The Amazing Adventures of Jin Fei Bao
My Friend in Kunming, China

About Jin Fei Bao

The Seven Plus Two Exhibition

Spirit of the Olympics and the Spirit of China by Jin Fei Bao

Climbing Mt. Everest

Antartica Adventure

Argentina-Mt. Aconcagua Adventure

Argentina-Mt. Aconcagua -- The Second Attempt

North Pole Adventure

Climbing Mt. McKinley

Climbing Mt. Elbrus

Climbing Mt. Pancak Jaya, Indonesia

Native Cultures of Yunnan

Wa Chinese/Native American Culture Exchange Project

From Cho Oyu Mountain to America

Into the Back-Country of Yunnan

Jin Fei Bao's First Climbing Celebration (Adult Content)

United Nationl Environmental Protection Agency Link

Olympic Stamp Exhibition -- Opening Day in Kunming

Li Jia (Fei Bao's wife) with the Olympic Stamp Exhibition in Shanghai

Fei Bao's Trip Across Greenland (Norbert Kern's Account)

Fei Bao's Trip Across Greenland and Olympic Torch (Fei Bao's Account)

September 2008 -- Fei Bao Climbs Mt. Shishapangma

March 2009 -- The Sahara Adventure Press Conference

April 6 to June 25, 2009: Eighty-Day Africa/Trans-Sahara Expedition
Ghana - Burkina Faso - Mali - Niger - Algeria - Libya - Egypt

November 2010 -- Exhibition: Century old Images of Colorful China

January 10, 2010 -- Fei Bao Complets 25-Day Trek of the Kunming/Hanoi Railroad

April 2010 -- Yunnan/Vietnam Railroad Exhibition

July 2010 -- Running Marathons & Company Sponsor

December 10, 2010 -- China Daily Article

January 2011 -- Seven-Country S.E. Asia Bike Trek

July 2011 -- Zheng He Stamp Exhibition (link to CNTV video)

November 2011 -- Award in Beijing at the Hall of the People

July 2012 -- Maritime Exhibition Honoring Zheng He

2013-2014 Marathons


The Following two links are in Chinese

Fei Bao Featured in Chinese Community Center Newsletter

The Seven Summits Adventure