of the people there - - are our age so you will most likely find a friend everywhere you look. 
Both Carol and I are enjoying this time in our life, even if it is a slower pace along with more aches and pains, but, we are both well. 
Gregg, thanks again for all your help!!!  
We are looking forward to our next gathering whether on-line or in person.


From Rita Benesch Glass



From Rod Fosler
Good Morning Everyone,

This is an attempt at a 'thumbnail' of Life After Westside, which passed like a flash, but left indelible values and warm memories of many friends and teachers.

After a few years of engineering school, "Colorado Highcountry" won out, though only temporarily; several more brushes with education were required through the years to come, (slow learner).

I met and married Marena, we built a home about 45 miles Southwest of Denver at 9000 ft. elev. which we called home for 25 years. We raised four great children in this very wholesome and healthy environment where we skied, trekked and climbed over a large portion of Colorado and Utah. These years produced children, who are yet today, our Best friends.

After the brood was on their own, a professional opportunity was presented in Southern New Mexico, so leaving our beloved Highcountry, we became "Flatlanders" once again.

A gravitational force had been at work drawing us back to the beauties of Southern Utah's Red Rock Country for many years, shortly after retirement we moved to St. George Utah, and enjoy every minute if it.

Have a Great Party Everyone

P.S. I still can't Dribble a Basketball with my Left Hand, (slow learner).

From Roger Fellows

We were lucky to go to such a great, and not too big, school as Westside. I remember football and track and basketball and baseball. On the academic side David Wells was a particular influence on me. He really turned me on to math.

I went on to the University of Arizona and majored in chemistry with math and physics as my minors. I applied to several medical schools and went back to Omaha for my MD degree then went to internship in Ogden Utah; to Salt Lake City for a residency in partial surgery and then went to Denver and switched to radiology. During this time I crossed tracks several times with Fred Sample who was on similar tracks as mine.

I married in 1962 and within a few years we had three girls and one boy and now have seven grandchildren. The kids and grandkids live in Minneapolis and Ogden.

Back to medicine -- I was drafted after my residency and stationed at Bassett Army Hospital in Fairbanks, Alaska as chief of radiology.

After my thirty-month tour, I returned to Denver where I ran a residency program. During that time I was thinking about being a professor but was more drawn to being a practicing doctor. I looked all over and ended up back in Fairbanks, Alaska where I practiced, mainly diagnostic radiology, for the next eighteen years.

In Alaska we loved the wilderness and the fishing in Prince William Sound. During the summers we would often spend every third week of the month on our fishing boat.

Then came a difficult period of separation and divorce. My ex moved to Ogden, Utah and awhile later I moved back to Ogden and practiced radiology at the Ogden Clinic.

About three years ago some land investments in Hawaii paid off and I semi-retired and moved to Hawaii but kept my home in Ogden. My new lifestyle includes golfing, walking the beaches by the coral reefs, world travel and fine restaurants.

Along the way I used my family heritage (my dad was in the lumber business) and built five grandfather clocks, one for each of my children and one for myself, as well as a variety of furniture. I love working with exotic woods such as koa, mango, myrtle, cherry and walnut.

As I write this, I’m in Minneapolis helping my son build a granite tile kitchen.

Best wishes to all of you in our class of ’57. Sorry I can’t make reunion.

2010 Update

Nancy, Great to hear from you and sorry to hear about your fight with the Cancer.  I assume you are in remission at this time.  I see lots of people with long term remissions.  My mother had breast cancer diagnosed when we were in high school and lived to age 97 free of disease so I send this message feeling you will do great with modern medicine.
Jo Ellen, I agree with you.  It is fun to hear from the class members but I have no interest in visiting the school.  I drive by it every now and then but never have a interest in stopping.  I get to nebraska occasionally on business and still have family in Omaha that I visit.
Most of the time I'm on the big island of Hawaii where I live and practice.

Roger Fellows : )

2011 Update

This is not my style to go back in life but I think Gregg is doing a nice job keeping us in touch and it is fun hearing some of the stories.  When I drive past Westside I never stop as I'm sure I won't know anyone and it is not the same school we went to years ago when it was new.


I'm living on the big island in Hawaii and also have a house in Utah.  About 80 % of the time I'm in Hawaii as I work at the Kona Community Hospital about 25 weeks a year.  It's a nice change going back and forth.  I do really enjoy my trips back to Nebraska and still have family in Omaha.  I've played Happy Hollow twice in the last two years and have worked in Bergen Mercy hospital as well and Good Samaritan in Kearny several times.  Good Sam is a very nice and up to date hospital with direct connections to U or Nebr. Medical School.  This fall I spent time meeting my children in the Black Hills for a camping trip.  Rafter J Bar Ranch if any of you know the place.  Near Hill City.
I'd like to say: "Go Big Red" I hope you beat the badgers but I'm not too optimistic about it after reading the stats. 
Much Aloha to all of you.
Roger Fellows

From Ron Mertens
We are sorry that we will not be able to join you in Omaha. Marilyn has invited a group of college friends to visit us next week and I must carry out my assigned duties of cook and chauffeur while you all are partying.

