Visit to the Miao Village, Gong Dong Qing,
in Yunnan Province North of Kunming

August, 2006 -- we get up early this Sunday morning and drive into the mountains north of Kunming.
Fei Bao tells me that when he was a young man, some fifteen years before, he was treking in this part
of Yunnan and stumbled upon the village we are going to visit.

After about two hours, we stop and park the car at the cart-path entrance to the village.

As we walk toward the village it comes into view
nestled on the hillside.

We walked about a half-mile into the village and then down a steep path to a rustic building.

We went inside and if you click on the link below you will experience our greeting:
(This is the link I sent out last week)

Our Greeting (1 1/2 minutes)