Kunming, China Adventure -- May 2004

Return to Kunming -- November 2004

National Museum, Beijing -- August 2005

Return to China -- 2008

Beijing, Kunming and Lugu Lake -- 2009

The Millett Family in America -- 1630 to 2016

Travels With Gregg by Chica

Honduras -- The Good and The Bad

New York City -- September 25, 2001

Sangarro: Nicaragua Sojourn, 1971 - 1981

Six Days in Buenos Aires

Pond Diary and Frog Frolic Video

1945 - Colorful Kunming - 2004

1944 - 2004, Old and New Kunming Photographs
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Schenectady Kunming Sister Cities

Near & Far


China Trip, 2013

Visions of China: Past & Present

Karachi -- Color Photographs, December 1944

Amazing Adventures of Jin Fei Bao

China Exhibition Proposal -- Visions of China

Singles Outreach -- Connections & Community

WWII China/Burma/India Stories & Info

Westside High School Class of '57

Ann Parillo's Schenectady Today

Visions of China Through the Magic Lantern

Cargo Transport -- Gregg vs China

Milfoil Harvesting

1944, Colorful Kunming Photographs, 2004 Exhibition
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1944, Colorful Kunming Exhibition
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2004, Kunming Photos by Krystal Millett-Garrison
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Gregg Millett, Personal Profile

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