So, what has happened in fifty years? After graduating from UN-L, I did a tour in the Army as an infantry officer stationed in Georgia, Munich and Berlin. Tough duty but someone had to protect the free world from the red hordes. Returned to Lincoln for a Master’s and then to Denver with Exxon. Back to the University to set up an economic development research program for the Tiemann administration and director of the engineering extension program. Then I moved to the Capitol as Director of Economic Development in the Exon administration.

The next move was to New Orleans as the Director of Economic Development for the New Orleans Regional Chamber of Commerce. After eight years in the bayous and as the kids were ready to start high school it was time to find a more normal community. We relocated to Wichita Falls, Texas where I was President of the Chamber and Marilyn was a political science professor at Midwestern State University. I also taught economics and management at Midwestern.

The working years were great, as I had the opportunity to work for and with many major companies and in many areas of the world. But retirement has been better. Six years ago we both retired and moved to Hot Springs Village in the Ouachita Mountains of southwest Arkansas. For any of you looking for a place to retire, this is a twenty-six square mile gated community of 14,000 with nine golf courses, seven lakes, and more entertainment and social activities than you can keep track of.

We also now have the time for the travel we always seemed to put off until next year. Our next trips are to Peru, Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands next spring; Africa and Asia a year later, which still leaves time for visits to and from our son in Dallas and daughter in Portland.

Even though we can’t be in Omaha next week we will be at the Oklahoma State game. So if any of you are there, stop by and say hello or at least wave. We’ll be the ones in the red jackets.

From Sandy Schoular Marshall
I, like many of you went to Loveland, Underwood and joined the first 4 year graduating class at Westside. What a great time we had. Lots of friends, lots of memories. Upon graduation I was off to college and in 1961 married Jim Marshall (a Benson “Bunny””) and we immediately departed for sunny southern California where we raised our son and daughter and enjoyed the many attributes offered by this part of the country. Seems like we often spent about ¾ ‘s of our weekends either at the Pacific Ocean, the High Sierras – skiing, fishing, etc, Baja – motorcycle riding, beach lounging, etc., Lake Havasu City, Arizona where we had a weekend home spending most of our time boating and water skiing. In 1980 we relocated ironically back to Omaha, due to a business opportunity for Jim. It was great coming back, seeing old friends, meeting new ones. My, how the city had changed in twenty years.

During our 5 year stay in Omaha, I somehow managed to get extremely involved with numerous volunteer organizations, i.e. Clarkson Hospital Gift Shop, Assistance League of Omaha, Symphony League, etc. This was a very enjoyable time for me. Our son was off to Arizona State University and later our daughter became a CORNHUSKER which left me with lots of time and opportunity to pursue these interests. Eventually we remembered “it snows here” so when Jim had an opportunity in 1985 to relocate to Austin, Texas, we headed south. We originally built a home on Lake Austin, which is virtually in town and later built a home on Lake Travis which is in Spicewood, Texas about 40 miles from Austin. These last 22 years I still seem to be involved in the same volunteer organizations that I was in Omaha, just a different city. We still spend lots of time on the water and enjoy working with our landscaping and ponds. We also (at our age) have a new Labrador puppy we are attempting to train. It is not easy.

Gregg I wish to thank you for all the information and input you have sent to us regarding this reunion. I am so sorry I am not able to attend, but if you ever get back to Austin, please look us up. That goes for anyone else that might be heading this way. Please thank Julia for the phone call. It was wonderful talking with her.

From Sandy Vosler Fortner (Passed away, November 5, 2011)
When I started 8th grade at Westside High School, I just couldn't believe the size. At Underwood we were all on one floor with just 4 or 5 rooms. It didn't take long and I could find my way around.

My seneior year I only went half a day as I was taking comptometer classes and working at Harding Creamery where they made ice cream. I worked in the office answering the phone, greeting people, etc.

In November 1957 I got married and moved to Riverside California where I had three children. By 1960 I moved back to Omaha to raise my kids on my own. I moved in with my folks so my mother could baby sit until I could get a place for us.

I went to work at Skagway on 72nd and L Street. I worked there until they closed up. Then I worked at an insurance Company until they closed and moved out of town. They wanted me to move also but I wanted to stay close to my family as my youngest brother was very, very sick.

I finally went to work for Omaha Housing Authority where I stayed until my girls graduated in 1977 and I remarried.

I worked as a substitute teacher for Headstart until I got sick and had to stop for health reasons, which was fine by me as I just sat back and enjoyed my grandchildren -- 9 in all.

Now I'm enjoying my great grandchildren. We just had number eleven, born September 15, 2007. We have eight little boys and three little girls.

I'll see you all soon!

From Sharon Eoff Goff
Sorry not to be able to make it to our class reunion this time; hopefully there will be another reunion. In lieu of coming I send to you this little laugh of a poem:

The Antelope's Treat
Annabelle antelope went out for a lope, hoping to find a treat,
but she couldn't find a thing to eat, so she stopped to mope.

Was she being a dope?
She began to bleat, "I just can't cope, Oh dear, I have no hope of finding a treat."
Then she came upon a caneilope. What a joke to see an antelope eating a cantelope!

Written in honor of Miss Melony, Miss Julie, and Miss Jessie on 3/27/06 by Aunt Sherri Goff (copyright).

Best Wishes to all.

