Trip to Kunming China, 2013 (by Gregg Millett --
(Information &Videos)

Kunming China Trip, 2013 -- Summary (with photos & videos)

"Flying Tiger" Trip from the Schenectady Gazette (newspaper article)
by Jeff Wilkin

Monday Morning Walk in Green Lake Park (30 minutes)
March 12, 2013 -- the sights & sounds and lots of dance from beautiful Green Lake Park in Kunming

Kunming Walkabout, Part I (30 minutes)
Video from the Flying Tiger Trip -- March 2013
Meet Cherry (translator) and Jin Fei Bao (my friend, host and one of China's most famous adventurers).
Visit Jin Fei Bao's new apartment and office (both under construction).
A quick visit to the Yuan Xiaocen Museum to see the peremanent exhibition of my Dad's 1945 colored photographs.
See construction and traffic and scenes from the street.
Video ends with our arrival at Kunming University for our "Ride Across America" presentation.

Kunming Walkabout, Part II (30 minutes)
Images of Kunming China from Yunnan University to the Wu Family Restaurant to Wen Min Xin Street and on the streets and in the markets. Filmed by Gregg Millett, March 2013, with flashback 1945 photographs taken by Gregg's father, Dr. Clinton Millett. Dr. Millett was a US Army doctor who led the 172nd Hospital convoy across the Burma Road from Ledo India to Kunming China in 1945. Dr. Millett's photographs are on permanent display at the Yuan Xiao Cen Yi Shu Yuan Museum in Kunming and in the archives at the National Museum of China in Beijing. These photographs are recognized as the earliest collection of color photographs of China.

Kunming Walkabout, Part III (30 minutes)
Kunming China, Part III --March 2013. Walkabout -- on the street, markets, vendors, traffic, pets, and kids. At about minute six a visit to the home of artisit, Luo Xu -- 12 minutes that are out of this world!) If you watch this video I think you will never think of China quite the same.

Kunming Driveabout, Part IV (30 minutes)
Join me for a drive on the highways and side-streets of Kunming, China. See the building boom first hand. A surprise on the outskirts and a visit to an amazing model boat builders studio. And a 360 degree panorama from the top of the Green Lake Hotel. Filmed March 2013.