World War II: India, Burma, China -- Letters Home

Written by Dr. Clinton C. Millett to his wife Martha and children

From the China/Burma/India Theater – 172 General Hospital Unit

December 1, 1944 to October 2, 1945


Impressions & Highlights (selections from the letters):


Ledo/Burma Road



Chapter I: Getting Ready for Departure


Chapter II: From Florida to India


Chapter III: Karachi, India -- Longing For Mail


Chapter IV: Karachi, India -- You’ve Got Mail


Chapter V: Karachi India -- Experiencing the Culture; Waiting for War


Chapter VI: Karachi India
And a Side Trip to Calcutta, Agra and Panagahr


Chapter VII: Assam Valley --
Prelude to Crossing the Ledo/Burma Road


Chapter VIII: Crossing the Ledo/Burma Road


Chapter IX: Laying the Groundwork for the Hospital


Chapter X: Ledo/Burma Road – Second Trip


Chapter XI: First Days in Kunming, China


Chapter XII: Kunming, China – Running the Convalescent Camp


Chapter XIII: Kunming, China – Starting the Hospital


Chapter XIV: Kunming, China – The War Ends!


Chapter XV: All Thoughts Toward Home