From Sherry Johnson Lourie
Hi to all and am so looking forward to seeing you for our very big Fiftieth Reunion. It seems only yesterday when we were walking the halls of our beautiful new school, Westside. I can remember the sunlight coming through the classroom windows, our lockers downstairs snapping shut, the basketball games in the stuffy gym and the football games in the cool autumn air. Not to mention sockhops, mystery meat in the cafeteria and great good advice from our teachers, most notably for me, C. L. Retelsdorf, Miss Joyce and Mrs. Lucas, Mrs. Connor and Mr. Anderson who saved me in Algebra. These teachers gave me a life-long interest in language and speech and foreign travels, and the theatre and acting which got me to NYC in 1961. I have lived in the Big Apple ever since with lengthy visitations in the South of France and Nantucket.

I married in 1964 and had two daughters and three wonderful step-children. My girls went to the Lycee Francais in NY and later to Exeter, Princeton, Miss Porter's, and American University. I studied Art History at Columbia University, divorced, formed an art consultancy business in the city and sold contemporary art of Soho artists mostly. I basically hated hawking wares so I started volunteering for Civitas, an upper-East side preservation group. I ran their Benefits at Christie's Auction Galleries in NY for several years and the proceeds helped to bring down fourteen stories from a building on East 96th St. which had ignored proper zoning restrictions. We made a movie about that called No More Tall Stories. Paul Newman was our star. It was fun looking at his beautiful blue eyes!

Then came an awful bout with Lyme disease in '93 which put me in bed for five years and still rules my life to this day. Please, everyone, be aware of deer, and their ticks. Check for these freckle-sized creatures when exploring in the great out of doors.

I am currently a flying granny(known as Momlet) and I visit my five grandchildren in NY, Nantucket, Chicago, Florida and Hong Kong. I have spent eight of the last fourteen months in HK as one daughter and
her family live there. Asia is fascinating and the people are so dedicated to their work and progress....America, watch out!

In closing I could say, that on balance, life is wonderful, and I have the fondest memories of our glory days at Westside High School.....many precious moments spent there, indeed.

With warmest regards,

2011 Update -- Sherry Johnson Lourie

Thanks Gregg for all class info.  You're always on top of it and  provide such interesting reading...... Greetings from Nantucket (which Irene skipped except for some high winds, not even any rain which  we could use - we lucked out -- this year!

I bought an apartment in Marco Island, Fl. This winter.  It has 
beautiful sunset views over the water.  My 7 yr. old grandaughter 
caught 8 fish there, including a baby shark!....... Beginners luck!

Haven't been to Hong Kong for a year and a half.  The family has come to US 


From Sherrylrae Wicker
Well here goes. What has happened to me since I left Westside? It is hard to remember back 53 years but I will try. I changed school after my freshman year and attended Duchesne Academy; from there I headed to Denver Colorado and Colorado Woman’s College. After graduating with an Associate of Arts degree I obtained my MRS degree.

I have lived in Colorado, Iowa and of course Omaha and now reside in Columbus Georgia.

I decided that my daughters were not going to surpass me in education so went back to school and graduated in 1986 with a BS degree.

I retired from AFLAC (yes, the duck company) where I was the Director of Compliance Advertising for 13 years. My staff and I reviewed all of the advertising for the AFLAC Corporation as well as all agents advertising to assure that it met with all of the 50 states advertising regulations.

I am the current MS. Senior Columbus. This is the equivalent of a Miss Omaha title except for women over 60. We have the same pageant requirements (EXCEPT SWIM SUIT) can you imagine women between the ages of 60 and 90 competing in swimsuit?

I also am a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Order of the Eastern Star, and a committee member of the Keep Columbus Beautiful Council.

I have 3 beautiful daughters and three grandsons, one granddaughter and one great granddaughter. My oldest daughter is a teacher at a college in Madison, Wisconsin, my middle daughter works at Mutual of Omaha and my youngest is in sales in Denver, Colorado.

I am divorced and have found that the best companion a woman can have is a dog.

I intend to be at the reunion to see old friends and make new ones.

Thank you Greg for going to the trouble of in finding this old Georgia Peach.

See y’all soon.

2010 Update
My life hasn't changed all that much. My oldest daughter and I took a River Boat Cruise down the Rhine and Mosel Rivers this Spring.  Our German cousins met us for the day in Speyer, Germany which was great since I haven't seen them in 15 years. I am still very involved in volunteer work and entertaining in showcases through out Georgia. Mom is still doing well considering she is 96 and we will be traveling to Portlnad OR to visit my brother Vaughn for Christmas.
My prayers go out to all of our classmates that have lost loved ones this year or had other misfortunes.
Love to all. Sherrylrae Wicker

2011 Update

Ok, I am probably the last to write. Not much news from Columbus. GA. My Mom (Who was at the last reunion is still doing exceptionally well for someone 97 years old). My brother Vaughn is visiting today from Portland Oregon and the main reason for the visit is to try and convince Mom to move into assisted living here in Columbus. If any of you have dealt with elder dementia you know it is a rough row to hoe for the caregiver. So we are hoping she will give up and move out of her own home and into assisted living. After all she is almost 98. My middle daughter shocked us all by having a heart attack the week of Thanksgiving but thank the Good Lord it ended up being a serious wake up call not a final journey. She is doing well at this time. I am still entertaining singing with the Golden Diva's and working part time at Weightwatchers and Talbots.
Gregg again I will add to all of my classmates when I say thank you for all you have done and hopefully will continue to do for the class of 1957. God Bless to all my class mates.
Sherrylrae(Sherrie )Wicker


From Skip Blazek
I'll keep this short and fill you in at the reunion on the really important things like my brilliant grandchildren and Nebraska Football (hope you didn’t see the game Saturday).

