Return to Kunming -- November 2004
by Gregg Millett

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To view photographs of the May 2004 Kunming exhibition Click Here

Our return to Kunming was about renewing friendships, signing the book of my father's 1944-45 photographs and lettters home, which was edited by Mr. Jin Fei Bao, and doing a bit of China sightseeing. My granddaughter, Krystal and I made the first journey. There were eight of us on this trip. Just off the airplane, pictured on the right (left to right in the front row) are our hosts, Lily and Jin Fei Bao; my sister-in-law, Kathleen Millett; my granddaughter-photographer Krystal Millett-Garrison, my companion Ann Parillo; (left to right in the back row) my nephew Jesse Millett; friend and photographer Connie Houde and me.
On the right is Mary Klug from Boston (along with Krystal and friend, Mrs. Lau). Mary will be writing about this trip in the US-China Peoples Friendship Association's US-China Review. And to the right is photographer Robert Burch of Montreal, Canada. Robert had colored photographs of Kunming taken by his father in 1945 which, along with my Dad's photographs, were included in this November exhibition. That covers our eight travelers.
One of our travelers actually met us at the Kunming airport. Twenty year-old Jesse Millett had followed his grandfather's footsteps to China three months before we arrived. He was taken under the wings of Jin Fei Bao and Lily. He had traveled to the borders of Vietnam, Burma and Tibet; was playing on a couple of local soccer teams; had received a Chinese drivers license, and was doing quite well driving on the crowded Kunming streets; and had a bicycle to get places
on a daily basis. Jesse provided one of the highlights of the trip. At the museum exhibition opening, my Dad's three generations gave a welcome to the crowd; however, Jesse's remarks were in a very relaxed, off-the cuff manner in Chinese! He received a standing applause. Actually the people were already standing, but he definitely received the loudest applause!
Krystal and Jesse toasting Dr. Clinton at the
Governor's home -- site of the Convalescent Camp
Jesse and family friend
Jesse at the the exhibition opening
Click here for info on Legacies of China, Photographs by Krystal Garrison, Gallery opening, December 15
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