I am a product of a District 66 education starting at Underwood School in first grade and finishing with my four years at Westside. I attended UNL for a year watching Pat Fisher play football on Saturdays in a nearly empty stadium. I finished school at UNO, married Judy Church (Central High class of ‘58), and settled down at 78th and Dodge helping my family run the New Tower Inn - now the Tower Plaza shopping center. I remained in the hotel business for the next 47 years. We expanded our hotel operation to include a Fremont, Ne. hotel and two hotels at the airport. Our final property was sold several years ago to the airport for their expansion. The office park to the west of the New Tower location, home of the P.J. Morgan company, is now my little corner of the world. I have an office with P.J., one of my closest Westside friends, where I now have a hospitality consulting business. I am also serving on the boards of several volunteer organizations.

Judy and I devote most of our time to our family. We have three daughters, all married and living in Omaha. We have 5 grandsons and 2 granddaughters ranging in age from 16 months to 18 years! They are a very important part of our very busy lives. This summer we spent a week in Jackson Hole, Wy. (our favorite vacation place) with all the kids and their families. Life is good!!

From Stan Arp
I attended Underwood for seventh grade and then on to Westside for 8th grade. After graduation, I went to Omaha University and majored in Engineering. After a couple of years, I decided Engineering was not for me. That’s when a couple of my buddies (Phil Hansen and Gene Utterback) and I decided to go to Florida where we heard NASA was hiring. Sounded like a good idea at the time. However, things did not work out, so we returned to Omaha.

When I got back to Omaha there was a letter waiting for me telling me to report to Fort Omaha. “You have just enlisted in the US Army.” Oh well, maybe I would get to see Germany or some other new and interesting place. Not to be. I went to Basic Training at Fort Carson, CO in November and it was cold in the mountains. I was then assigned to Fort Hood, TX where it was hot and dry. The most important thing I learned in Advanced Training in Texas was, “Don’t sleep on a grassy, shady area – Chiggers!” The closest I came to traveling overseas was a long train ride to Florida to prepare to attack Cuba. Thankfully, after many days of amphibious landing practice, peace was restored and we returned to Texas heat and mesquite trees. Even green weeds looked good when I got back home.

After I got out of the service, I went into partnership with my dad in a masonry and cement construction business. After he retired, I took over the business and was busier than ever. I am mostly retired now, only taking on a few jobs when I get bored and am ready for a new challenge.

I married my wife Mary, a Bennington HS graduate, in 1965. We have 2 great kids, Tracy and Brian who have given us 5 wonderful grandchildren including 8 month-old twin boys. We are so thankful that they all live about 5 minutes away.

In 1997 we bought a motorhome and have done a lot of traveling mostly in the winter months when I wasn’t working. We especially enjoy South Padre Island and have also wintered in Phoenix and Florida. In the summer we spend our spare time at our trailer on the Platte River south of Gretna where we enjoy airboating with our neighbors Phil and Barbie Hansen.

These 50 years have gone by quickly and they have been good years. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

From Suanne Reichstadt Townsend
What an interesting group of people in the class of ‘57’. These bios are amazing. It has been a privilege to live at this time in history for all of us.

A wrinkle in time describes the past 50 years since Westside. The time has flown by like the Chinook winds in Boulder.

Westside I married Gary Townsend, class of 55, after finishing at the University of Nebraska. Moved to Neenah, WI, then to Ft. Knox, Ft. Benning and back to Wisconsin. Taught in a one room country school and then moved to Chicago. Back to Wisconsin and on to Connecticut. In that 10 years had three children. You can imagine the many culture shocks we had especially coming from our small Midwestern upbringing.

In 1970 we decided the NY lifestyle wasn’t working well for our family so moved back to Omaha where we lived for another 11 years. It’s quite an experience to move back to your beginnings but it worked well for us and new horizons opened up. Our kids went to the same Dist 66 schools as we had attended. They got to know their grandparents and great grandparents. Gary and I started flying and met a great group of new friends in that flying environment. We have owned many airplanes over the years and are now flying a Cessna 180 which works well here in the mountains.

In 1981 we were transferred to Colorado and have been in Boulder for 26 years. Our kids all graduated from U of Colorado schools, married and we have 12 grand kids. In 1989 Gary and I started our own business as Mfg Reps for medical and food packaging. We retired a few years ago and now spend winter months in Tucson playing with old folks.

I Tim 6:7 says “For we brought nothing into this world and it is certain we can carry nothing out”. In between we owe everything to God, family, friends and others. I can only say “Amen” to that.

I plan to drive to Omaha on Thursday and look forward to seeing you all for one of the events

2010 Update:

What a year!  Gary and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary with our entire family in Estes Park. It was a wonderful occasion with 21 adults and kids galore.
The sad news is that our Boulder house burned down with 167 others in this latest fire here in the foothills.
We are alive and well but our memories of so many things are forever gone. 
In the book of Job it says:  " The Lord will restore to them what has been taken away."  We know that the material things are of no consequence but it's the small remembrances that we will miss.
We send our greetings to you all.
Suanne Reichstadt Townsend and Gary


From Ted Hicks
I just attended Westside for my freshman year. Then my family decided to move to Los Angeles, California. We lived briefly in Glendale and moved to Flintridge now called La Canada Flintridge. I went to La Canada and then to John Muir High School. At John Muir HS I was the rally commissioner. I was in charge for one fall of putting all the card studs on for the home football games. Guess where the football games were played? Yes, indeed, at the Rosebowl.

I went to college at Stanford. It was there I got involved in politics. In my Junior year, 1959/1960, I was president of the Stanford Political Union. We had a number of guest speakers including Senator Barry Goldwater, Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice-President Richard Nixon.

My degree was political science but I was also in an honors program in social thoughts and institutions. I briefly tried law school. It wasn’t for me and I went on to get a masters degree in political science. I was thinking about a Ph. D. but being a conservative Goldwater-type republican, being a college professor was out of the question!

I then got involved in the family business, which in California was known as an escrow company, which generally involves the handling of real estate sales transactions. Our specialty was handling the paper work for the sale of business such as liquor stores, car washes, laundries, etc. I did that until I retired a few years back.

During that time I gave classes on various aspects of the escrow business and I got intensely involved in Republican politics. Being from Nebraska I was on familiar ground.

I was involved in with the Young Americans for Freedom and worked with many young people. We were often accused of being a front for the Republican Party so I went out of my way to get a Democrat to come and speak to us. This Democrat was a famous movie actor by the name of Ronald Reagan. Because of this I became friends with the Reagans and they often invited me to visit their home where we talked politics. One evening I said to Mr. Regan, “Based upon your thoughts, sir, I really think you out to consider becoming a Republican,” and Nancy said, “You know, that’s what I’ve been telling him all the time.”

Then one day Nancy called me and said, “I’ve got really good news. I’ve gotten him to re-register as a Republican.” It turns out she called the County Registrar of Voters and they sent a deputy registrar out to reregister him. Damn it; Damn it; – I didn’t mention to them that I was a deputy country registrar volunteer; so some other volunteer got the job.

Another interesting story -- once when I was at a Republican Congressional nominations meeting -- there were lots of people there, but I noticed one of the fellows , and I yelled out, "Hey Buzzy." The fellow turned around and said, "Hey Ted!"

That fellow "Buzzy" was WHS classmate Ed Zschau, who was nominated, and won the U.S. Congressional seat.

In 1984, after a number of years, I was Republican Central County Chairman of Los Angles County. We did a lot while I was chairman; we registered a lot of people like 200,000, and Regan’s margin of victory in LA County increased from 8,000 to over 400,000. This was a real highlight of my life. I’ve been coasting ever since!

Best wishes to the WHS Class of ’57; All I can say is, get involved in politics! – Preferably as a Republican!

From Terrill "Terry" Ross Meyer
Sure everyone remembers Julia’s and Meroe’s lovely teas, but does anyone else recall who drove Jack’s motor scooter into the Harvey’s pond? Perhaps being in the sidecar prompted that recollection. How about dancing on tv in steady pants, being chastised for giggling at the English pianist who played for one of our assemblies, homecoming chaperones circling the grounds with baseball bats to discourage “outsiders,” hearing Satchmo, Elvis, and Joan Sutherland perform in some of Omaha’s unique venues?

Will Rogers said that ”half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.” Obviously he didn’t know the class of ’57. I loved reading your life stories which make it abundantly clear you have little trouble finding plenty to do.

After attending Beals Elementary School, I arrived at Westside as a ninth grader. From Westside, I went to NU for a year and then to Lindenwood College near St. Louis. I returned to Omaha after graduation and worked at WOW as a music librarian for a year. I met my first husband there and we moved to Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. in the first few years of marriage as he worked in various radio and television stations.

I’ve been in the D.C. area ever since then. After receiving a Masters degree at American University, I worked toward a doctorate at the University of Maryland and was employed by the Montgomery County Public Schools for thirty years, as an English teacher, curriculum specialist, principal, director, hearing officer, and community superintendent. In semi-retirement, I worked for Maryland University and Salisbury State College. My favorite educational experience was studying one summer at Seoul National University in a program the South Korean government provided for North American educators. My favorite job was being the principal of a high school very much like the Westside of ’57. My last principalship was of a high school that resembles Westside today. In 1979 I married Clem Meyer, a civil engineer who worked in environmental research at the Army Corps of Engineers headquarters. Clem grew up on Long Island, studied architecture at Iowa State and worked for the Nebraska Highway Department prior to getting his PhD at North Carolina State. We have no children, but I was responsible for thirty-some thousand of them in my last job acting as community superintendent for thirty schools in the neediest part of our county. Little at Westside prepared me for some of the complexities this role presented, but it was a fascinating and challenging job.

Rewarding as work was, we both are adoring retirement and time to pursue other interests. We are very involved in our church. I am active in the National Capital Area Garden Clubs and just completed two years as director of the 30 garden clubs in Montgomery County. Rotary, Ikebana, Hospice and book clubs keep me busy. Architect/engineer Clem loves to build stuff. He designed and then oversaw construction of our house twenty-one years ago and recently spent ten months overseeing construction of a carriage house after assuring me every man needs a five-car garage. He returns today from a two-week, 3000-mile motorcycle trip through five western states with fourteen friends. We look forward to our upcoming reunion and sharing memories.

From Terry Bell
Over the years I have looked back and said to myself, “Terry, what made you so shy, why did you work so many hours during the Westside days at Countryside Pharmacy, Bradley Florist, and mowing yards? Sure, the money was great at the time, but my shy personality kept me from getting to know my classmates as well as I now know I would have liked. Most of you were such quality young people that I liked, but was too shy to really get to know. Fortunately, I shook the shyness prior to my business carrier.

At the reunion, I hope my wife (Judy) and I can have a moment of your time, to learn about you and your family’s life, and careers over the last 50 years. I would like to spend our time together, hearing about you. I will share now share some of my history with you.

After Westside I attended Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln NE. I put myself through college, by buying and selling cars personally from my fraternity house and college dorm. After college I worked eleven years as General Manager Gotfredson Chrysler Plymouth and Owner of Terry Bells Auto City, both located in Lincoln NE. Next I was President of Down Town Chrysler Plymouth of Omaha and Council Bluffs and then President of Frontier Dodge of Kansas City, MO. I owned an advertising agency for my dealership and created my own adds and did all the on air radio and TV adds for all of the above businesses. Then for ten years I worked as Vice President of Raiders Business Interiors (Office Furniture) of Omaha before the sale of the business to an investment group. Finally I founded Auto Buying and Leasing Corporation (autobuylease.com). We were among the first to help clients buy new vehicles from new car dealers without the client having to negotiate with the dealers personally.

For my family life I was married for 18 years my to first wife and had two great children and had custody of my children after the divorce. I remarried again (for the wrong reasons) and divorced after 10 years. The good news is that my present wife, Judy, and I have enjoyed the last 20 years together. Judy was a lead teacher for St. Paul, MN. ECFE public school system for the 33 years prior to her retirement

During the summer Judy and I enjoy our home in Burnsville MN. (Suburb of Minneapolis/St. Paul) and in the winter we live in a new home we built in 2003 in an “active adult resort community" called Pebble Creek in Goodyear, AZ. a suburb of Phoenix).

Hope to visit with all of you soon.

2010 Upadate
Since I have not communicated with the class since the reunion, I wanted to share with you my wife "Judy's"comments as we left Omaha. 

Judy said,  " Wow what a wonderful, intelligent, kind, and interesting group of people to spend time with".   I felt that way also.  It was a wonderful experience. 

So sorry to hear the sadness in the life of many.   I guess I need to accept that it will happen to all of us at some point.

I feel guilty writing to you about Judy and my happy, healthy life together.  We have a great time working in our yards in MN. and AZ together. 

We enjoy life doing what ever we want,  when we want,  for as long as we want.  We also enjoy our occasional travel.

Since we have seen you, we have enjoyed trips to Spain,  Italy,  Greece,  Egypt,  Turkey and Malta.

We also visited friends Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 

We enjoyed about 10 days in Victoria Island ,  and Vancouver.

From our home in AZ we will be spending some time at the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica resort in Cabo San Lucas.

One negative in our life  could be a positive in your or a friend's life:  About 3 years ago we purchased (as an investment)  a beautiful 1 acre,  333 ft wide water front lot.  It is on a crystal clear lake that is 1040 miles around the shore, with 2 18 hole golf courses and country clubs.  It is a well planned and controlled beautiful community. 

Smarty pants Terry thought we would double our money quick.  Now (due to real estate crash) we will probably loose 1/2 or more than we have invested. 

We bought the lot when people were standing in line to buy lots like this,  but now we are going to loose a lot of money on it.  If you, or someone you know is interest in my mailing or e-mailing the lot brochure, please let me know.

What ever we loose on the investment is nothing compared to what some of you have experienced. Ones love ones are more important.

Best wishes to all.  You are wonderful people.

Terry Bell

2011 Update

Hello Dear Classmates,

Thank you Gregg, for your continued support of our Class of 1957.

I too, am saddened by the death of one of our class mates. He was a person

I enjoyed being with.

Judy and I both enjoyed visiting with all of you during the last reunion

and look forward to what I hope will be our 55th reunion.

Judy and I enjoy working together taking care of our home and yard in

MN. We have a very happy, busy life together. We enjoy each other and are blessed

for many reasons, including our good health.

This past winter we did have time to take one very enjoyable trip away from our

AZ home for a very enjoyable stay in Cabo San Lucas at the Pueblo Bonito Pacifico Resort.

The rest of the winter spent trying to sell our AZ home in a very tough real estate market.

We got it sold the week before we returned to MN. without losing too much money.

Owning two homes involves too much work. It was fine when you were

making money on the value of a home. That is not the case now.

This coming winter we are going to enjoy two months at Savannah Lakes Village in

South Carolina, a week at the Resort at Marina Village in Cape Coral Florida, then

a month at Vacation Village at Bonaventure Resort at Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Then we will fly from Tampa to Auckland, New Zealand. After a few days there

we board a 36 day Princess Cruise ship, with 16 Ports of Call and tours including New Zealand,

Australia, China (Gregg thank you for pictures of China), South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong.

Glad to see that so many of you are happy and healthy.

Best wishes from Terry and Judy


From Terry Hill
I, too, would like to thank Gregg for his hard work putting together this
very special occasion. I have enjoyed reading all of the interesting bios
and was saddened by the news that some of our classmates will not be joining

My wife, Wynette and I live in Lafayette, Louisiana. I was a sales rep
with Wilson's Sporting Goods Company for 25 years. After they were bought
out, I went into the insurance business and am a sales manager for a major
health company.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you this coming week. After 50
years (has it really been that long?) there is a lot to get caught up on.

From Terry Kiser
Dear Classmates,
What I remember about all of you, and our teachers and coaches at Westside, is the base of friendship and encouragement that you gave me to explore my creativity. I had some talent and plenty of doubts. Our class had some “great” athletes but Pat Fischer, with his unbelievable level of athletic ability, demonstrated to me that athletics was not my forte. But from Hugger to Koch to Rettelsdorf and other teachers, and from all of you, I gained a faith to explore. As kids go, I think we were innocent and we were happy – we were happy at school, happy at home and, in general, happy with ourselves. The innocence, contentment and encouragement gave us a base to go out and be the best that we could be.

Thank you Westside. Thank you class of ’57.

PS: Gregg asked if I would add the link from Wikipedia that describes a bit of my acting career, so if you’re interested, here it is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terry_Kiser

From Thulin Danielson Wiemer
Hello class of l957

I transferred to Westside High from Central High my sophomore year. Met a bunch of girls and we had a lot of fun for three years. I don't believe 50 years have passed but the calendar and body say so. I got engaged to Charles Wiemers when I graduated from high school. In the Fall headed for Utah State University located in Logan, Utah. Graduated in 3 years going to Summer school and heavy class loads. My husband graduated in Aeronautical Engineering and myself Clothing and
Textiles, the year 1960. Upon graduating Chuck got a job with Thikol Chemical Co. in Tremonton, Utah. In l962 he got a job
with General Dynamics Astronautics in San Diego, Ca. so we moved to Escondido, CA (thirty miles north of San Diego) We still live there. We love California especially when it is snowing back East. I was a stay at home mom as the new political verbage says for twenty years. I then went to work for a toy co. called Play Co. Toys. Started out as as clerk (associate todays term) then on to managing and then becoming a toy buyer going to New Yorks Toy Fair seeing all of the new proto type toys to be featured in the future months once orders and productivity began. The years of Cabbage Patch Dolls, Ninja Turtles
etc you get the picture. We retired 10 years ago and now keep busy with rental property, and a farm in Iowa. We have three wonderful children 2 daughters and 1 son. Seven grandchildren ages 2 months to 20 years. They are the joy of our lives and we feel very blest with our family and our life.

Thanks Gregg for all the email forwords. it has been fun reading everyones info. Best to everyone at all of the celebrations planned and to the future years we all have.

From Wendy Wood Pfeifer
Dear Classmates,
What a fun afternoon I've spent. After spending a week golfing in the central Oregon/Bend area, we returned today to find that I have finally won the email contest -- I had more emails that my husband -- all from Gregg and all of the Westside group who made for wonderful memories and great reading. Boy, Ted really takes the honors so far today.

So with that said, I felt I better give my 50 year history -- hopefully the short version. I was with all of you at WSH for 2 yrs. and 2 months when my family fell in love with Oregon and off we came to Medford, OR in the fall of my junior year. It was a beautiful small town and they welcomed us into the community. Upon graduation from Medford HS I thought I'd be off to the Univ. of Oregon and become an Oregon Duck!! However, much to my surprise dad was transferred back to Nebraska and so I joined some of you like Nancy Trester, Suanne Reichstadt and others at Nebraska. It was so fun to be back...but it didn't last long and dad was offered a job in a small town in NW Pennsylvania, called Meadville. There I discovered Allegheny College and transferred there as a junior and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education.

I married a fellow student and fortunately he wanted to move west, so we settled in Portland. I taught 5th grade for a few years before having two great sons, Jeff & Jason. I eventually ended up working in the plastic business for 17 years while raising the kids. After 32 years my marriage ended and life took on a new dimension -- the single life. The boys were grown and married, so I kept working and began to travel to Europe and even Africa...thank god for a Visa card...for all I know I may still be paying for those fun years.

They do say "live life while you can"...right?? Anyway, at that point I had two grandsons and a wonderful new career in a hospital setting. I was the Volunteer Manager for 300 wonderful volunteers and the Gift Shop Manager. Best six years as far as a job is concerned.

Then the second life started. I reacquainted with my brother-in-law (by marriage) who had lost his wife. We had wonderful "history", discovered we loved golf, travel, and many shared interested..so the rest is history. We have been married 5 fabulous years. So since we had 3 children and 8 grandchildren and my youngest son just adopted an adorable baby girl 19 months ago -- we have a grand total of 5 children and 11 grandchildren. We travel to Pennsylvania and parts east at least once a year. Rick and I are both retired and my 90 year old mother has moved to Tigard, Oregon to be close to us -- she is amazing and still going strong.

That is probably more than you wanted to know, but it is hard to stop once you get started. To those of you who I knew well -- please send me a note and to any of you who get to the great NW -- the door is always open. We love to show off the great area in which we live. I won't be joining you but thanks for including me. I do have a close WHS graduate friend that most of you will remember -- Karen Van Amburgh Prohaska. She & Glenn live close and we spend lots of time with them. Have a wonderful reunion and happy memories to all of you.


To the Omaha Westside High School Class of 1957

I, Gregg Millett, propose that we create the community of Huggersville.

16 of us have passed away and 13 classmates cannot be found – the remaining 67 of us live in 27 different states.

With our broad experience of the USA (and the world for that matter), we should find a Shangri-La for Huggersville.

I propose that we designate Ron Mertens as our site consultant and city planner (hey, he was a city planner in New Orlean’s in the 90’s and strongly recommended raising and strengthening the dikes!).

JoEllen Connelly will be our Mayor. Deanna Eurich and Jeannie Skeans will be in charge our community’s financial affairs. Glenn Burbridge will handle all legal matters and Gail Gray will write our reports.

Dale Slunicko will plan our housing and Stan Arp will build them. Charlotte Schroeder and Kathyrn Rydberg will assist us with interior design. Monty Andrews will make sure our community is eco-friendly by building recreation and bike trails, parks, and an arboratorium.

Phil Hansen, Bud Walling and Buzz Zschau will create our industries and Rex Rehnquist and Mike Williams will build them. Mike Wolf and Terry Hill will sell our products. Sherrylrae Wicker will be our compliance officer (hey, if AFLAC needed one, we’ll need one) and Margaret Steinbacher will transport our products to their destinations. And hey again, you might ask (especially if you're Phil or Bud or Buzz) what is this use of OUR? Well, it’s simply a very cooperative community.

Onward to building OUR community. Dave Humphry will build our high-tech communications infrastructure and Dave Bronn and Jolene Smith will make sure our mail gets delivered the old fashioned way. Joan Wolfgram will handle our infrastructure utilities such as gas and electricity.

We’ll build the most wonderful school with Terry Ross as Principal. Nancy Lucas will be Assistant Principal in charge of discipline (especially checking excuses) and our teachers will include Gail Gray (English), Jackie Lippold (history), Marny Meyer (biology), Sharon Eoff (psychology), Sherry Johnson (art history and drama), and Nancy Trester (teaching our gifted kids, too bad, I guess there will be no other kids for the other teachers to teach). AND, we’ll have great athletic teams with Pat Fischer and Jerry Vaad as coaches

Integrated with the school will be an arts/performance/crafts center directed by Judy Youngman. The staff will include Julia Harvey (needlework and weaving), Rita Benesch (performing arts), Bev Marvin (needlework and quilting), Karen Nebergall (modeling and fashion) and Roger Fellows (woodworking).

Also attached to the school will be a child-care and pre-school for our grandchildren run by Sandra Vosler and Deanna Eurich (they have 17 great-grandchildren between them). Kathy Murray and Thulin Danielson will take care of the toys.

We’ll also have a volunteer center run by Sandy Scholar, Nancy Hanks and Wendy Wood.

Joan Stolley will run our community farm (volunteers needed!) and Phil Hansen can supply her with all farming equipment.

On the transportation front Suanne Reichstadt will operate our charter airplane and Karen Flavell will advise those of us who need to ride the rails. Terry Bell will sell us our cars and Al Nielsen and Gene Utterback will run our full service auto parts store. Bernie Grabow will run our stable and Bud Walling will rent us motorcycles.

Skip Blazek will run our hotel and Carol Eaton can run the community bar and grill (where Phil Hansen can by us all drinks). We’ll have a golf course built by Bernie Grabow and Gene Utterback will be our golf pro.

Janet Voss will be in charge of internal security (Hugh Morrison, alias “Coach Hugger,” says in a recent e-mail that “you’ll have to keep a close eye on Kiser and Fischer”).

Roger Fellows, Judy Kovar and Mary Akin can try to keep us all healthy.

Ted Hicks can get some of us elected to public office beyond our community and we can take a shot at “Zschau for President.”

For diversion Rod Fosler can guide us on trips to the mountains of Colorado and Utah; Sherry Johnson can lead us through the streets of New York City and Hong Kong; Deanna Grimm can give guided tours of Japan; and Gregg Millett can take us to the back woods of Nicaragua, Honduras and China. Also Al Nielsen can take us sailing and I still want dance lessons from Marny Meyers.

Carol Evans can run our community events and Darla Bennett can run our spiritual center.

Mike Eisenhart and Carolyn Evans can advise us on retirement options.

All spouses and partners are welcome to join this community, but if you are or become “single” you should join Gregg Millett’s local branch of Singles Outreach.

We should have a council of elders composed of Hugh Morrison, Leon Englebart, Jim Tangdall and Rene Hlavac.

Finally, Terry Kiser can make a movie of our adventure and, dead or alive, he gets the starring role.

So what are we missing? Opps, we don’t have an undertaker.